Foretold Fixion

Foretold Fixion

We hear epic tales of realms filled with dragons, giants, wizards, dwarves, and gods. But have you ever wondered what it might be like to... just hang out with them? What if someone were to set up a few microphones and talk to these mythical beings and magical creatures? Let's find out.


January 2, 2023 9 mins

What's up everybody! My name is Dillon and just to let you know exactly what's going on here, I've recently been made aware of some very interesting... characters, we'll say. And being an audio engineer, I thought, "well, anyone worth talking to is worth talking to on a microphone, right?" So, that's what I did! I set up the studio, called up my friend Jason, and we hit record. This is my first conversation with a couple of people...

Mark as Played

Alright, we have our official host lineup, so we started trying to track down more of these beings out there. As it turns out, Jeff has made A LOT of connections throughout his career so he has plenty of high profile and shady characters to turn to for information and hook-ups! Got to love that, right?

The first guy we managed to get ahold of was a long haul from Ohio to get to BUT... its becomes pretty obvious why that's the case.

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January 2, 2023 23 mins

After meeting Reginald and Osiris, Jason and I wondered if there might be more of these wild, otherworldly people out there. Because if there are, we absolutely NEED to go talk to them! I did a bit of research and made a few calls but it turns out... not many people out there have direct experience with mythical beings. Who'd have thought?

But I did get some interesting information from an old friend of mine. So I thought I'd bring ...

Mark as Played
January 9, 2023 20 mins

Texas was cool! And Big Clyde, such a good guy!

After we packed up to head back to Ohio, Jeff received an email from a friend of his who works in publishing. Turns out there is a voice actor living in New York who we would DEFINITELY be interested in talking to.

Mark as Played
January 11, 2023 1 min

Welcome to Foretold Fixion!

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January 16, 2023 21 mins

After all of the excitement of New York was over, we headed back to Ohio but we didn't manage to stay very long. Jeff told us he found another great guest but that he needed to keep the details between us and arrange some transportation...

And we thought driving across the country was a long trip.

Mark as Played
January 23, 2023 40 mins

I think we can all agree, after the last episode... this project now seems a little dangerous. BUT we're keeping this thing going!

Jeff received a call from Big Clyde and he mentioned that he has a surprise for us. Plus, who would pass up a chance to hang out with Clyde? So we managed to arrange a ride down to Sulphur Springs with a guest who we didn't expect Jeff's connections to recommend...

Mark as Played
January 30, 2023 40 mins

It's always such a good feeling to finally stretch the legs and thank the gods that you made it in one piece after a long road trip.

We made it down to Clyde's place to check out this surprise he has in store and we mean it when we say we were not ready. In any way...

Mark as Played
February 6, 2023 34 mins

Soon after getting back to Ohio, Jeff met up with one of his many connections for a casual drink. As it turns out, Jeff's old friend wasn't just in town to catch up.

And with that, we found ourselves going back across the Atlantic to Amsterdam! Someone there is very eager to talk to us... And they want us to stick around for a little while.

While you're here, be sure to stop by and check out our good friends in the KYX Files podcast!...

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February 13, 2023 39 mins

It's pretty safe to say that none of us are quite the same after our experience of magically-induced, psychedelic madness with Arlo. After we paid the coffee house check, we made our way to Chechnya, Russia, where we were escorted to one hell of a compound. We were introduced to our next guest and the strongest vodka any of us have ever tasted...

Mark as Played
February 20, 2023 30 mins

Update coming soon.

Mark as Played
February 27, 2023 35 mins


... Also, we met a Bigfoot.

Mark as Played
March 6, 2023 33 mins

Well, it was one HELL of a week for us ladies and gentlemen. But, thanks to Arlo, Fergus and today's guest, we're still here to bring you the TRUTH here on Foretold Fixion!

Things are going to be a little different from here on out. We'll explain in the episode.

We want to take this moment to bow our heads in honor of our friend, Igor. He stood his ground and fought for his beliefs, and us, like a true warrior. He was taken from us ...

Mark as Played
March 13, 2023 39 mins

What's up everybody! We wanted to sit down, introduce ourselves and give you a little insight into the madness behind Foretold Fixion! We appreciate you checking us out and hope you'll stick around with us for a good, long time!

Find the video version of this episode at

Also, we need an animator! If you or anyone you know is interested in animation and into the show, reach out ...

Mark as Played
March 20, 2023 29 mins

LADIES! AND! GENTLEMEN! We have SO much to unpack on today's episode! We're putting together La Résistance with Arlo and meeting more of our fable family, like our guest this week!

And we get a VERY special surprise from Arlo and Fergus!

Well... a couple surprises....

Mark as Played
March 27, 2023 32 mins

Train, party, plan, repeat... It's been an intense few weeks while Arlo continues to build up the La Resistance forces. We have a lot of great guests lined up and missions to go on, starting with today's surprise guest!

And from what Arlo tells us, he's someone we're already very familiar with...

Mark as Played
April 3, 2023 31 mins
During our training, some kind of nasty virus rolled through the compound and had us all VERY messed up. Luckily, Arlo had a connection to a badass doctor to come help us out...
Mark as Played
April 10, 2023 32 mins
IT'S MISSION TIME! We're heading out on our first mission to hopefully pick up a new recruit to La Resistance! Arlo didn't give us many details but Bambam is air dropping us into the desert somewhere to meet someone very... VERY special.
Mark as Played
April 17, 2023 25 mins

The new recruits to La Resistance just keep getting more and more odd... but awesome! Now that we've added Rickman to the group, we have all kinds of awesome new tech and weapons to play with! But in this episode, we get to go back in history to the times of swashbuckling on the high seas with the Admiral of the Resistance fleet! And Arlo promises that this guest is special, not just because of his role, but he has a connection to ...

Mark as Played
April 24, 2023 131 mins

A little while after Barbas took off on his latest adventure, we sat around the fire on what seemed like an oddly eerie night to talk the our next guest.Be sure to check out his latest music below...Mr. Bones on Youtube: thanks to the guys at the KY X Files Podcast for their help on the past couple episodes!

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