Fool Me Twice

Fool Me Twice

Season 1 Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Jules Hannaford was successful and happy in her life and her job, but was still lonely. She turned to online dating as a last resort, after being single for more than a decade. It seemed she was consistently meeting men who were not good enough. One after another, they seemed only to want to swindle her out of her money, and she was getting frustrated. Finally, she met a man who had his life together. Truman was a successful project manager at a construction firm, and seemed as excited as Jules was about the possibility of building a life with someone special. Jules travelled across the world to meet him, and the fairy tale immediately began to unravel. All was not as it seemed. This podcast is an exploration of the world of sweetheart scams, catfishing, and the ugly side of online dating. Launching October 25th, 2019. Season 2 'Fool Me Twice: All About Diamonds' ‘Fool Me Twice’ is a true crime podcast about diamonds. Jules and Zara were approached by a woman in Hong Kong who owns a diamond business, and had an incredibly compelling story to tell, full of twists and turns. Hearing her story, Zara became interested in diamonds themselves, and started doing some digging. This podcast follows the story of that scam, and attempts to unravel some of the shadier aspects of the diamond industry as a whole. We interview people related to the scam, a diamond miner, scam experts and individuals with their own personal diamond stories. This 8-episode true crime podcast will have you on the edge of your seat. By Zara Hannaford and Jules Hannaford. Featuring Sally Ryder from Ryder Diamonds. Thanks to all of our voice actors, experts and storytellers. We appreciate your contributions to our podcast. Thanks to Shayde Furlong for his brilliant sound design and Auscast Network for all their support.


August 26, 2021 56 mins

Final Episode: Sally tries to get all of the other diamond brokers who are linked to the scam to join her in a round table discussion in a bid to share the financial burden that she is shouldering. Sally is worried about Tiffany as she did not turn up to the course finale and she is not responding to her texts. Has Tiffany been arrested?

Trigger Warning: This podcast discusses suicide listener discretion is advised.

'Fool Me Twic...

Mark as Played

Sally is building a relationship with Tiffany as she continues to slowly pay her back. Tiffany does not meet the Christmas deadline for her payment and Sally is disappointed and worries the money may stop coming in. Sally wants to help Tiffany and offers to have her join her at the end of a personal development course that she has been doing. She wants Tiffany to improve her life and to be happy. Tiffany agrees to join Sally at the...

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August 12, 2021 43 mins

Sally tells Tiffany that she knows all about her criminal history. Tiffany continues to pay back small amounts of money but Sally is worried that her small business will not survive this catastrophic financial loss. Sally traces the convoluted track that the diamond took to get to her and starts to do her own investigation into the diamond brokers who were involved in the whole process. Are they in on this scam?

'Fool Me Twice: Al...

Mark as Played
August 5, 2021 33 mins

Sally discovers that there is another diamond store owner who has been scammed by Tiffany. They compare notes and realise that they have both been duped the same way with the same diamond. They need to work out who owns the diamond that the GIA has in its possession. Sally’s lawyer gives her some advice which she later regrets following.

Trigger Warning: This podcast discusses suicide listener discretion is advised.

'Fool M...

Mark as Played
July 29, 2021 40 mins

The Private Investigator uncovers Tiffany's criminal history and Sally begins to realise that she is a victim of an elaborate scam. Her lawyer suggests that Sally befriend Tiffany and try to get her to keep making small payments for the diamonds. Sally finds out what Tiffany did with the diamonds and tries to find them. She contacts the GIA and eventually learns that they have one of her diamonds. Sally thinks this is amazing news&...

Mark as Played
July 22, 2021 44 mins

Tiffany begins to pay back the money bit by bit but things don’t feel right. Sally reports the incident to the police but they don’t seem interested. She decides to hire a Private Investigator to help her to track down Tiffany and find out more about who she really is. We learn about Sally’s background in the diamond industry.

'Fool Me Twice: All About Diamonds'

‘Fool Me Twice’ is a true crime podcas...

Mark as Played
July 15, 2021 41 mins

We delve deeper into the machinations of the diamond sale and how the transaction seemed above board but then things began to go horribly wrong. Sally returns from her trip, thinking that there was some kind of mistake with the bank and that the issue with the payment should be able to be easily sorted out. Sally begins to communicate with Tiffany to try to solve the problem.

'Fool Me Twice: All About Diamonds'

‘Fool Me Twi...

Mark as Played
July 8, 2021 26 mins

A nondescript woman, Tiffany, visits a locally owned diamond business, Ryder Diamonds, seeking a very specific diamond. The owner Sally Ryder, is away on an overseas trip during the transaction and her sales assistant’s broker the deal. Everything goes smoothly and Tiffany buys two 5 carat diamonds. However, not long after this big sale, Sally’s sales girls’ alert her that there is a problem with the payment for t...

Mark as Played

‘Fool Me Twice’ is a podcast about diamonds. Jules and Zara were approached by a woman in Hong Kong who owns a diamond business, and had an incredibly compelling story to tell, full of twists and turns. Hearing her story, Zara became interested in diamonds themselves, and started doing some digging. This podcast follows the story of that scam, and attempts to unravel some of the shadier aspects of the diamond industry as a whole. W...

Mark as Played
April 30, 2020 2 mins

Our true crime podcast ‘Fool Me Twice’ has been nominated for an award for Best Writing in the 24th Annual Webby Awards. This is huge honour and we are very excited.

There is a People's Voice component, where we would love it if you could please take the time to VOTE for our podcast ‘Fool Me Twice’! It would be really incredible to win.

Please click on the link below to vote? You need to sign i...

Mark as Played
February 27, 2020 55 mins

Jenna Shellman from 'Leading With Your Gut' podcast interviews Jules about her romance scam journey and the making of 'Fool Me Twice' podcast. Get some inside information about Truman and the scam, that has not been shared in either her memoir or the podcast...until now.

Listen to 'Leading With Your Gut':

Follow Jenna Renee Shellman & Leading With Your Gut on all social media platforms: IG: https...

Mark as Played

On September 2nd, 2010, 24 year-old Michelle O’Connell broke up with her boyfriend, St. Johns County Sheriff's Deputy, Jeremy Banks. Minutes later, she was dead.

The St. Johns Sheriff’'s Office quickly ruled the case a suicide, without examining crucial forensic evidence or interviewing any key witnesses. Other official investigations failed to gain traction.

Her boyfriend, Deputy Jeremy Banks was never charged and is...

Mark as Played
December 19, 2019 58 mins

FINAL EPISODE: We dive a little deeper into the mechanisms of scamming, and hear from a woman whose online dating situation was downright scary. What are some ways we can protect ourselves from the possibility of being scammed? All the experts keep saying that it can happen to anyone. A huge coup as Jules manages to contact a real-life scammer from Ghana, and interviews him to find out about his motives and tactics.

Fool Me Twice ...

Mark as Played
December 12, 2019 44 mins

Back in Hong Kong, she is out, and safe. However, now comes time for reflection, and with that, the gift (or curse) of hindsight. Jules wonders how she could have missed all the signs! There were so many red flags and it’s up to her to figure out how to learn from these mistakes, heal and move forward. We hear from experts in the field to help us piece together the events and the best ways to grow from them.

Fool Me Twice - ...

Mark as Played
December 5, 2019 38 mins

With a cold, hard dose of reality, Jules has finally realised that she is in danger. She knows that she needs to get out, fast, from this situation that’s dodgy in more ways than one. She needs to get the car back from Truman. He has taken it, but where? Finally, he returns to the hotel and since he now knows any opportunity to further scam her is impossible, he severs connection from her, and he does it violently.

Fool Me T...

Mark as Played
November 28, 2019 36 mins

Truman continues to attempt to extricate money from Jules. He takes her to Liverpool, and tells her about an apartment he is buying, and suggests they could get a mortgage together.

The attempts to squeeze money out of her get more and more desperate, and Truman disappears with the rental car that is under Jules’s name. Finally, she begins to see through the fog… has she been falling for a scam all along?

Fool Me Twi...

Mark as Played
November 21, 2019 36 mins

On the third day of her trip, Jules agrees to help Truman by loaning him some cash so he can retrieve his jewellery from a pawn shop. Once he has the cash, he gets excited and takes his friends out on the town. Truman starts to let his guard down, and the cracks begin to show. Is Truman even his real name? Did he lie about his age?

Jules begins to grapple with the reality she is now beginning to bear witness to, and starts to wond...

Mark as Played
November 14, 2019 33 mins

Jules boards a flight to Manchester, UK. She meets the man who has crafted a complex identity to hook her into a romantic fantasy, and he immediately pulls her into the first phases of his plans to swindle her out of her money. She is blinded by optimism, and misses the red flags of his blatant manipulation and coercion. A rental car, a pawn shop, and a grand plan for their future together.

Fool Me Twice - A True Crime podcast is ...

Mark as Played
November 7, 2019 42 mins

The future she is imagining is looking bright. They share the same dreams, values and hopes for their lives together, and Truman is saying all the right things. It’s helpful that she bares her soul in a “getting to know you” questionnaire, which has handed him ammunition to be able to tug on her heartstrings in just the right way. But, is she just another Little Red Riding Hood being led astray by a cunning wolf?


Mark as Played
October 31, 2019 37 mins

Fake online profiles are easy to set up, but perhaps are less easy to spot. After a string of disappointing dating disasters, Jules is becoming entangled in the web of lies that Truman is spinning. She is starry eyed and excited, and so far unable to see the red flags that have begun to show themselves.

Fool Me Twice - A True Crime podcast is based on a memoir of the same name by Jules Hannaford. It is written and directed by Zara...

Mark as Played

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