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March 21, 2023 β€’ 35 mins

Polygon has consistently been in the headlines of crypto, blockchain, and future web. So we decided to chop it up and have some conversation about Polygon.

Fort Brox Crypto Podcast Episode 24


(00:00:00) Introduction

(00:00:22) Intro banter

(00:02:24) Disclosures

(00:02:37) Show details

(00:03:57) One success story

(00:08:05) Tangent on Celsius

(00:09:12) Bringing it back to Matic

(00:09:42) Starbucks Odyssey

(00:13:48) Polygon is accepted into Disney Accelerator

(00:15:01) More Polygon headlines

(00:15:36) Polygon Layer 2

(00:20:37) Polygon Tokenomics

(00:24:51) Market thoughts

(00:26:40) OpenSea

(00:28:30) Tokenized Fund on Polygon

(00:30:00) Going protocol

(00:32:25) Polygon wrap-ups

(00:34:14) In closing)


Show Notes - to see more links that were mentioned in the podcast:




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🎡 Original music provided by The Celebrators

πŸ”₯ Host Neil Alonzo and Brandon Heath

Produced by Vocal Visual


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