Hi everyone, I'm Jennie and this is my weekly podcast called “Mindset Reset.” I'm your Personal Growth Guru who loves help others to rewire negative mindset, rebuild confidence, and regain your personal power. Live, Laugh, and Learn while I take a therapeutic approach to life everyday topics. Let's Get Started!


July 26, 2021 13 min

It's Mindset Reset Time

**Trigger Warning**
I'm not going to lie, this one was a tough one.  When your mom calls you and says "I have something to tell you" and you know she didn't win the lottery.

In the beginning of July, my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  You totally think this is something that happens to other people or this must be a mistake. 

Well, mom had surgery to remove a mass on the distal por...

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It's Mindset Reset Time: Get to know Jennie!

What a FUN live I had this week with my coaching community!? They were able to ask (or send in questions) for me to answer.

Here is the list:
1) How do you spend your day off?
2) Best planned vacation.
3) What are your hobbies?
4) Are you introvert or extrovert?
5) What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
6)What would be the advice you would give your younger self?
7) What is a pet peeve of yo...

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It's Mindset Reset Time: Alignment & Clarity

Did you have one of those moments after you talk with your mentor that you want to share all the goodness with the world?  

I had such an amazing call with my mentor this week and I couldn't wait to tell you all. I'm proud to say that I have mentor(s) — these are special humans that continue to inspire me and challenge me. 

Do you have mentor? Or should I ask, Do you want a ...

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It's Mindset Reset Time: Health & Wellness Edition

Health and wellness is something I didn't take serious when I was younger. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that I started to really invest in my health.

Thank you to everyone for all the amazing tips I learned with caring for my 13-year-old Golden Doodle — Tessa (aka Floof).  It was a rough few days with this awful cough, but we all survived. ...

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 It's Mindset Reset Time: Limiting Beliefs Edition

In the middle of the night, I woke up and had this grandiose idea...
I'm going to run a 10-Day Challenge on how to rewire limiting beliefs!

Here is the crazy story about it.  😉  
Don't mind my raspy voice — it's all allergies from cycling!

🚨 10 Day Limiting Belief Challenge🚨

Did you know our limiting beliefs hold us back from success?

In this 10-Da...

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 It's Mindset Reset Time

This month is all about Mindset Reset in my private groups, and we are going deep.  Today's audio is just 1% of what we discuss in my groups.  In order to change, we need to challenge limiting beliefs to create more growth & abundance in your life.

Are you ready?
Let's Get Started!

~ Jennie

Ready to explore more coaching opportunities with Jennie?
🌀 Goddess Sisterhood

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Mindfulness Monday is now called: Mindset Reset

It's now time to LIVE✨LAUGH✨LEARN about how to change our mindset.  These were things that I was thinking about when I was on holiday in California. How can I make this podcast fun and informative. 

This month is all about Mindset Reset in my private groups - we are diving deep, talking about uncomfortable limiting beliefs, where they come from and how to start transiting negative ...

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It's time for a quick hit of motivation. The biggest thing I read in my DMs are “I’m not worthy” or "I wish I had confidence like you."

What?! Girl, who hurt you!  This is something we need to get to the bottom of ASAP.

These limiting beliefs hold you back from growth & abundance. Usually these beliefs were told to us by someone we trusted as a young child, and we take these words as gospel.


It's time ...

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Hello Everyone!

Today's podcast is a fun one!  I know for the past month we have been working on Limiting Beliefs, a lot and there is a reason for this. One of my favorite topics to talk about is limiting beliefs — WHY? Well its field of expertise!

We all have limiting beliefs — ones that we told to as babies, toddlers and even young adults.  It's our duty to challenge these beliefs and truly find values that give us purpose.


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Limiting beliefs are thoughts, opinions that one believes as absolute truth. These beliefs tend to have a negative impact on our life by preventing us from living in growth & abundance!

Here are a few ways to work through our emotional trauma (doing the shadow work) with limiting beliefs. I even talk about my own personal limiting beliefs and the steps I took towards growth and abundance.

I talk about the workbook during the pod...

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Limiting beliefs are a HUGE reason that prevent us from growth! We take other thoughts and values as "truth" without challenging the idea? 

I know, I'm always asking "WHY."  It's because I want others to realize there are so many amazing opportunities available to us and that we should not be stunted by our own beliefs!

Enjoy this light-hearted podcast about the 3 ways our beliefs has held us back!

Love always,

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Today lesson talks about Limiting beliefs and where they come from! When I learned this - what a powerful lesson to see how our community tries to mold us into what "they" want us to be.  How about living a live "we" want to live.

The audio is kinda soft, I had a scratchy throat.

Contact me on my socials ~~~>  INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK

Love you all ❤️

Because You Deserve It

Love always...

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Today's podcast is all about rating your mental state of mind. Rating our mental state each day is a great way to see where we are and where we need improvement.

This was a masterclass that I taught on Rate Your State and Current verses Future You - so there are lots of umm, ahh and laughter! Enjoy 😉

If you would like a copy of the Rate Your State PDF please email me:

Or contact me on my soc...

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Thank you so much for all the beautiful souls out there who continue to inspire me to be better everyday.

Please enjoy a sweet little gift from me:
Founders Pricing on both my membership 😮 just for this amazing occasion!
Click here for info ~~~>

Can't wait to see you in the group ❤️

Being mindful is the state of being aware of what you are exper...

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Laughter is the key to success 😉 well that's what everyone always told me.  I learned that laughing makes life a little better, it brightens the mood and makes people want to be around you.

Enjoy this raw and light-hearted audio that I record when I was a guest speaker for another group on "Laughing your way to health & happiness."

Looking to boost your personal development? Checkout one of the below resources...

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Motivation comes from many sources but how to embrace the actions is our key to success!

Today's podcast talks about 5 simple steps to help with boosting our motivation. Listen along for an in-depth description of each!

🔹Stay curious to maintain your level of attention
🔹It's totally fine to be different
🔹Today is a great day to take action
🔹Do what you love 
🔹Failure is a necessity for a su...

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Creating a routine helps one maintain stability and achieve goals faster.  Yes, some people LOVE following a routine while others like to have a more free-flowing day.  

Depending on your comfort levels - anyone can benefit from these 10 tips. Listen along for an in-depth description of each!

🔹Create a morning routine
🔹Utilize a time block
🔹Eat for wellness
🔹Spend time with friends and family

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Confidence starts with taking action, right?

To be honest, we need to love, support, and value ourselves first   This happens when we start building self-confidence, embracing our own wants and needs, and living a life with purpose.

 🔹 Confidence comes within

  🔹 Confidence develops with practice

  🔹 Confidence happens when we take action


Ready to meet your Confident Badass?  Enjoy...

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A few days ago I received my first COVID injection, wow it was an adventure.  Not because of the injection because I had 5 people ask me "WOW, Did you know you're tall?"

UGH, one of the questions that make my eye roll, but always having a positive spin with it makes these days fun!

Enjoy this light-hearted podcast!


Love always,

Kick it up a level with a certified mentor who lived...

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STRESS - it's all around us! From professional, personal, and everything in between.

Building our "Toolbox" is something we all need to work on.  Having the skills to handle stressful situations is super important.

Today we review 4 (bonus 1) so 5 strategies to help with Stress Management!

Kick it up a level with a certified mentor who lived the journey and teaches the lessons!

Enjoy VIP Mentorships, Group Mastermind, and P...

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