For the Love of Goats

For the Love of Goats

We are talking about everything goats! Whether you're an owner, a breeder, or just a fan of these wonderful creatures, we've got you covered. Join host and author Deborah Niemann as she interviews experts and goat lovers so we can all learn more about how to improve the health and production of our goats, improve our relationships, and possibly even start a goat business.


March 22, 2023 28 min

As a Nigerian dwarf breeder myself, I am acutely aware of how many people think that "pygmy" is a size, not a breed of goat. In this episode, we are talking to four National Champion Pygmy breeders about what exactly makes a Pygmy goat.

Pygmy breeders Karole and Gary Miller of Fox Haven Pygmy Goats, Andrea Pursley of High Caliber Pygmy Goats and Diane Keith of Fair View and Shasta View, talk about the breed stand...

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At one time or another, every goat owner will probably be faced with external parasites on their goats, which usually means lice or mites.

Dr. Michael Pesato, Assistant Clinical Professor of Food Animal Medicine and Surgery at Mississippi State University, joins us to talk about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of mites and lice in goats.

While lice in goats are very common, and can be seen with the naked ey...

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March 1, 2023 18 min

If you think a Nigerian dwarf goat is too small and standard sized dairy goats are too big, then mini dairy goats will meet your needs perfectly.

Miniature dairy goats are a hybrid that starts with a Nigerian dwarf buck and a standard size dairy goat, such as a Nubian, LaMancha, Saanen, or any of the standard dairy goat breeds.

In today's episode, Dee Daniels, president of the Miniature Dairy Goat Associati...

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February 22, 2023 36 min

If you don't have a veterinarian in your area who sees goats, you can take them to a veterinary teaching hospital. Many people don't realize they are open to the public and even have emergency services 24/7.

In this episode, goat breeder Tammy Gallagher and I talk about our experiences utilizing veterinary teaching hospitals at Texas A&M and University of Illinois. Even though we both went there initially be...

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February 15, 2023 26 min

If you had a doe with mastitis, a kid with stiff joints, and another kid with pneumonia, would you ever assume that all three were infected with the same disease? If mycoplasma is in your herd, it could cause all of these seemingly unrelated illnesses.

In this episode, Dr. Claire Burbick of the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory talks about this fascinating disease that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, is...

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February 8, 2023 17 min

If you have a worm problem with your goats, and rotational grazing is not an option, we now have a new tool that can be helpful in breaking the life cycle of the worms. Bioworma came on the market in the U.S. in 2018 and is available through Premier 1 Supplies.

BioWorma is not just another chemical dewormer, which worms can become resistant to. It’s Duddingtonia flagrans, a natural fungus that eats the worm larvae in manur...

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January 18, 2023 41 min

We have a lot of episodes on various diseases that can be prevented by vaccines, but rather than tell you to listen to all of those episodes to figure out which vaccines your goats might need, we decided to have an episode devoted to all the vaccines your goats need — as well as vaccines they probably don't need.

Dr. Kevin Pelzer, Professor of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary ...

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One of the most common questions I get during kidding season is, "why was this kid born dead?" Unfortunately, I can't answer that question because there are dozens of possibilities, starting with a long list of possible infections that can cause abortions, stillbirths, and neonatal death.

As I was planning this episode with Dr. Jamie Stewart, Assistant Professor in Production Management Medicine at the Virgi...

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December 14, 2022 21 min

If you've listened to previous podcast episodes on parasites, you have heard us talk about the 5-point check, but what exactly is it? How can you use it to determine when you need to use a dewormer?

Quite simply, the 5 things to check are:

  2. Body condition
  3. Poop
  4. Coat condition
  5. Bottle jaw

In this episode, I'm talking about how you can use this information, which you can get for free, to keep an eye on the ...

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November 30, 2022 33 min

If you've been thinking about a meat breed and are looking for one that does well on pasture and forage, is parasite resistant, and hardy in general, the Kiko might be the breed for you.

In today's episode we are talking to Karen Kopf of Kopf Canyon Ranch in Idaho about their experience raising dairy goats and then switching to meat goats and specifically Kiko goats. One of the reasons I wanted to interview Kare...

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November 23, 2022 20 min

Although rabies in goats is not common, it is possible. In today's episode we are talking to Dr. Kevin Pelzer, a Professor of Large Animal Clinical Science, Production Management Medicine at the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech.

We are talking about how goats can get rabies, as well as the symptoms, diagnosis, and vaccination options. Rabies in goats looks considerably different than the...

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November 16, 2022 37 min

When some people hear a goat cough, pneumonia is often the first thing that comes to mind, but it is really not common in goats. A cough is also not a good indication of whether a goat has pneumonia or when it has recovered from pneumonia.

In today's episode we are talking to Dr. Michael Pesato, Assistant Clinical Professor of Food Animal Medicine and Surgery at Mississippi State University. He is board certified wit...

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October 19, 2022 31 min

If you have goats, or if you are considering getting goats, you should be aware of Johnne's disease. It is an infectious disease that is highly contagious, and there is no cure.

Today's guest is Dr. Michael Pesato, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Food Animal Medicine and Surgery at Mississippi State University. He is a board certified practitioner with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners specializin...

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Do you struggle with marketing your goat-based business? Or do you think you've got it covered because you have a website and a Facebook page? Or maybe you send out an email every month or two just to let people know what you're selling at the moment or what's on sale.

In today's episode, we are talking with Liz Wilcox, the Fresh Princess of Email Marketing, about how you can use email to build a relati...

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September 21, 2022 27 min

In today's episode, we are talking with the oldest Saanen breeder in the US about these gentle giant of the dairy goat world. If you've ever looked at the American Dairy Goat Association's Top Ten list for milk production, you've seen his goats.

Scott Hoyman of Caprikorn Farms has been raising Saanens for more than four decades along with his wife Alice. He talks about why they originally chose Saanen g...

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September 14, 2022 43 min

Whole herd biosecurity screening is a valuable tool that we can use to feel confident that we have a healthy herd. Washington State University has a biosecurity screening test that uses one tube of blood from a goat to run tests for caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE), caseous lymphadenitis (CL), and Johnes.

In this episode, we are talking to Dr. Claire Burbick, Associate Professor at Washington State University and a fac...

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September 7, 2022 38 min

Caseous lymphadenitis, usually called CL, in goats is an incurable and highly contagious disease. I recently helped one of our Goats 365 members think through her options when several of her goats tested positive, and I discovered that eradication of this disease from a herd is not nearly as simple as the textbooks make it sound — emotionally or medically.

In this episode, Dr. Michael Pesato, an Assistant Clinical Professo...

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August 31, 2022 36 min

Most people think that avoiding urinary calculi in male goats is as easy as balancing the calcium and phosphorus ratio, but that's only the beginning.

We are talking to Dr. Robert VanSaun, professor of veterinary science and extension veterinarian at Penn State University, about all of the different types of urinary stones, what causes them, how to prevent them, and how to treat them.

Balancing calcium and ...

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It's not unusual for people to love their goats so much that they want more! But we all have our financial limits. So the next question is, how can your goats make money for you?

In this episode I'm talking about a variety of goat businesses, starting with those that don't have a huge financial start-up investment and moving on to those that cost six figures to get started in most states.

I also men...

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August 17, 2022 20 min

If you want a standard size dairy goat that gives a gallon or more of milk daily, then the Alpine might be for you.

In this episode, we are talking to Emily Thompson of Kara Kahl Alpines in Southeast Minnesota who has been raising goats her whole life with her sister and her parents, who started raising alpines in the 1970’s.

Emily talks about the general attributes of Alpines, as well as why she's continued ...

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