Fameless Last Words

Fameless Last Words

Fameless Last Words recounts the humorous stories of Mike and Greg from the early days of their friendship that now spans more than two decades. These episodes highlight some of the silliness, dumb decisions, and lessons learned as they navigated from the more carefree years of their mid-twenties through all that came with taking on greater responsibility, including becoming new homeowners and landlords, marriage, having kids, and more. Mike and Greg hope you have a good laugh and a great day!


May 24, 2021 31 mins

After almost ten years of seeing each other constantly, the guys eventually sold their multi-units, moved a little further away from each other and became much busier with growing kids. Guess what happened next - Greg and Mike just didn't see each other very much any more. Hear the story of how Mike finally had enough, and literally swam, biked and ran his way back to his old pal Greg.

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A cool lazy river, the deep dark ocean...or a fountain at a hot dog plant?? In this episode the guys share a few summertime stories and the crazy antics that revolve around the whole gang, and their habit of peeling off a few layers and jumping in the water to get cooled off - what ever and where ever that water may have been.

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May 10, 2021 30 mins

In this episode Greg tells the story about needing emergency brain surgery in his early 30s. It was a scary and serious situation, but the guys still managed to find a little humor in it. Mike talks about his 'Garage Door Spring' incident that required a ride to the ER from Greg.

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May 3, 2021 35 mins

In this episode Mike and Greg talk about a big ol' Halloween party they attended in 1999, and describe their ridiculous costumes and questionable behavior.  The story doesn't end there because amazingly, they were invited back the following year! The first year was Greg's time to shine; let's just say he made a "big" impression with his costume's centerpiece. Mike took the spotlight in year two, b...

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April 26, 2021 25 mins

In this episode Greg shares a story about hiring a builder for a big project at his old multi-unit home, rather than attempting to do the job himself.  After several major oversights by this "professional", and a whole bunch of headaches, Greg realizes he could have made all the same mistakes and saved a little dough. But at least he didn't get hurt!

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April 19, 2021 22 mins

When you were a kid, were you given a ridiculous nickname by your family or friends? Is there a story behind it, or was it for no reason at all? 

In this episode find out why Greg calls his son "Taco"; Mike revisits "Mondo Schnoz-Monster", the high school moniker given to him by his pals; and Greg's mom Kathy joins the podcast to talk about Irving Dong, the hysterically bizarre childhood nickname ...

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April 12, 2021 22 mins

In this episode our two favorite idiots reflect on their decision to forego using tie-downs after a visit to the home improvement store in the old Green Machine. Greg then shares a story about fighting a speeding ticket in court, and the consequences of that action. The guys wrap things up with a short story about an idea that seemed really cool, but in reality just looked ridiculous...just another day in the life of Mike & Gre...

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April 5, 2021 25 mins

Greg kicks this one off with a story about how an attempted good deed for his out-of-town neighbor went wrong from the start.  Mike remembers a time that his mouth wrote a check his @$$ was not going to cash; fortunately Greg was there to cover it! 

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March 29, 2021 23 mins

Find out how a young Mike ended up on a campaign poster for teen males preventing pregnancy, and where that poster surprised him a few years later. Greg tells a story about how he broke all of his toes in one fell swoop while showing off in a new school. Mike's mom Tery makes an appearance as Fameless Last Words' first guest to shed more light on that important ad campaign of the 1980s. 

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March 22, 2021 27 mins

In this episode Mike and Greg share some "Dirty Jobs" stories from their first homes as landlords and these two idiots have no problem finding the humor in a few crappy situations.  Mike in particular seemed to really overcomplicate his fixes! A word of caution for the wicked squeamish or those who may be listening on their lunch break. While these stories aren't super graphic, parts of these stories - if you haven&a...

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March 15, 2021 17 mins

In this episode we briefly learn about Greg's environmentalism, at Mike's expense. More importantly, Greg hassles Mike about a decision as captain aboard the sailboat Many Myles over 20 years ago, but then must explain one of his own mishaps on the high seas that may have influenced Mike’s thinking. Does Greg make a convincing case or did Mike make the right call?

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March 8, 2021 25 mins

Here's the origin-story of a twenty-plus year friendship. The guys recall how they first met, and the circumstances behind a great first day of hanging out that ended a little bit awkwardly. 

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March 8, 2021 5 mins

Meet Mike and Greg, great friends for over twenty years.  They don't know a whole lot about podcasting, but always have a great laugh when they get together.  Come along for the ride as these two knuckleheads reconnect, telling old stories by way of this new venture. What could possibly go wrong? Thanks for checking out Fameless Last Words!

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