Entangled Things

Entangled Things

What if a Quantum Computing aficionado with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning talked to a security expert interested in how Quantum Computing already impacts the world?


April 2, 2024 35 mins

In Episode 84, Patrick speaks with Ryan Lafler, President and CTO of Quantum Corridor. They discuss communications systems, Quantum key distribution, and high transmission networks.

Ryan Lafler co-founded Quantum Corridor, LLC, in early 2022 and serves as the President and Chief Technology Officer of the company. Ryan has more than 20 years of experience developing telecommunications solutions and has had considerable...

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In Episode 83, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Dr. Prineha Narang of UCLA. The team discusses distributed quantum sensor networks, lasers, magnons, and new technology application opportunities through organic conversations.

Dr. Prineha Narang is a Professor in Physical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering at UCLA with an interdisciplinary group spanning areas of physics, chemistry, and engineerin...

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In Episode 82, Patrick and Ciprian celebrate three years of Entangled Things.

The team discusses different modalities, shifting perspectives, and the importance of the algorithms. 

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In Episode 81, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Garland Garris of Accenture Federal Services, and first time guest Rima Oueid of the United States Department of Energy.

The team discusses Quantum Computing in space, international development interest, and complimentary technologies to push development timelines.

As Accenture Federal Services Quantum Security Lead, Garland Garris, provides Insider Thr...

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In Episode 80, Patrick speaks with Sayon Chanda, Senior Scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), one of US Department of Energy's leading federal research laboratories in Denver Colorado.

The team discusses the NISQ era of Quantum Computing, the complexities of current electric utility configurations, and how electric utilities can prepare for a post quantum future.

Learn more: https://www.n...

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In Episode 79, Patrick and Ciprian talk about Post-Quantum Encryption.

A fascinating discussion about asymmetric encryption, NIST post-quantum cryptography standardization, and CRYSTALS - the Cryptographic Suite for Algebraic Lattices.

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In Episode 78, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Diana Franklin of the University of Chicago.

A fascinating episode where the team discusses gamification of educational concepts through Quander, entanglement, superposition, and the advantages of reframing ideas for Quantum native students.

Diana Franklin is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. When she received her ...

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December 26, 2023 37 mins

In Episode 77, Patrick and Ciprian meet to revisit old topics with new insights.
The team discuss the broad question of, What is Quantum Computing, applications in chemistry, and the search for the right modality.

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In this special off-cycle release of Episode 76, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Yuval Boger (QuEra), and first time guests Harry Zhou (QuEra and Harvard) and Dolev Bluvstein (Harvard).

The team discusses a historical announcement regarding groundbreaking advancements in Quantum Error Correction utilizing transversal gates to create the first logical Quantum processor.

QuEra also announced a special...

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In Episode 75, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Yuval Boger, Chief Marketing Officer at QuEra. This is a fascinating discussion about room temperature Neutral Atom technology, collaborations with educational institutions, and the emergence of national Quantum Computing programs.

Yuval Boger is the CMO of QuEra, the leader in neutral atom quantum computers. In his career, he has served as CEO and CMO of frontier-tech companie...

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In Episode 74, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Dr. Fred Chong and first time guest, Dr. Teague Tomesh of Infleqtion.

The is a very exciting discussion about an awarded project from Wellcome Leap to explore hybrid quantum algorithms to find cancer biomarkers in multi-modal data.  The team also discusses solving real problems within the Quantum timeline, and matching hardware to applications.

Fred Cho...

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In Episode 73, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Noson Yonofsky of Brooklyn College. The team discusses Quantum Mechanics, Einstein's Photoelectric Effect, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, and the Quantum Eraser Experiment.

Noson S. Yanofsky has a Ph.D. in mathematics from The Graduate Center of The City University of New York. He held a post-doctoral research position in McGill University in Mont...

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In Episode 72, Patrick and Ciprian speak with returning guest Mariia Mykhailova, Principal Software Engineer at the Advanced Quantum Development Group at Microsoft.

The team discuss the NISQ era of Quantum algorithms, resource estimation, and Microsoft's end-to-end approach to Quantum Computing.

Mariia Mykhailova is a principal software engineer at the Advanced Quantum Development team at Microsoft. She works...

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In Episode 71, Patrick and Ciprian discuss how the Quantum landscape has changed since they released Entangled Things in 2021. 

They also dive into changes in industry leaders, the Quantum learning curve, and their predictions for 2024.

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In Episode 70, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Dr. Bob Sutor, Vice President and Chief Quantum Advocate at Infleqtion.

The team discuss quantum programming languages, hybrid approaches to quantum computing, and planning for worst case scenarios.

Dr. Bob Sutor has been a technical leader and executive in the IT industry for over 40 years.  

Bob’s industry role is to advance quantum technologies by building strong bus...

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September 19, 2023 43 mins

In Episode 69, Patrick and Ciprian meet to revisit old topics with new insights.
The team discuss entanglement, amplitude amplification, and the rabbit hole of multiverse theories.

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September 5, 2023 34 mins

In Episode 68, Patrick and Ciprian meet to revisit old topics with new insights.
The team discusses superposition, and how our understanding of fundamental concepts have changed and grown over the years.

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In Episode 67, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Román Orús, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Multiverse Computing.

The team discusses industry applications of Quantum software, material science, Artificial Intelligence, and the future of Quantum disruptions.

Prof. Román Orús is Ikerbasque research professor at the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) in San Sebastián, Spain, and co-founder and CSO ...

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In Episode 66, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Michael Vitz, Manager at Deloitte leading Quantum training efforts.

The team discusses Quantum Computing's relationship to AI and Machine Learning, the future of Adiabatic Quantum Annealers, and educating future Quantum Computing Scientists.

Michael Vitz received two masters degrees, one in the Philosophy of Physics and the other in Quantum Physics, and is working...

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In Episode 65, Patrick and Ciprian speak with Mike Dascal, Director of Quantum Product Management at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology.

The team discuss the quantum development roadmap, quantum hype, and the movement of developments from quantum architecture back to hybrid approaches.

Michael Dascal is Director of Quantum Product Management at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT), where he le...

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