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March 1, 2021 15 min

We all want to lead a healthier lifestyle, but changing our routine is the hardest part to do!

This podcast talks about the 5 tips to live a healthier life!

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Mark as Played

This past week I posted a fantastic picture of a 3-year-old me and a current picture.

Click Here To See Instagram Post  What a stylish kid 🤣 

This podcast talks about the 5 tips I would tell the younger me!

1) Girl, Rock the hair game!
2) Listen to your heart and never let people misguide you.
3) Never let anyone shame your vibe.
4) You're a role model and people look up to you (literally).
5) You're going to fail (a lot)...

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What is your WHY?
What motivates you on a daily basis?
Why do you do the things you do?

Today is all about the WHY beneath the WHY!  Taking a good look at our life, what motivates us and where does that comes from.

It's an interesting one 🦹🏼

Love always,

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Mark as Played

Today's podcast goes deeper into my past, talking about my personal history, my visual impairment journey, the roadblocks, and all the shade people threw towards me.

The biggest lesson learned is how creating "my authentic self" was the best thing I could do for ME! 

Live life for yourself, not for what others think is best for you. 

It's an interesting one 🦹🏼

Love always,


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Mark as Played

Coping Strategies and Coping Skills -  Do you know to use them?

Take a listen to today's podcast on how to creating ways to de-escalate from stressful situations. 

2021 is all about building a useful toolbox with strategies and coping mechanisms to maintain stress and anxiety.

Ps - enjoy the clip when my dog is snoring like an old man (7:54) Dear Lord!

Here are a few things I will leave you with:

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Mark as Played

Hello everyone ~ Welcome back!

January is almost over, hows everything going with working on your 2021 goals?  I know we tend to be super excited about the start of the New Year but as time goes on we lose grip on our desire to follow our goals.

Today I spoke about my signature 4 step process. Life-changing is what my clients have told me. It's all about rewiring the mindset and the steps to take afterward to anchor them in.


Mark as Played

Welcome back and thank you for listening!

How's your 2021 going?  Usually, around the middle of the month we have 2 types of people:

  • The ones that are full steam ahead, changing habits and achieving their goals
  • The ones that are slipping back into old habits and not making progress on their goals
  • Which one are you?   

    As you may know, my 2021 words are "Lightning Storm" because when lightning strikes it can cause fire, fires...

    Mark as Played

    We are officially into the second week of January of 2021  - How are you holding up?

    Today's podcast is about evaluating your friend's list and your support system to how they either help or hurt you with achieving your future goals.

    It's true - Now it's time to take a good look!

    As I mentioned in my podcast, there are many ways I'm able to support you! Anything from group mentoring, personal mentoring, and my favo...

    Mark as Played

    WELCOME TO 2021 - We made it!

    Wow, what a year 2020 was and many of us are glad it's behind us... but is it really? 

    Today's podcast is under 10 minutes 😉 and I spoke about:

  • Goal setting and making smaller achievable goals
  • How you can change your mindset from 2020 to 2021
  • Turning your story into your power
  • You are more than welcome to join the HEALTH & HAPPINESS 31-Day Facebook Challenge. We would love to have you in ...

    Mark as Played

    Hello Everyone it's Jennie! I wanted to personally wish you a Happy & Safe Holiday Season as we are quickly approaching the well awaited 2021.

    This is the last episode for 2020 and I wanted to make it on a topic that is very real. I've worked in mental health for over 17 years and we would see many struggle around the holidays and into the New Year.  It's called Holiday Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).


    Mark as Played

    Taking back your personal power starts with creating a solid foundation. 

    This podcast talks about my signature 4 step process on taking back your power and creating a positive mindset.

    I learned that hard way that if you don't believe in yourself...who will?

    Learn more about the Personal Power Workshop below
    🌟 Restore Your Personal Power Workshop🌟

    As always, thanks for listening! I appreciate you all.

    Love always,

    Mark as Played

    Transformation Day is the biggest day of Tony Robbins UPW.  It's a day full of emotions, diving deep into past experiences, traumas, and dark spaces.  Follow along and relive my journey through my Day 3 experience with my Transformation.

    Review the 3 Principles of Mastery:
    1) Modeling
    2) Immersion
    3) Repetition

    Giving back is what always feels best. Therefore I will give away (3) FREE 30 minute sessions with me this month. 


    Mark as Played

    Hello again and thanks for listening!  Sorry, the sound quality is a little different this week.  I recorded on my iPhone in the garage as the construction continues in the house. So you will hear some pops and puffs - just being transparent.

    Today's podcast is talking about DAY 2 of UPW and once again it's around 14 minutes.  I feel like this was a passionate one or maybe I was just super cold sitting in the garage recordi...

    Mark as Played

    Hi everyone! You read that right - I attend a "virtual" UPW (Unleash The Power Within) with Tony Robbins and his team.  It was the best 4 days, 55+ hours, most intensive - life change event.

    Today's podcast is talking about DAY 1 of UPW  - I kept it around 14 minutes because I could talk all day about TR.  

    When editing I did find the podcast a little "ASMR" because of my raspy voice, so an added bonus for yo...

    Mark as Played
    November 23, 2020 11 min

    Mindfulness Monday Episode 28: Retraining your brain away from the negative thought processes.

    Sometimes we need to "reengineer" our brain to think a little differently.  Today I walk you through identifying negative thinking and how to change the behavior. 

    As winter is coming and Covid cases are increasing - let's get out our armor and protect your confidence! Don't let the world around you affect the true authenti...

    Mark as Played

    Mindfulness Monday Episode 28: TOP 10 Questions Answered

    You asked -  I answered 🦹🏼‍♀️ This was a fun podcast to do - minimal editing so there are some "umms" and "so" in there.

    Here were the questions asked

    1) What is on the top of my bucket list?

    2) Tell me more about your puppy?

    3) What do you do for fun?

    4) What is one of your most embarrassing stories?

    5) How did you get involved with classic cars?

    6) W...

    Mark as Played

    Mindfulness Monday Episode 27: ENERGY!

    There are so many ways one can maintain energy but do you know what works best for you?  It's all about exploring new things, failing, and trying something else.

    In today's podcast, I talk about:
    1) Sleep, Sleeping patterns, Sleeping habits
    2) Eating for Energy and Nutrition habits
    3) Movement and Exercise
    BONUS TIP #4.

    As always, seek medical advice from a professional about your health and...

    Mark as Played
    November 2, 2020 11 min

    Mindfulness Monday Episode 26:  Standing out of the crowd isn't so bad

    First, we start with the  INSTAGRAM Picture.  Hilarious - everyone is screaming and I'm blowing kisses in the wind.  It's all about standing out, being comfortable with who you are in every situation.

    Listen and enjoy the 3 ways to embrace who we are, how to be confident, sexy, and transparent, and lastly embracing your sassy badass self!

    Kickup your co...

    Mark as Played

    Mindfulness Monday Episode 25: Adversity Trifecta

    25th episode sponsored by KLEAN ATHLETE

  • Klean Athlete has been by my side for years on and off my bike. They continue to provide fantastic nutritional supplements, support, and training "CLEAN" is always something I'm behind!  
  • CLICK HERE to learn more (15% discount code: EKLN-7774 )

  • 3 things that changed my life:

  • My learning disability
  • My visual impairment
  • My body image issues
  • ...

    Mark as Played

    Mindfulness Monday Episode 24: The reasons why I started a coaching business.

    When you have people in your life that consistently tell you "no" or "you can't do that."  It's confusing, frustrating, and downright demeaning.  

    Growing up I had so many adults, teachers, doctors tell me that I cant do things because of my visual impairment or my learning disability. Well, the funny part is I CAN DO IT - I just do...

    Mark as Played


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