Fitness facts and coffee chats

Fitness facts and coffee chats

Simplifying fitness, so you can discern fact from fad. We combine our knowledge and experience to help guide you towards a fitness lifestyle that is more achievable, effective, and enjoyable.


April 7, 2023 50 mins

On today's episode we explore the benefits and pitfalls of using technology to increase your fitness. 

Here's an overview of what we'll be covering. 

  • Introduction
  • Fitness Tracking
    • Overview of fitness tracking technology
    • Examples of popular fitness tracking apps and devices
    • Benefits of using fitness tracking technology
    • How to use fitness tracking technology to set and achieve fitness goals
  • Workout Apps<...
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Ever wondered how those crazy, running folks train and complete 100 mile foot races? Well wonder no more because our very own Adam Knutson recently completed his first 100mile race! 

In today's episode we break down how Adam:
-Prepared for his race mentally, physically, and nutritionally. 
-Executed his race mentally, physically, and nutritionally
-Recovered from his race mentally, physically, and nutritio...

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You've got the bug to tone up and slim down. Not really sure where to start, but that's okay because you know hustlers gotta hustle and you're in it to win it this time.

Couple weeks go by, nothing is changing. No worries, just another week and those muscles will start popping. Two more weeks go by, nothing. Alright, we gave it a shot. Maybe the diet you chose wasn't the right one or the exercises were...

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August 12, 2022 85 mins


This is our longest pod yet, but it's stuffed full of great information that we gathered from other great folks. 

Here's some helpful links should you want to take some deep dives (which we highly recommend):

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July 2, 2022 57 mins

Here's what a lot of people think regarding fitness and results, "To get the best results you have to be super intense, all the time!"

That is daunting and exhausting. People start to think, "No wonder I can’t (lose weight, get stronger, faster, etc.), I don’t have that intensity, therefore I cannot be fit. Why bother starting at all? I can’t commit to 7 days a week 2-3 hour workout sessions everyday." 

Adam ...

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May 26, 2022 58 mins

Our desire is to help you become the best version of yourself possible both mentally and physically. 

This is exactly why Adam and Trevor decided to tackle the question, "Why Bother Working Out?" It's easy to look at your relatives and deduce that they lived to be 70, 80, or 90 something years old and they got around just fine. Shoot, some of them may have even told you a glass of whiskey and a cigar a day k...

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Episode outline

  • 3 Ways to Lose Weight
    • Diet Only
    • Exercise Only
    • Diet + Exercise
  • What's the Best Diet?
  • Practical Tips to Create a Simple Nutrition Plan
    • Track/Measure
    • Observe
    • Adjust
  • General Recommendations
  • Specifics About Eating for Weight Loss
    • Calories
    • Protein
    • The Feels
    • Sugar
    • Veggies
  • A Shoutout and Some Tips for The Hardgainers
  • Final Recommendations

Some of the sources for the research on this episode:

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    How do you stay motivated when it comes to getting fit, losing weight, and completing goals?

    Step one is to recognize some key sources where negative thoughts begin:

    • Social media, family/friends, work, your own inner voice, etc.

    Step two is understanding these guiding principles:

    • Fitness motivation is a myth
    • What we fill our minds with shapes how we think of ourselves and are ability to achieve our goals
    • Guard your mind! Cre...
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    Today Adam interviews his good friend Brandon Kasper who gives us the run down (pun intended) on his journey from his first marathon to recently qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

    Brandon's journey started out with a simple goal, qualify for the Boston Marathon. Through a series of failures, trial and error, learning from his mistakes, making adaptions, and trying again he successfully met his goal. 

    Here ar...

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    Creatine, you've heard of it before, but you're not sure if it's right for you. 

    Adam and I scratch the surface of the wide world of supplements and go into the pro's and con's of five of the most popular and sought after supplements. Those five are creatine, whey, caffeine, amino acids, and pre-workout. 

    We discuss which have been researched the best, which ones are most effective, how mu...

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    August 25, 2021 64 mins

    How do you prevent young athletes from getting injured and burnt out? How do you create a superior student athlete? 

    Our guest today is Coach Mark Bearden, who has an EXTENSIVE resume when it comes to developing athletes. Coach Bearden has trained professional athletes and Olympians. He is currently the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Metro Christian Academy and he has a TON of knowledge to drop on you about young...

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    So you just smashed your latest workout and it-was-epic. 

    Now you're so sore you think your limbs might pop off....or you'll get stuck on the sofa for at least a week. 

    Neither of those are good situations. We lay out some practical tips to help you recover from all sorts of workouts. Whether you're a runner, a lifter, or something in between these principles hold true for everyone working on their ...

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    June 17, 2021 60 mins

    This is the year that you tone up and slim down. You've done some research, but it seems like there's so many different opinions that it's hard to pin down which one is right for you. 

    In today's episode Adam and Trevor break down a simple process to weight loss. They also provide a ton of helpful tips acquired over the years through trial and error, so you don't make the same mistakes.


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    April 29, 2021 48 mins

    How many times have you had a fitness question that you wanted an answer to, but didn't want to have to rummage around every corner of the internet to find an answer. 

    Well, you're not the only one asking those questions! We asked you guys what questions you had and compiled a list of some of the popular questions Adam and I have been asked recently and over the years. 

    We cover everything from supplemen...

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    March 25, 2021 44 mins

    There are some common questions that those of us in the health and fitness industry get asked all the time. This episode is dedicated to answering some of those questions, but you're going to get a lot of additional, practical tips along the way too. 

    Here are the topics we cover in today's episode:
    -Swapping better food choices over sugar
    -An RD's take on the vegan lifestyle

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    March 3, 2021 53 mins

    Ever thought about training for a triathlon? 

    Be sure to check out this episode before you do! We interview our friend, and fellow trainer, Eric Gross regarding his preparations for the upcoming Iron Man Triathlon in Tulsa, OK. 

    Some of the topics we cover include:
    Nutrition during training and race day
    Workouts leading up to the race
    Mental preparation
    Training tips
    and more!

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    Does your mental health affect the success of your health and fitness goals?


    Owner of Catalyst Behavior Health, Jenifer Nold, joins us today and gives us copious amounts of information on how the brain works and how to train your brain!

    Apply the practical tips Jenifer offers at the end of this podcast so you can create a mind full of balance and eustress, not tumult and tension.

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    January 17, 2021 40 mins

    Tune in for a chance to hear Adam put Trevor in the hot seat regarding CrossFit, what it's all about, who is it for, and can it help you achieve your fitness goals. 

    Rough timeline:
    1:02- What got you started in fitness?
    5:09- Why was CrossFit appealing to you?
    13:12- Myths about CrossFit
    19:58- The versatility of CrossFit
    23:53- What's something people may not know about CrossFit
    28:12- T...

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    July 31, 2020 34 mins

    Episode 4, Adam and Trevor seek council from Dietitian extraordinaire Jenni Klufa. 

    Together we tackle the age old question, will working out with weights make me bulky? For those looking to go the other direction, we get the inside scoop for how to get bulky as well. 

    If you're tired of sifting through the myriads of information (and misinformation) regarding weight training and muscle mass, look no further....

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    June 30, 2020 24 mins

    I, Trevor, have the pleasure of interviewing Adam about his upcoming 100k foot race. That's right, knuckle dragger dipping his feet in the ultra race world!

    I pick his brain about how he is preparing for his upcoming race, what shoes he will wear, how to cope with blisters, what he's going to eat, and more! 

    If you're into running or have ever thought about doing a long race (however you define long...

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