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Fearless Fathers

A podcast about overcoming challenges surrounding fatherhood. The show features everyday challenges dads face, with relatable ways to overcome them and a little comedy thrown in. Guests on the show range from regular dads like you who share their stories and how they became more vital fathers. There is something to take away from every episode from adoptions, mental health, being new fathers, and more. We want to see you thrive as a dad. We want you to cut those toxic family legacies that no longer serve you so that you can succeed for your families. It‘s time to take hold of the challenges we face and grow with our children. Let‘s Rethink Fatherhood!


October 3, 2022 36 min

What's the price we pay as parents when we buy our kids everything they want? It may not just be a hole in our wallets but something that compounds over time. As parents, it's instinctual that we want to give our kids all the best things we can...but at what cost? 


We walk a fine line (cause that's what we do here) about indulging in our kid's wants. From the why we do it to how it can lead to everlasting impacts ...

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*Audio Quality is not up to our usual standard for this episode. Issues occurred where We had to use Zoom to record. Content is still solid*


It’s no surprise on this show that Dave has shared his story about infertility and the time it took for him to become a father. The unending numbness and despair he would never get to be a father. The one thing he always wanted. That’s why when Carol Silver asked to be on the show and share ...

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There isn’t anything quite like a child’s imagination. The wonder, the innocence, the ability to come up with the seemingly crazy. Where does it all go when they inevitably grow up?

Well, today, we have Jeff Fajans. He is a PhD in Positive Organizational Psychology with a focus on creativity and also the musician “Mr. BooDaddy” dubbed “Beastie Boys for Babies”. Jeff started making kid-friendly music with a parental twist to keep hi...

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It's that time of the year. Dorms are opening up. Kids are getting ready to play sick to miss out on a test. Stress is building on both ends. If you have a child getting close to the college years, then this episode (and every dad) is for you. Today, Dave O talks with college financial expert Brad Baldridge.


Brad Baldridge is a leading financial planner for over 20 years. He has been specializing in helping clients and their ...

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After two weeks off, we are back with an all-new, Fearless Fathers-esq episode for you dads. 


Body Dysmorphic Disorder affects 1.7% to 2.9% of the general population — about 1 in 50 people. This means that more than 5 million people to nearly 10 million people in the United States alone have BDD.  It’s possible that BDD may be even more common than this because people with this disorder are often reluctant to reveal their BDD sym...

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Middle-class family finance has become so politicized over the past decade, it's hard to get through the muck of what is true and what is a myth. What is being told by media outlets may not be the whole truth

Today, Ryan and Dave talk about the pitfalls the average American family faces when challenged with covering an unexpected expense and ways to overcome those pitfalls. This isn't financial advice, more so experiences w...

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July 25, 2022 13 min

Today, Dave O talks about kids' movies and why they love watching the same thing over and over and over again. So many times do we get upset about our kids glued to the same thing, but what if that was for learning and development? 


Dave talks about his thoughts on the subject and what he's doing with his little one after watching "Moana" and singing "You're Welcome" for the 1000th time. 

Become a part...

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Johnny Sirpilla, the founder of Encourage, LLC., is an entrepreneur, passionate leader, a committed family man, and the author of "Life Is Hard but I’ll Be OK: The Power of Hope, Emerging through Pain and Learning to Live with Gratitude".

A legend in the RV Industry, Johnny endured personal tragedies that led him to repurpose himself in his early 50s focused on driving meaningful change in the workplace allowing employees ...

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We've all heard it in one form or another. Either solicited or unsolicited. The advice that's canned, overused, or just plain bad. YOu know it when you hear it, and tend to brush it off. But... what has taken that advice cost you? A chance at getting uncomfortable? Keeping you tied to old, toxic family traits that don't serve you? A chance at actually feeling like a good father?

All of these happen in one form or anothe...

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Today, on the Fearless Fathers Podcast, We have a business owner, author, and father of three Allen Carter. 


Allen's lead with faith has helped him strengthen his bonds with his children. Allen also released "Letters From A Father". This is a collection of over 70 letters Allen wrote to his three children every month since they were teens. These letters talk about every aspect of life and special memories he's hel...

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Vacation time is right around the corner. For so many families, that could mean freakouts from little ones messing up routines. Children on the autism spectrum are the most affected when it comes to not having their routines. 


It’s estimated that one out of every 44 children falls on the autism spectrum which means that many of your listeners are likely affected. Not to mention those who have children with attention and/or mood d...

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Today, Dave and Ryan talk about the 5 stages of burnout. 


It's a real problem that doesn't get talked about a lot in America. We chalk it all up to "bad days" and "work stress". But it is more serious than we let ourselves believe. 


We share our experiences with burnout and how that affected our family life, how you can see the signs and make practical changes to your life so you can thrive more for your...

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EksAyn (EX-AYN) Anderson is a husband, father, speaker, and author. He has been seen on Forbes.com, Speaker Magazine, TV, and featured in various blogs and podcasts. Through his powerful message and compelling story, EksAyn hopes to help people improve the relationships in their lives so that they may leave a beautiful legacy.


EksAyn shares some amazing insight and knowledge throughout this whole conversation. From how we don'...

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Today, Dave talks about how your lowest lows will lead to your new heights. 


It's so hard to think as dads when we are at our lowest point that life can get higher. Today, we share the steps (and stories) of how you can reach your next-level self as a father.


Ever wanted to start your own podcast? Have an idea you know you need to share with the world but are not quite sure how to begin? 


Dave created a free podcast train...

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May 16, 2022 22 min

Today, Dave O and Ryan talk about life post covid. Ryan shares news in his household about Covid, we share some ways you can talk to your children about parents who quarantined and Ryan does something super special... 


Don't want to miss this one


Have you ever wanted to run your own podcast? We created a free training to take your idea and make it into a full-fledge podcast. get started at fearlessfathers.net/idea-to-implem...

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Today, We go back to our grassroots and talk about something that doesn't get talked about enough. 


Like the title says, we are talking about the mental and physical effects dads face when they go through miscarrying or stillbirth. 

This idea came from a great friend of the show who experienced stillbirth and miscarriage. 


We're done letting these topics stay silent, we need to talk so we all can begin to heal.



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Today, Dave and Ryan are sitting down and having "the talk." No, not the one where mommy and daddy love each other very much, but when's the right time to introduce (not drink) them to alcohol. 

The idea for this came from a non-dad asking dads when the right time might be. He grew up without ever seeing alcohol, and it seemed like an excellent topic for your dad. 


We share our own experiences, tips, tricks, and ideas...

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Today, we talk about how misdiagnosis of mental health illness can have more of a detrimental impact on you and your family than you initially thought. 

We touch on the number of misdiagnoses, how it happens, and ways you can get over that misdiagnosis. 



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The Impact of Me...
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April 11, 2022 43 min

Today the fearless fathers are back with a new episode where they talk about employment changes and how it effects there personal lives.

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DaveO runs solo today talking about that lovely thing we all do...procrastination. About 20% of adults in the U.S are chronic procrastinators. That tends to come from our families, school, work, lifestyle, etc. But how or why does it come into our kids, and how can we break that cycle? 

It's far from easy, but we aren't putting it off any longer today. By taking small steps today, we can break the issue of putting things of...

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