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Electronic Dance Money

Being a full-time producer and monetizing what you do in the studio is not easy. Youtube can teach you everything you need to know about how to produce. I’m here to teach you everything you need to know about how to monetize that. Learn the hard lessons that I was taught, the easy way. Electronic Dance Money will be your #1 business resource for making money as Electronic Musicians and Producers.


June 23, 2022 31 min

We've talked in the past about how important it is to tell a story in marketing and your promo for tracks.

Today, we're going to talk about the 6 different types of stories that you can tell in marketing. There are always additional storylines you could come up with. But these are the top 6 easiest ones to utilize.

As we dive into each storyline I'm going to provide you with real world examples of the genres that use thes...

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1001Tracklists is a highly reputable site, that has been tracking every setlist or support from the biggest and smallest artists, from around the world, all the way since 2011.

The biggest artists from Armin Van Buuren to Tiesto have all used, and still use, 1001Tracklists to report what tracks they are supporting, when they are supporting them, how they are supporting those tracks, and which tracks other artists are playing them.


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Open deck events are a great way for edm producers and djs to build brand awareness and networking opportunities with promoters and fans.

By playing a short set, producers and djs can introduce their music to new audiences while also networking with other industry professionals.

Open deck events also give you the opportunity to start building your fanbase and engage with those fans in a more personal way.

In this episode we're tal...

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This week I'm joined by Noah Neiman a.k.a. Doctor Neiman!

Noah has been writing music for well over 20 years now with releases on some of the biggest labels, including: Armada, Revealed, Enhanced, Disciple and many more!

Noah recently rebranded himself from the Progressive/Future Bass genre to Dupstep.

His rebrand has come with it's own struggles, but he's starting to see some of this biggest success since switching it up.


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In this week's episode we have Steve Cherubino from The EDM Producer Podcast and DAW Junkie!

We're opening you up to the world of running ads for your musice, but we take yet another deep dive into creating sales funnels for your music.

If you're scratching your head trying to figure out how in the world you can sell things to your fans/audience, then you don't want to miss this episode.

Learn the fundamentals of ad cr...

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In the past we've discussed some of the issues with certain hashtags, how social media companies have the power to shadowban, and how you can increase your social media reach.

With those things in mind, we can go an extra step and talk about how to actually increase your engagement. You know how to do hashtag research, you know how to reach your audience, but how do you get them to actually engage with your content?

Engagement is...

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Many of us develop terrible habits over the years that become completely automatic.

Whether it's skipping organizational sessions, eating bad, ignoring sound design, or not developing marketing strategies.

Continuous poor habits just lead to stagnant growth and ongoing frustration.

This is why it's so important to be able to develop systems for creating new habits and breaking old ones. Figuring out how your habits form and ho...

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I recently had a healthy debate with a friend over whether or not artists should be submitting to remix comps.

He landed on the side that artists shouldn't and they are a waste of time. I pushed back quite hard as I just don't see it that way.

Remix comps should be a tool in every producers aresenal.

Whether you win or not, should not necessarily be the goal in mind. Remixing is not easy, it's a skill of it's own. Ther...

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March 4, 2022 19 min

We're back!!! And today we're talking about shadowbanning...

If you don't know what being shadowbanned is, well this is your topic on what it is, and how you can avoid it.

I detail my story of being shadowbanned and what it looks like. This is a nasty thing so you want to try and avoid it at ALL cost!

Head to https://enviousaudio.com/episode74 to check out the show notes!

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This week I'm getting my ass kicked by a cold so we're going with a replay episode!

With so many recent episodes focused on marketing, I thought it would be a good idea to bring back episode 24 where my fiancee and I discuss budgeting.

If you're looking to nail a budget so you can start affording solid marketing and promo campaigns, then this is the episode for you!

Head to https://enviousaudio.com/episode24 to check out t...

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Are you sick of feeling like no matter what you do, your social media posts go nowhere?

Are your pages just slowly gaining follower with no real reach or growth?

Not sure if you should be proactive on every social media site, or just one?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this will be YOUR episode! We're going to be diving into how to know what social media site to focus on, and which ones you can disregard.


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January 21, 2022 36 min

I get it, grabbing the Splice vocal is usually a sure fire way of using an amazing vocal that is not only already processed, but easy to use within your project.

Not only that, but it's WAY cheaper than spending $500+ on an original vocal.

That being said, there's a lot of issues with using a Splice vocal that you may not realize is holding you back, not just from getting signed to a record label, but maybe even from gett...

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2021 was a wild year with a ton of success and failures, so today we're going to be looking back on what we learned.

This episode is all about reviewing some of what I think were the 4 biggest lessons producers could have learned from Electronic Dance Money.

From sales funnels with Wyatt Christensen from DAW Nation, to building your high converting website with Brian Hood!

We learned a lot, but what did you actually implement? Sta...

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The age old question that every EDM producer asks is, "How do I get more streams?"

The answer to that question is probably going to surprise you, hell it might overwhelm you, but that's ok because Matthew Vultaggio from Best Friends Club is here to breakdown where your focus should be.

In the last yeear Matthew has gone from less than 1,000 spotify streams, to just over 4,000,000.

He's figured out the best way to hack ...

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December 10, 2021 31 min

Many produers, and creatives in general struggle with toxic mindsets that hold them back from being where they really want to be.

So today we're going to discuss what those mindsets are and what you can do to break them.

Don't allow yourself to get sucked into a anegative mindset that drains you not just of your health, but all the opportunites that may be laid out infront of you.

Head to https://enviousaudio.com/episode68 to ...

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November 26, 2021 19 min

Giving away free work seems extremely counterproductive when we're talking about starting a business to free up our time...

However, this one powerful strategy can actually end up doing a lot more than you otherwise might think.

Yes you should not be constantly giving away free work. But finding the balance may be the difference between achieving your goals, or crashing and burning.

Come hangout where we discuss how to approach fr...

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By now I'm sure that most, if not all of you have heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you don't know what makes crypto currencies so special, it's all about the technology they are built behind, the blockchain.

If you don't know much about the blockchain, well you don't need to because I give a basic level explanation for what this mysterious piece of tech is!

What's even more special about it is the near endless ...

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October 28, 2021 19 min

In today's world, many of us are being criticized everyday, some fair, some not so much.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get much better, especially as you grow as an artist.

You're constantly under a microscope whether it's from other artists, labels, managers, venues or fans. With that in mind, you need to know how to wade through the waters of criticism.

Check out this new episode of Electronic Dance Money where we discus...

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Back in 2015 I first launched my own radio show which was up for about 2 years.

It took a while, but I was lucky enough to get the show on multiple radio stations, including being played between two of the biggest radio shows at the time.

Having that radio show taught me 2 valuable lessons that are still useful to this day.

1. Consistent content is one of the most important things for current and new fans

2. It taught me the value of s...

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September 30, 2021 19 min

As I scour the internet searching for a single unknown artist whose music I LOVE, I come across one thing... NOTHING!

Some non-existent social media profiles, random names on Soundcloud, unsure profiles on Instagram, the only thing I'm thinking is, who the hell is this person and how the hell do I find their profile to follow them!?

This sort of thing happens far too often, more times than I would like to encounter. There's o...

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