Engineering Emotions and Energy with Justin Wenck, Ph.D.

Engineering Emotions and Energy with Justin Wenck, Ph.D.

Are you ready to live a life with enough time, money, and energy? Have relationships and connections that delight you? Are you ready for the extraordinary life you know you’ve been missing? If so, then this is the place for you. I'm a best selling author, coach, consultant, and speaker who’s worked in technology for over two decades. I’m a leader in transforming people and organizations from operating in fear, obligation and guilt to running off joy, ease, and love. It’s time for Engineering Emotions and Energy!


July 2, 2024 33 mins

In this thought-provoking episode, Justin shares his vision for a future where technology serves humanity rather than the other way around. Drawing from his experiences at soul-filled festivals and tech networking events, Justin explores how we can use technology to improve our interactions and emotional intelligence. He discusses the importance of vision and commitment in creating the world we want to live in, a world where everyo...

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In this episode of Engineering Emotions and Engineering, host Justin Wenck, Ph.D., sits down with the incredible Rachel Warmath, an editor, writer, published author, and yoga teacher, to delve into the motivations behind our actions.

Are we driven by genuine desire, or are there underlying compulsions and addictions at play? Rachel's eighth book, "Alive in the Fire: The Journey to Inner Peace and Creative Power&...

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What is that pain telling you?

Whether it's an ouchy muscle, a literal pain in the neck, frustration, or fear, there's often something that's causing us a bit dis-ease in our body when we stop to check-in. Often we view it as something to be overcome, fixed, or eliminated, but what if there's wisdom in this pain?

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Aidan Kinsella about the interconnectedness of ou...

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What's the real cost of disruption in tech and personal growth? Can we get the benefits we want without the rupture, disorder, and upheaval that disruption causes? Yes! When we add two very important ingredients. 

In this episode, I review the resulting disruptions we’ve seen from tech companies like Amazon in retail, Netflix in video rental, TV, & Movies, Uber with taxis, Airbnb with hotels, and Tesla with automo...

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Is technology serving you, or are you serving it?

Discover six steps to master tech in your life through a digital detox and regain clarity and calm in your life in this incredible episode.

  1. Block Off The Time (4 to 24 Hours)
  2. Let Key People Know (So they can support you)
  3. Phone Off (Or Airplane with Do Not Disturb at a minimum)
  4. No Other Electronics (like computers, TVs, Music players, E-readers, even cars)
  5. No Busy Work (like...
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Embark on a transformative exploration of what it truly means to be wealthy with our guest  Michael Sakraida, an esteemed author and sharp critic of the wealth management industry. 

This episode promises a journey beyond the bank account, into the realms of time richness, social wealth, and the joy that comes from a life well-lived. Mike's insights will challenge your preconceptions, illustrating that managing your mo...

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Ever felt like networking is just not your cup of tea, especially if you're on the introverted side?

In this episode, we'll guide you through the labyrinth of networking with a spirit of playfulness and authenticity. No more dreading those social gatherings; instead, discover how to turn them into enjoyable experiences that align with your passions and professional goals. We’ll take you from feeling like an outsi...

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In this episode, I discuss how major life changes can become much easier when we know our values with Darren Reinke, founder of The Savage Leader, an executive coaching and training company focused on building great leaders and teams from the inside out.

Transition is the name of the game in this episode,  and we start with a story from Darren's youth with a leap from defeat on the baseball diamond to the basketball ...

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Are we standing on the precipice of a revolution in human connection, or teetering on the edge of its demise?

We tackle this question head-on by looking at the Apple Vision Pro and Meta's Quest headsets as our guides. Picture a world where walking down the street or attending a meeting could be fundamentally altered by the technology we wear. This episode is not just about the headsets themselves, but also the philos...

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Who do you need to keep happy to have a successful career, life, or relationship?
Drawing from personal experiences and insights gained during my time working in Germany, I share valuable lessons that have shaped my approach to happiness and success.

We'll explore the significance of identifying and nurturing the happiness of three key individuals in any situation: yourself, the immediate collaborator or par...

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Today we journey into happiness across continents and cultures with Nicole and Mickey in another joint show with the @MickeySDT podcast. 

Mickey talks about how he’s struck by the candidness with which emotions are expressed in his native German Culture compared to the stark contrast to the American penchant for cloaking one's true feelings. Justin and Nicole chime in with travel stories from South Korea to Spain, tou...

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"Love is a complex dance that often leaves us perplexed, yearning for a deeper understanding of the forces that govern our emotional bonds."

Unlock the secrets to creating loving, secure connections with Maya Diamond, an expert dating, sex and relationship coach, in a heart-opening conversation that will reshape your perspective on love.

We tackle the significance of attachment styles and how they play...

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Ever feel like you're stuck in your own version of "Groundhog Day," endlessly repeating patterns that lead nowhere?

This episode invites you into the world of active self-authorship, where you'll learn how to seize the pen and script your life story with intent. Join me, Justin Wenck, Ph.D., as we delve into the transformative process of recognizing and breaking free from the cycles that hinder your pr...

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Have you ever wondered about the intersection of technology and personal fulfillment, or pondered on the transformative powers of coaching and storytelling?

That's the topic I'll be talking about today, but it won't be just me talking about it. In this episode, we're doing a little pod swap with the Mickey SDT Podcast with Co-hosts Mickey and Nicole.

Experience the enlightening journey as we c...

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Have you ever taken a moment to marvel at your own achievements?

That's exactly what we're doing today, as I open up about the milestones that have defined my past year. Join me as I reveal how crafting an "awesomeness list" transformed my self-perception and unexpectedly propelled my career forward. From Toastmasters triumphs to leaps in technical marketing engineering, I share the ins and outs of doc...

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December 19, 2023 19 mins

Ever stumbled into a conversation where someone out of the blue asks you if you're okay?

This seemingly harmless question, when asked out of context can trigger a series of whirlwind emotions - self-doubt, anxiety, or even despair. Drawing from personal experience and diving into the complexities of human communication, I, Justin Wenck, Ph.D., will walk you through the potential implications of this question, especia...

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Ever been caught in a storm of negativity and complaints, unable to find your joy?

I discovered the power of choosing happiness when I found myself in such a situation during a recent trip to Sacramento. I learned that even amidst challenges and global adversities, it's okay to choose happiness and savor life's simple pleasures.

This episode will reveal how you too can harness the power of positivity, b...

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Ever thought about the last time you wore diapers?

Yep, you've already quit something in life, and it was a big deal! This episode is all about the power of quitting and how it’s often a necessary step towards personal growth.

Join me as we trade tales of adrenaline-pumping riverboarding in New Zealand and recount how holiday season demands can sometimes push us to reconsider our choices. In the midst of al...

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Ever found yourself wondering, "Are the experiences unfolding in my life truly my own choices, even the negative ones?"

I found myself pondering over this very thought during my exhilarating journey in the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand. This episode is the fruition of that contemplation, a discourse on the power of choice, and our incredible ability as humans to shape our lives through our decisions.

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November 21, 2023 22 mins

Ready for a little mind magic?

Prepare to deconstruct your conventional notions about wealth and learn the surprising truth of what it means to be rich. Unearth your deeply ingrained perceptions about wealth and abundance, shaped by your upbringing and society, and discover how discipline and effort can unleash true richness in life.

Challenge your beliefs about power, money, and relationships and learn how they...

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