Expanding Your Divine Light!

Expanding Your Divine Light!

Each episode is a divine flow of relevant information to assist you in expanding your consciousness. Make the choice to receive the codes, activations, and upgrades that are being made available to you each time you tune in: heaven on Earth, multidimensional Earth business, and cosmic experiences in the new world - transmitted by Debbie Hagedorn. Season 3 Intro Music by Joystock - https://www.joystock.org


June 15, 2023 14 mins

It is time!

The frequency of your own unique version of heaven on Earth is available to you ... and to all ... if you choose to do the work.

What is the work? 

Upgrading your energetic system to let go of all that is no longer serving your highest good ... raising your energetic frequency in the process.

You are, after all, the creator of your entire life experience here on Earth.

Let th...

Mark as Played

You don't know what you don't know ...

until one day you do.

This is divine timing, and each one of us is on our very own unique journey of ascension.

It is in faith that you know the answers you are seeking will be made available to you in perfect time.

This is not a journey for the faint of heart. 

Your faith will feel as though it's being tested.

How you respon...

Mark as Played
September 29, 2022 17 mins

Love is.

It really is that simple.

Love is the baseline frequency of all that exists on this planet ... 

and most lack access because they are afraid to let go of all that is keeping them from it.

Accessing next level love isn't easy.

Doing so requires us to let go of those things we are attached to or are co-dependent on.

Letting go requires us to tap into our next level o...

Mark as Played
September 22, 2022 22 mins

You are a system, within which there are many, many bodies and many, many layers, all of which contain the information (aka programming) that creates your reality in any given moment.

If you wish to change your reality, you must "do the work" to clean up your system.

It's crucial to know how to "do the work" for yourself. 

Anyone doing it for you is doing you a disservice.

Mark as Played
September 15, 2022 13 mins

The road to our dreams ...

real, sometimes raw, and in my opinion, always worth the effort.

Where are you at on the road to your dreams?

Listen in and receive the codes and activations being made available to you - motivation, inspiration, possibilities, and love, among others.

All your dreams ARE on their way ...

Keep going.

I love you.

Mark as Played

"When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I will dry them all

I'm on your side ...

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down." ~ Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel), 1969

In an interview, Paul said he received the words of this song seemingly out of nowhere. They flowed in as divine knowing, and the first two verses were written.

Mark as Played

There is exquisite beauty that can be experienced when exploring consciousness.

To date, most of that beauty has been "out there" somewhere - in meditation, in lucid dreams, in journeying with plant medicine.

I will admit to having spent very little time "out there." I simply haven't been guided to do so.

I am aware that my path  is in the here and now ... on Earth ... always divi...

Mark as Played

The frequency of Eden is here. It is (finally!) available to all who choose it.

All that remains is for you to decide ...

what do you want the remainder of your life experience to be like?

Before you decide, know this - acceptance is one key that you will need to unlock the gates of Eden.

In acceptance, you will let go of the need to control the outcome.

In acceptance, you will bring you...

Mark as Played
April 21, 2022 17 mins

It's a topic most are somewhere between hesitant and unwilling to discuss.

We've been programmed to believe things about death that simply aren't true, so it's no wonder ... the hesitancy ... and it's no one's fault.

The only true death, in my opinion, is one's failure to live.

It is in truly allowing yourself to feel all of the feels ... fully and completely ... that y...

Mark as Played

As we all continue on this ascension journey, more and more is being made known to us. This new information is unlocked within us courtesy of the solar and other unmeasurable energies that continue to pummel our planet ..., and ourselves.

Are you willing to take another look at yourself as a divine human?

You are SO much more than anyone ever told you. You, my friend, are a master soul.

You came to this p...

Mark as Played
March 24, 2022 17 mins

The loop of Christian religion is filled with illusions that simply aren't true. Yet another system of the old world that was filled with lies ... go figure.

Jesus Christ isn't his birth name. He is Yeshua. 

He spoke in the Aramaic language, and all translations outside of this language have lost the potency of his message.

He didn't come to Earth with the intention of generating fear among...

Mark as Played

Hallelujah ...

from my perspective a word that has great depth and holds many meanings. Only recently did I step fully into the power of what this word now means to me.

When I look back over my lifetime here on Earth, I see many experiences that I recollect felt a lot like hell. I know this is true for you, too.

That said, the journey from hell to hallelujah isn't an easy one.

Simple, yes, ...

Mark as Played

Perhaps you've heard it said that the dog is man's best friend.

I know mine was to me.

And dog spelled backwards ... G O D.

Not a coincidence.

I never dreamed I would be moving into the year of discovery without her.

Yet in her transition and despite the pain, I chose to remain open to the gifts she was making available to me.

I chose to let go of the need to control t...

Mark as Played

So much is changing ... and so quickly! This leads me to ask ...

How are you doing, dear one?  Truly, you and I, we were made for these times. Remember there is nothing you are experiencing that is doing anything less than serving your highest good. Every experience contains a gift in the opportunity for you to learn, let go, and expand.

Whenever you feel stuck, ASK your highest self, your divine self, and your so...

Mark as Played

Perhaps, like me as a child, you learned in church a prayer that invoked the will of God to be made known to those who spoke this prayer.

Upon consideration, it feels as though somehow this prayer left me believing I was simply a small human, one without direction, and that, by myself, I was powerless to bring about useful change to my reality.

When, in fact, and as I know now ...

it is each one of us tha...

Mark as Played

If there is one thing I can assure you of, it's the fact that every human, no matter where they are on their ascension journey, has struggled in some way or another.

Struggle (what a funny word when you look at it long enough!), I am certain, shows up when we are spending more time in our minds than we are in receiving guidance from our heart, which is where our connection to our divinity is found.

I myself h...

Mark as Played

You'll find me weaving a thread of conversation in this episode as I simply allow my soul to lead the way.

There is much to contemplate.

There has been a major shift on our planet ... and if you choose to open up to discovering all that makes YOU unique, I am certain you will be delighted with what shows up for you as you continue to move forward on your ascension journey.

Where are you at in creatin...

Mark as Played
November 25, 2021 17 mins

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are here in the United States!

Today, I am called to share with you a transmission that will assist you in opening up to your next level of gratitude.

Gratitude goes far beyond giving thanks for material things and the people in your life.

Gratitude for every thing, every one, and every experience is essential for you to continue to rise on your ascension journey.


Mark as Played
November 18, 2021 17 mins

What began as hope for a better future ...

led to trust, which, when combined with an open heart, resulted in faith ...

real, unshakeable, steadfast faith,

Faith to this degree is how you will hasten your ascension journey in a way that is perfect for you.

Faith assists you in reclaiming your power from fear and worry.

Are you ready for your next level of faith ... in YOU?

Next ...

Mark as Played

Consider this your invitation to join me in the stillness ...

to become fully present within your heart space ...

to let go ...

to receive ...

all in a manner that is specific to you and serves only your highest good.

Listen in to receive upgrades and activations that will assist you in shining your light brighter than you ever have in this lifetime!

You ARE a divine being of li...

Mark as Played

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