Elevating Funeral Service

Elevating Funeral Service

This is the podcast that teaches funeral homes, cemeteries, and pet cremation providers how to stand out from the competition by offering families more value, creating the best customer experience, and clearly communicating that in their marketing.


April 28, 2021 44 mins

DNA testing has become popular the last few years with promotion from companies that offer in-home testing and the possibility of discovering information about someone that otherwise wouldn't be accessible.  For families who have lost a loved one, but never had their DNA tested, the last opportunity to do so would be at the funeral home, prior to final disposition. 

 On this episode, we talk with the team at DNA Memorial about ...

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Do funeral consumers see your funeral home as being friendly to members of the LGBTQ+ community? Do prospective employees (or current) view your funeral home as a place that is inclusive and welcoming?  On this episode, we talk with Timothy McLoone, a funeral director from Fluehr Funeral Home, and Dr. Sara Murphy, a death educator and faculty member at the University of Rhode Island, about why this topic is so important and how the...

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When you work "in" your funeral home, you make it run.  When you work "on" your funeral home, you make it grow.   In this episode, we talk about working "on" your funeral home, and the first step in doing that is taking a snapshot of where things are now.  A SWOT analysis is merely reviewing the landscape and examining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats.  An honest assessment of w...

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Funeral home owners will face increased competition in 2021 and it's critical to have the right strategy.  On this episode, we discuss three things owners should focus on to win more calls and increase their market share.

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Do you have defined goals for growing your at-need calls, preneed, or your profitability in 2021?  Have you analyzed what you've done so far in 2021 and what you need to do differently heading into the next year?  

The Peter Drucker quote "you can't manage what you don't measure" is absolutely true, and on this episode, we discuss how successful funeral home operators think about their business and...

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If you're a funeral home owner, at some point, you're going to exit the business, and hopefully, that is through a successful acquisition.  Whether an interested party has approached you or you've put it on the market, the offer(s) you receive, and eventual selling price, can be significantly impacted by a few key metrics that you may not even realize. 

On this episode, we talk with Jake Johnson about what acquirers l...

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Not having the right phone skills or strategy can cost a funeral home a lot of money in lost business, which often goes unnoticed. 
When a person calls for a price, do you give them a direct cremation price, or do you display empathy and build rapport with the person? That subtle difference can make or break your opportunity.
On this episode, we talk with Nicole Weideman from Dead Ringers, who explains the right and w...

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Hospice organizations are involved with more deaths today than most funeral homes realize, and that number will continue to increase.  This reality means that more and more families will listen to and take the hospice staff's recommendation on what funeral home to use.  

On this episode, we talk with Greg Grabowski from Hospice Advisors on what funeral homes can do to become the #1 recommended funeral home in your are...

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The biggest convention in funeral service is going virtual this year and we asked Anthony Kaniuk and Troy Blewett to give us an overview of the convention and what we can expect. 

Surprisingly, other than the obvious fact that it's virtual, the same opportunities exist for education, CE credits, networking, and, of course, the exhibit hall.  The staff at NFDA have put a lot of work into making this a great experience for the at...

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Many funeral home owners are considering opening a discount cremation brand to defend their market share from aggressive competitors.  Seems like an obvious idea, but is it the smart thing to do?

That depends. 

On this episode, we talk with John McQueen, a successful funeral home operator who simultaneously grew brands at the high and low ends of the market. John shares his expertise as we dive into three important questions. 

  1. How...
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One of the most important assets a funeral home owns is their domain name, and if not protected properly, it can unknowingly be at risk.  A few common problems we see are the funeral homes not actually owning their domain names, or domain names expire and are lost because they weren't renewed on time.  Another problem we see is when a funeral home wants to change website providers, they face roadblocks as they try to transfer ...

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If your phone isn't ringing as much as you'd like, there are a few things you can do to change that. 

Before a consumer calls your funeral home they've likely done some research on your site, your competitor's sites and more.  What they're doing is to getting their questions answered, they are arming themselves with as much information as possible, and they're making a judgement about your value proposi...

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Think of a blog like the game of Jeopardy.  On that game, the answer is given and the contestant must state the question to win.  A blog is similar in that you're going to write articles that are the "answer" to a person's search query before they ask.  When a user searches for something, Google matches that query to your content.  

In short, if you don't have content that answers a searcher's...

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Have you considered outsourcing some areas of your business like accounting, aftercare, HR, social media, digital marketing, preneed, or answering your own phone?  

Running a funeral home or cemetery is hard, but it can be even harder if you try to wear all the hats yourself.  Successful companies understand that outsourcing actually makes them more successful. 

On this episode we discuss:

1.) How outsour...

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If you are not surveying families after the service is over, you are missing a HUGE opportunity.  Surveys aren't just about rating how pleasant your staff was, or how smoothly everything went, you probably already know that.  Surveys provide hidden gems like unique insights, patterns, and data that provide you with a literal checklist of what is needed to continually improve your service levels.

On this episode, Eller...

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If a funeral home wants to convert more website visitors to customers, adding the right videos to their website is the quickest way. Videos add a lot of value, create a better experience, and help the consumer make a confident choice.   

Understandably, creating videos can seem expensive if hiring someone, or difficult if trying to create in-house, but neither is true. In this episode, you will learn how to quickly get the videos yo...

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There has been a lot of confusion the last two months on how funeral homes can have their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiven.  On June 5, 2020, a revision was passed that changed the rules in a positive way and made it easier to qualify for forgiveness.  

On this episode, we invited Tim Bridgers from Live Oak bank to explain the most recent changes, why they were necessary, and how funeral homes can position themselves....

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Most General Prices Lists are confusing, poorly designed, and do very little to show the value you provide to families.   The FTC mandates that you have it and give it out, but there is a missed opportunity by thinking about it only as a compliance tool and not as a marketing opportunity.

On this episode, we discuss ways to elevate your GPL that are low cost but have a big impact. 

 1. How to make it less confus...

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Do you text with the families you are serving today?  Do you have a way price shoppers can text a question?  Are you following up with families after the service is over with text messaging? 

Texting families may initially seem impersonal given the nature of death care, but funeral homes that are doing it are sharing how much families appreciate it and how it elevates the level of the service they provide. 

On thi...

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Funeral directors are typically uncomfortable asking families to leave an online review, which is understandable because of the delicate nature of the service provided. The problem is your funeral home is being judged every day based on the reviews others have left, and if you don't have very many, it's going to impact your calls negatively.   

On this episode, we discuss answers to the following:   

1. Which families you a...

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