Feel Light Mind & Body

Feel Light Mind & Body

Are you feeling heavy in your mind and body? Frustrated with stress and comfort eating? Are you afraid of ‘failing’ again when it comes to weight loss and have all but given up? Permanent weight loss doesn’t have to feel hard or restrictive. You can be successful in losing and maintaining weight like you are successful in many other areas of your life. As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I understand that you feel overwhelmed by the contradicting weight loss options. That is why after helping hundreds of clients lose weight, I created a unique program that is completely customizable, and simple. It doesn’t leave you feeling deprived. Imagine no more yo-yo diet mentality or feeling hopeless. There’s a better way, my friend. Real women of all ages and stages of life are enjoying feeling lighter in their minds and body. Join me, Clarenda Price, your Feel Light Mind & Body coach weekly for motivation, tactics, and tips for some quick wins and lasting results. The BONUS is an improved relationship with yourself and others. Get ready to shed that heaviness and replace it with peace and ease. Let's go! https://www.clarendasempowerment.com/


May 21, 2024 13 mins

080- In our 80th episode, Must-Do Magic: How Booking Time for Yourself Drives Success and Sanity, we dive into the transformative power of scheduling personal time. This isn't about selfishness—it's about self-preservation and thriving in our hectic lives.

As women who juggle numerous roles, we often put ourselves last, leading to burnout and diminished health. But what if prioritizing yourself could actually enhance your ...

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079-  I uncover the hidden habit that could be sabotaging your progress. No it's not what might seem obvious like eating carbs late at at night. Join me as we tackle this mindset issue head-on and explore strategies to empower you on your journey. You’ll learn how to recognize the harmful self-talk that leads to shaming, blaming, and restrictive behaviors—and replace it with a healthier, more compassionate approach.


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May 7, 2024 18 mins

078- Are you feeling stuck in the pain of indecision? In today's episode, we delve into how indecision can be a hidden stressor, subtly draining your energy and keeping you from moving forward. Discover practical insights on why making even the smallest decisions can dramatically improve your mental and emotional well-being.

We explore empowered versus disempowered decision-making.

We get practical with examp...

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077- Do you ever feel guilty about stressing over your life because, by most standards, it's a good one? Balancing everything is challenging when it all seems important. Uncover the often ignored factors that contribute to stress and how they impact your health. Learn strategies that will help decrease your stress and boost your health score.

The Giver's Dilemma: Often the go-to person in times of stress? Discover how this...

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076- Every time you say yes to something, you’re also saying no to something else. Join me as we explore how this plays out in everyday decisions, particularly how they affect your work-life balance, relationships, and personal well-being.

Discover how aligning your choices with your core values can help you manage life's demands without compromising your health and happiness. From declining last-minute work requests to attend ...

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075- Have you experienced the incredible, life-altering benefits of attending a women's retreat? This is a much-needed and deserved weekend geared for you the giver and doer. You'll learn strategies to keep you in balance rather than burnout. You’ll have space and time to reflect, recharge, and gain clarity for the next season of your life, work, and health.  

You’ll get to start practicing simple techniques that...

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074- Struggling with your health goals? You're not alone. In this episode we explore the impact of self-talk on our health and well-being. Discover how shifting your internal dialogue from harsh criticism to supportive encouragement can lead to significant changes in your approach to weight loss, stress eating, and overall energy levels.

Practicing self-compassion and using bridging thoughts can lead to lasting chang...

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73- Blueprint for Success: The Essentials of Lasting Weight Loss, this wraps up our series with a healthier plan you can really use. We’re bringing together everything we've talked about—hydration, sleep, eating mindfully, and handling those tough urges—into a plan that fits into your real life. It's all about making these big ideas work for you, every day.

Whether you're looking to shake up your routine or...

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072- Welcome to the heart of our Pillars of Sustainable Wellness series, "Mastering Urges: Beyond Willpower."  Dive deep into the battle between cravings and our longing for health, exploring why we often choose habits we know aren't good for us. It's not just about willpower; it's about understanding our brain's response to dopamine and the societal cues that amplify our desires for more.


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071- Tips to Travel-Proof Your Health: How to Maintain Healthy Habits Anywhere dives into the practicalities of keeping up with your wellness routines, no matter where life takes you. From navigating sleep disruptions to making smart food choices on the go, I share insights from my own experiences and answer the burning questions many of you have sent my way.

Learn how to turn travel challenges into opportunities for main...

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070- Today's topic is about something that affects all of us: how we eat. It's not just about the food itself but understanding our body's signals and the reasons behind our food choices.

We'll explore how to recognize true hunger versus emotional eating. Ever find yourself snacking when you're not really hungry? You're not alone. I'll share tips on how to listen to your body and make cho...

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069- Dreaming of Better Sleep? Listen to 'Discover Your Free Nighttime Superpower,' part of our enlightening 5-part series, Foundations of Freedom. Today, I'm peeling back the layers on good quality sleep, our most underrated ally. Just like last week's deep dive into hydration, quality sleep doesn't have to cost a dime. 

I'm here to walk you through essential facts and easy steps you can star...

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068- Dive into the "Foundations of Freedom: A Five-Part Journey to Sustainable Wellness" with your host, Clarenda, a retired nurse turned life coach, on the Feel Light Mind and Body podcast. This series is crafted for women who excel in various aspects of life but find weight loss, stress eating, and maintaining energy challenging.

In the first episode, "Energize Your Life: The Power of Hydration," Cla...

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067- Join me in this heartfelt episode as I sit down with my mom for a candid and empowering conversation about her journey from weighing 95 pounds to 210 pounds and finally reaching a healthier 115 pounds. Despite her battle with dementia, my mom's wit and wisdom shine through as we discuss her experiences with overeating, stressors, and reasons behind her weight fluctuations.

Together, we explore the impact of self...

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066- In this episode, we explore a fun love challenge for both couples and singles. Discover how to deepen your connection, build trust, and keep the romance alive. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, I share practical tips and heartwarming stories to inspire meaningful connections.

From prioritizing quality time to nurturing self-love, this episode offers valuable insights for enhancing relationships and pers...

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065- In this episode, we delve into three powerful tips for navigating overwhelming emotions without feeling consumed by them. As we explore topics like grief, self-compassion, and proactive decision-making, you'll discover practical strategies to lighten the load on your mind and body.

Join me as I share personal insights and actionable advice to help you embrace your emotions authentically and find balance amidst life's ...

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064- Feel the shift within as we tackle the hurdles blocking your goals.  This is your space if you're a woman navigating success in various aspects but wrestling with weight, stress, or energy. Weight loss shouldn't feel like a struggle.

Join me weekly for a fresh perspective, tips, and encouragement to help you feel lighter mentally and physically, minus the frustration. Imagine enjoying your health journey, f...

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063-  Feel a shift within as we unravel the deceptive power of 'I don't know'—three seemingly harmless words that can keep us perpetually stuck.  Drawing from real experiences, I share insights on conquering fear and unlocking possibilities instead of staying stagnant in the 'I don't know' mindset.

Learn how to tap into your higher brain, discover answers within, and embrace discomfort as a p...

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062- In this episode, let's dive into the powerful principle of accepting where you are while refusing to settle for less than you deserve—be it in your weight journey, relationships, or work life.

We'll unpack the misconception that making changes implies something's wrong with you. The truth? You're already 100% worthy. Feeling stuck is normal, but we won't linger there. I'll share insights on how to ...

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061- In this episode, I tackle the frustrations many of us feel around food choices. Have you ever vowed to change, only to find yourself caving around your favorite treats? It's not your fault—it's the unrealistic diet rules we've internalized. I invite you to consider a fresh perspective on new starts, steering away from past dieting ideals. Learn why strict, idealistic rules trigger the body's survival respon...

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