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Welcome to Few & Far Between! Chris O'Brien, CEO of Biorasi, is your host for conversations on the cutting edge - from clinical research and policymakers to rare disease advocates and industry leaders.


May 23, 2024 35 mins

"It's amazing how many companies there are and how many opportunities for a kind of a match between a human that needs some help and a company that can help." - Craig Serra, Head of Clinical Research Scientific and Technical En...

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"I learned very early on that the stupidest cancer cell was cleverer than the cleverest oncologist." - Justin Stebbing, Editor-in-Chief of Oncogene, previously the UK's first NIHR Research Translational Professor of Oncology, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Welcome to the latest episode of Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast. Join host Chris O'Brien and guest, Professor Justin Stebbing, as...

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"Technologies have changed enormously in terms of how we can basically procure, preserve, and then interrogate a tumor specimen...like effectively in real time, like a living cancer specimen." - Dr. Keith Flaherty, Director of Clinical Research at Massachusetts General ...

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"Artificial Intelligence is a tool that really levels up and creates almost like an equity for everybody to participate and, when used effectively, to really accelerate medicine's development." - Dr. Ole Isacson, Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School.

Welcome to the February episode of Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast. Join host Chris O'Brien and Dr. Ole Isacson, Professor of Neurology and Neur...

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"The history of rare disease drug development indicates that once you start looking harder for cases, you often tend to find them." - Will Greene, Prader-Willi syndrome patient advocate and Healthcare Engagement Lead at Roche

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"Patients have already been exposed to these large language models (LLMs). Yes, they are aware of the risks, but they are also very aware of the benefits. And we need to engage the public in defining what those [AI] policies are." Isaac [Zak] Kohane, Professor and Chair, Department ...

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"And what I was really surprised about was that everybody was doing data collection in a different way. And

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"So we built the seatbelts before the car, so to speak, wherein we did a project to figure out ways to biocontain these organisms. And the strategy that we used actually drew from all of my past experience in computational protein design and combined it with these incredible new organisms." - Dan Mandell, CEO at GRO Biosciences

Welcome to Biorasi's Few & Far Between podcast! Join host Chris O'Brien and guest Dan Mandell, CEO at...

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"In research or in biotech, time is expensive. Time is the most expensive thing that you have." - Stephanie Wisner, Author, Co-Founder at Centivax

Biorasi is excited to welcome Stephanie Wisner to the Few & Far Between podcast. Stephanie is the author of "Building Backwards to Biotech: The Power of Entrepreneurship to Drive Cutting-Edge Science to Market." Join host Chris O'Brien as we explore the multitude of opportunitie...

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"What can I contribute that my doctor can't contribute? And that's a real 'a-ha' moment when we share with them how they're the experts in their condition and they know more about the everyday kind of what they go through than their doctor even would because they're not with them 24/7." - Pam Cusick, SVP, Rare Patient Voice

Biorasi's Marc Gas welcomes Pam Cusick, SVP at Rare Patient Voice, to the Few & Far Between podcast for a...

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"We have to rethink the sense of clinical research from the point of view that if we have the possibility to have markers that indicate that there may be hope for that patient, we should do something to hear the voice of that patient and learn." - Dr. Francisco Harrison, CEO and owner, Harrison CST Holding GmbH

Welcome back to part two of our conversation with Dr. Francisco Harrison. Join us in this Few & Far Between episo...

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"I love clinical research. I will spend my life in clinical research." Dr. Francisco Harrison, CEO and owner, Harrison CST Holding GmbH

Biorasi welcomes Dr. Francisco Harrison to the Few and Far Between podcast for a special two-part episode. In part one, we track Dr. Harrison's origin story - from medical school to his first forays into clinical research.

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March 21, 2023 46 mins

"We work with hundreds of patients a month, helping them understand their own medical history and then tracking what happens to them in the future and providing them and their physicians with decision support and alternative thinking about ways to treat their cancer." Mika Newton, CEO at xCures

Biorasi welcomes Mika Newton to the Few & Far Between podcast to examine how the connection between AI and oncology leads to a more pat...

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“I think one of the key insights and observations you make when you have a child who's sick and you spend time with other families who have sick kids is that we all have a tremendous amount of hope that a potential treatment will come to the forefront for our child.” – Dr. Alok Tayi, Founder and CEO of Vibe Bio


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"Humans have the right to study themselves." - Jamie Heywood, CEO at Alden Scientific

Welcome back to Part 2 of our special Few & Far Between podcast episode with guest, Jamie Heywood. Continuing our discussion on the role of engineering in clinical research - and making the world a better place for people - we'll explore the path to innovation, including data tracking strategies and securing project funding.

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"I think all disciplines go through a process, a journey of being imagined and then becoming a science and then becoming a discipline of engineering." - Jamie Heywood, CEO at Alden Scientific

Biorasi welcomes Jamie Heywood to the Few & Far Between podcast to discuss the critical role engineering plays in clinical research.

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"Try to find the people who have a really strong background in regulatory science, who really understand the fundamentals, and who you believe can think creatively about the challenges of the cell therapy space." - Chris Min, Longeveron

Biorasi welcomes Chris Min to the Few & Far Between podcast for an inside look at the cell therapy industry and the importance of finding the right team to support your clinical trials. 

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“We can’t take the orphan drug revolution for granted.“ Biorasi’s Few & Far Between Podcast welcomes Jim Geraghty, author and biotech industry veteran, to discuss the necessity and viability of orphan and rare disease research - for both patients and VC investors alike.


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Can data sharing make the world a better place? Listen in to the latest episode of Few & Far Between. Biorasi CEO, Chris O'Brien, welcomes Gadi Lachman, President and CEO of TriNetX, to discuss real-world solutions for accessing and refining patient data in the clinical trials industry.

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