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Explore Everywhere Podcast

Your window to Outdoor Adventure. Join us as we explore hiking trails and paddling routes in New Brunswick, PEI (Prince Edward Island), Maine, Nova Scotia, and sometimes the rest of the world. Learn about the trails and routes, and meet the people who love and protect them.


June 14, 2023 38 mins

On this episode of the podcast we discuss why we love exploring Las Vegas.  We take you with us up Mount Charleston to the highest I have ever hiked and feel the heat as we hike through the desert in the search for water at La Madre Spring at Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area

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In this episode I visit Howland Falls in Bear Island with Nick Guitard who is the author of the Waterfalls of New Brunswick and The Lost Wilderness books.  We discuss what drove him to write the books, a bit about the publishing process, and about some of his adventures visiting the waterfalls and other geological features around the province of New Brunswick.  You can find more details on both of the books at the Explore Everywher...

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In this episode of the podcast I interview Stéphanie Albert from the Sentier Pluriel de Grande-Digue Association.  We discuss all of the work her group of volunteers does to develop and maintain the hiking trails in Grande-Digue, in the southwest corner of New Brunswick.   We also discuss all the other volunteers and organizations that make this trail system possible.  Following our interview I hike all five trails (more than 10 km...

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In Episode 1 of our Winter visit to Roosevelt-Campobello International Park we got a tour of the trails in the park from Pete Colman, the park's Natural Areas Supervisor. 

In this episode we go and pick up Vicki and hike out to the dome bog overlooking Lower Duck Pond.  On day 2 I get up early and hike the Customs House Trail and then Vicki and I hike up to the lookout at Friar's Head and then down to Friar&apos...

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Vicki and I are given a tour of the trails at Roosevelt-Campobello International Park on Campobello Island in New Brunswick by Pete Colman.  Pete is the Natural Areas Supervisor for the park.  We discuss the plans they have to put more of a focus on their amazing natural area, while maintaining the historical significance of the park.  We visit Fox Hill Meadow, Con Robinson Point, Raccoon Point, Liberty Point and the lookout at Low...

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On this adventure we finish our paddle to Molly's Rock and explore where the Maliseet Trail crosses land around Benton.  We walk out to Eel River behind the St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church to a site that is expected to be the start of a land crossing on the Maliseet Trail, where there may have been a summer village.  We also hear stories about the hardships of travel in this area from Henry David Thoreau, stories of hardsh...

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On this adventure we join Dino Kubik with Canoe Kayak NB on a group paddle to Molly's Rock on the Benton Deadwater.  The Benton Deadwater is a part of Eel River and is part of the Maliseet Trail that joined the St. John River Valley with Bangor Maine.  This was a main travel route for thousands of years when canoes were the main mode of transportation in the area.  Join us as we explore the history and the beauty of the area.<...

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In this episode I talk with Emily Taylor Smith about the two books she has written:

We talk about her long hikes around Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec.  We discuss the many benefits o...

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January 21, 2021 27 mins

Welcome to 2021!  On this episode I am interviewed by Jenna Morton and Tosh Taylor for the Jenna and Tosh Podcast (Pickle Planet Podcast), for the Podcast Hub, and for Rogers TV in Moncton.  We discuss hiking trails around Moncton, in Albert County, and throughout the province.  We provide suggestions for family hikes with young kids but also cover trails and tips for a full range of difficulty.

Check out their websites he...

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November 22, 2020 6 mins

A short episode where I go for a walk at the Big Pokiok Nature Park to get away from all the news about Covid 19.

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This episode starts with an interview of Adam Wilkins and Leah Alexander, the driving force behind the Split Rock and Troy's Trail in Lorneville near Saint John.  They take me on a tour of the Musquash Head Lighthouse and we hike Troy's Trail and the Black Beach Trail in the Musquash Estuary Nature Preserve.  They talk about how their group (Explore Lorneville Inc.) is working with the Nature Conservancy of Canada on fund...

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In this episode I interview Bob and Judy Stone.  Bob is the past coordinator of the Friends of Grand Manan Trails group.  We discuss their favourite trails on Grand Manan, some history of the trails, and what brought them to the island.

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In this episode I hike up to Western Head on Grand Manan Island in New Brunswick with Eric Aubanel.  Eric is the current President of the Friends of Grand Manan Trails organization.  We discuss some strange and amazing trees that we see on our hike and others on the island.  We talk about what kind of wildlife you may encounter on your hikes.  We identify a few birds that we hear along the way and discuss what other birds you may e...

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In this episode I do my first interview.  I hike to the top of Currie Mountain near Fredericton and talk to Toon Pronk about the geology across the province and how it relates to hiking trails.

Types of rock we discussed

  • Basalts
  • Gabro
  • Felsic magma, rhyolite
  • Feldspars
  • Sedimentary

Types of landscape features we discussed

  • Drumlins
  • Moraines
  • Esker
  • Delta
  • Caldera
  • Accretionary terrain
  • Tectonic plates

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In this episode we take a quick hike on the K access trail to the Nepisiguit Mi'gmaq Trail in wilderness in the northern part of New Brunswick.  This 141 kilometre long trail has many access points making it ideal for section hiking it if you don't have the 7 to 10 days it would require to hike the whole thing.  It rained and the mosquitos were really thick but the location was beautiful.  While waiting under a tree for t...

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July 19, 2020 48 mins

In this episode of the podcast we hike the Upper Salmon River Trail at Fundy National Park in New Brunswick.  Our goal was to swim in Black Hole and then hike back the way we came.  In the intro I discuss the trails at Fundy National Park and my recommendations for hiking at Fundy National Park, Mount Carleton Park and Grand Manan.

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In this weeks episode of the Explore Everywhere Podcast I take you with me as I visit 3 waterfalls in the woods around Bathurst, New Brunswick.  The adventure starts as I am leaving Pabineau Falls, then I head deeper into the woods of northern New Brunswick to find Rainbow Falls and Buck Falls.  Along the way I see some fascinating and exciting creatures and animals.

Trails in this episode
Pabineau Falls Trail

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This week we give you our top 10 recommendations for swimming waterfalls in the province of New Brunswick.  We also provide other ideas for ways to beat the heat in summer.

Original Top 5 Blog Post

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In this episode Vicki and I take two of the kids on a hike around the Chitticks Beach and Barnaby Head trails at New River Beach Provincial Park on the south coast of New Brunswick, Canada.  The girls do a dramatic reading, in both official languages, of the interpretive sign at Chitticks Beach.  We returned through the bog where everyone got their feet wet.

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Join me as I hike down to Seely Beach on the Fundy Footpath and camp for the night.  I stay up way past everyone else who is camping there to take pictures of the stars.  I also got up very early in the morning to take pictures of the sun rising over the Fundy Coast near Martin Head.  On my hike back to the car I talk about the difference between the Fundy Trail Parkway, the Fundy Footpath and Fundy National Park.

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