Finding Freedom with Food

Finding Freedom with Food

Are you stuck in the weight loss/regain cycle of dieting, struggle with binge eating, emotional eating or are simply tired of having stress around food control your life? If you’re ready to create a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable relationship with food and improve your body image, you’re in the right place! Your host, Cindy Fox, RDH, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, & Certified Coach will be serving up weekly content to help you detox from diet culture, stop the restrictive dieting practices that lead to food obsession, binge eating and body shaming, and reclaim your ability to honor your body's innate cues for hunger, fullness, and satisfaction in a healthy and sustainable way. It’s time to stop putting your life on hold! You deserve to have a healthy, peaceful and pleasurable relationship with food and treat your body with care, kindness and respect. Tune in for each week for real-life tips, tools and strategies to help you recover from chronic dieting, binge and emotional eating, over-exercising, negative body image and SO much more! Hit subscribe and get ready to change your life. Learn more about Cindy’s programs & free resources at ***Please note these episodes are for educational and informational purposes only and are not meant to serve as individualized advice. You should always speak to a healthcare provider about your unique health needs.


February 2, 2024 42 mins

The most common recommendation to people with diabetes is to lose weight to lower their A1C. Countless patients walk out of their doctor’s office with a prescription for weight loss. However, research shows that the most efficient path to managing your diabetes and lowering your A1C is to stop pursuing weight loss and instead focus on habits, behaviors and the variables that impact your blood sugar. 

My special guest is Bonnie R. Gi...

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The holiday season is officially upon us. This is the season where we are encouraged to “eat, drink and be merry.” However, if you've struggled with dieting and body image, it’s natural for this time of year to feel extra challenging because FOOD IS EVERYWHERE. We’re also bombarded with chatter about how many calories are in our favorite holiday treats and how many miles we have to run to earn that holiday dinner. 

In this epis...

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Does the thought of Halloween candy conjure up scary feelings of being out control when candy is in the house? If you’re feeling stressed about keeping Halloween candy in your house for fear you will binge eat the candy and not be able to control yourself until the candy is out of the house, this episode is for you.  

Here’s what I want you to know. It’s completely possible to keep your favorite Halloween candy in the house without ...

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A common cause of disordered eating comes from the pressures of an aggressive dieting culture. However, sometimes disordered eating can be a coping tool that a person may use to try to fill the void left by overwhelmingly painful or frightening experiences. 

Today on the show, I have a special guest. Her name is Alexandra Becker. She is an LCSW who works primarily with young adults who have experienced trauma & struggle with anx...

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Do you find yourself thinking about food 24/7 and are you tired of feeling like food holds power over you? You’re not alone. The way that we approach food in our society is making us obsessed with it. It’s really easy to get caught up in diet culture practices, labeling food as “good” or “bad” and following restrictive food rules that leave us thinking about food all the dang time and feeling like food holds so much power in our li...

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In America alone, statistics show that 45 million people go on a diet each year. However, only 5% actually keep the weight off. If you’re a serial dieter, there’s a good chance you’ve lost and regained the weight (or more) several times in your life. This vicious cycle of losing and regaining weight is often a result of restrictive dieting and drastically reducing the amount of food you eat.

The desire to lose weight is not bad. But...

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How many times have you said a version of this sentence?

“I blew my diet. I’ll start over tomorrow…or on Monday…or after vacation.”

The infamous "starting over tomorrow" mantra is a common response when we are stuck in the diet cycle. In this episode I’m diving into the different causes that keep us stuck in the cycle of starting over…again and again and again. 

You will have an opportunity to uncover what food rules, though...

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Many critics of Intuitive Eating express concern that encouraging people to listen to their body encourages them to eat with reckless abandon and nutrition goes out the window. That couldn't be further from the truth. 

It’s actually quite the opposite. Intuitive Eating encourages you to eat a wide variety of foods and adopt health-promoting habits that are rooted in self-care, and in a way that's actually sustainable. Stud...

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There is a lot of incomplete information about what Intuitive Eating is.  

If you’ve been learning about Intuitive Eating from social media, it’s easy to get the idea that it’s simply “not dieting" and eating whatever the hell you want. Wrong! 

Intuitive Eating is SO much more than just "not dieting." 

In this episode, I debunk some of the most common misconceptions about Intuitive Eating. I am breaking these down for y...

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Summer can be a really challenging body image time of year. As the weather gets warmer, diet culture gets even louder and we’re bombarded with an onslaught of messaging about being “summer body ready”. 

As the weather gets warmer and clothes get lighter, wearing shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits can trigger anxiety and can cause those struggling with negative body image to avoid some summer activities and experiences that sh...

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In this episode, I delve deep into the detrimental effects of all-or-nothing thinking, specifically how it contributes to self-sabotage and binge eating behaviors. Listen as I explore the underlying drivers behind these patterns and offer practical strategies to break free from the cycle of destructive thinking and behaviors. Confronting and challenging all-or-nothing thinking is a key element to building long-term healthy eating p...

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Today’s topic is one that so many people struggle with and that is emotional eating. Eating is a common response to resisting negative emotions. Doing so is actually a coping skill. However, it’s an avoidant coping skill instead of an active one. Not a big deal when we do this occasionally. But when we are using food as our main coping strategy for managing negative emotions this can be harmful.  So, when food is being used in a wa...

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Today’s topic will hopefully spark some healthy self-reflection when it comes to your eating patterns and relationship with food and your body.  

Eating behaviors occur on a spectrum. At one end sits healthy eating behaviors and on the other are clinically diagnosable eating disorders. ⁠There are a lot of gray area eating behaviors in between that fall into what is now recognized as disordered eating (DE) behaviors. The term “disord...

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Today I’m talking about a topic that many chronic dieters struggle with - binge eating. It’s common to have feelings of a lack of control and heap on the guilt and shame after a binge eating episode. But if you’re thinking you need to “get back on track” and “be good again” after you’ve binged, this episode is for you! 

Instead of spending your precious energy shaming and blaming yourself for binge eating, what you really need to do...

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As a mom of a daughter who has two daughters of her own, I have spent a lot of time thinking about and researching ways to keep them from internalizing unrealistic body ideals and instill a healthy attitude toward their bodies, so they don’t fall into the negative body image trap that plagues so many women of all ages.

Negative body image is not something we’re born with, and it does not live in fats cells! In this episode, I am sha...

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As a society, we spend SO much time and energy investing in the quest to shrink our bodies and criticizing ourselves for what we perceive as body flaws. 

This obsession with shrinking our bodies has some real and detrimental consequences. The sad reality is that it keeps us playing small when we could be putting ourselves out there to create, connect, experience and contribute to the world.

You truly can have a healthy relations...

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One of the most common concerns people have when they’re at the place where they are ready to step away from dieting and learn how to apply the principles of Intuitive Eating is if they stop dieting, they will keep gaining weight. 

When you've been following diets and food plans for so long, the idea of getting to the place where you can fully trust that your body knows how to keep you nourished and thriving, without going over...

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Learning to understand and trust our body’s hunger and fullness cues is one of the most powerful tools you can harness to have a truly healthy and sustainable relationship with food. However, years of dieting, food rules, and seeking external sources to guide our eating can cause us to become incredibly out of touch with these internal cues.

In this episode, I dive deeper into how hunger and fullness truly works within the Intuitive...

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There is a lot of misinformation out there about Intuitive Eating, especially if you're getting much of your information from social media. There are a lot of well-meaning influencers that turn intuitive eating into simply a hunger/fullness diet. However, there is so much more to it than simply hunger and fullness. Others make it seem like it's an eating free-for-all which is also not how it works. 

Intuitive Eating is an ...

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For so many of us, dieting has been a regular part of life. This drive to obsess about shrinking our bodies has been totally normalized because we live in a dieting culture. However, the sad truth is, dieting is the quickest way to short circuit a healthy relationship with food. In fact, the system of dieting itself creates a set up for failure.

In this episode, I’m unpacking some of the science behind why dieting has been shown to ...

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