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A podcast about EVERYTHING... but mostly the stuff we like. Two friends talking about everything and anything that they're interested in a that particular moment. From science fiction to sports, movies to music, books to Battlestar Galactica... we try to cover it all in our own, special, idiotic way.


November 28, 2023 110 mins

There was a whole lotta hoopla and waiting for Loki season 2. Did it live up to the hype? Did the god of mischief manage to save all of time and space? Did Sylvie keep the 1980's mullet for the entire season? And most importantly... which idiot prevailed in our preseason predictions?! Also, we get yet another update on The Man They Call Tim's fake football team, some thoughts on Dune Part 2, some news on The Mandalorian, and the t...

Mark as Played

The world of professional rasslin' has been one helluva ride over the last year, especially if you've been following the behind-the-curtain stuff over at WWE. Now that the ink has dried on the merger of WWE with UFC to form TKO (because ya can't have too many three letter abbreviations can ya?), it appears that the rollercoaster of "Who's In Charge Around Here?!" is finally over with Triple H officially having complete creative con...

Mark as Played

We tally up the results from our Ahsoka edition of The Real & The Jabroni to find out who was wrong and who was right... or, in this case, who was wrong and who was wrongest. Either way, there's a bottle of moderately priced bourbon on the line, so it's time to get out the abacus and see who made it over the finish line first! Also, we get an update on The Man They Call Tim's fake football team, Adam Copeland in AEW, a tidbit ...

Mark as Played

We don't usually center an entire episode around one slice of a streaming series, but when you've read six books waiting for a character's live action debut, it's easy to get a little excited. We look at the sixth episode of Ahsoka and breakdown the first appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn along with that other guy who hitched a ride with the space whales. Also, we get an update on The Man They Call Tim's fake football team, wheth...

Mark as Played

Loki season two will be here before you know it, so your humble idiotic servants have delved into all the rumors and theories swirling about the interwebs in order to give you - da people - our official, lead-pipe-cinch verdict on what will definitely be happening (The Real) and what won't (The Jabroni). Also, we drop some hot takes on Ahsoka episodes 4-5 (we hadn't seen episode 6 when this was recorded but woooh-baby will we have...

Mark as Played
September 15, 2023 127 mins

One of the rarest tricks to pull in professional wrestling is the double turn - somehow making the good guy into the bad guy and the bad guy into the good guy. That's tough enough, but doing it in a single match? The most successful execution of this that we can think about is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus Bret "The Hitman" Hart from Wrestlemania 13... and we're gonna watch it all and drop some commentary as well!

Also, we dive ...

Mark as Played
September 8, 2023 137 mins

It's been just about a year since we took a deep dive into a single year in movie history to give you our expert opinion on the best of what was. This time around, we take a look at 2004 and all the flicks that became part of our lives - our favorites, also rans, surprises, and awards!

Also, we talk about the first couple episodes of Ahsoka and say good bye to Bray Wyatt in this episode's The Week In Geek!



- Wy...

Mark as Played

It's been ages (it seems) since we've had any new Star Wars releases to talk about, but here we are now with something we've been waiting for since Dave Filoni decided to tip it outta his cowboy hat. Ahsoka is here! What's going to happen? Well, we dive into all the rumors and theories swirling about the interwebs and let you know what we think will happen!

Also, we talk about a Spidey swap heading into the new Avengers movies, how...

Mark as Played

In case you hadn't noticed, one of the high holy days of the wrasslin' calendar happened last weekend with WWE rolling out SummerSlam from Detroit. We didn't get a chance to watch the whole thing, but far be it for a lack of prep to keep us from having an opinion! We talk about the two matches that were intriguing to us - Lesnar/Rhodes and Reigns/Uso - and provide some commentary for both matches!

Also, we talk about Thrawn's bruta...

Mark as Played

Uncle Todd finally... finally... got The Man They Call Tim to catch up on a Disney+ show that didn't involve space magic so it could be talked about on the podcast. Unfortunately, he also recommended Secret Invasion after the fifth episode before the whole thing fell apart like a 1986 Yugo going over a large speed bump. What did we think? Can Uncle Todd ever be trusted again? Find out!

Also, we talk about trailers for Loki and The ...

Mark as Played

It's been nearly 8 months since Bob Iger took the reigns back as CEO of Disney, and overall... things have been good. Until the last couple weeks. Not only did he manage to make MCU and Star Wars fans nervous, he stepped all over his Donald Duck when it came to the strike currently stirring the pot in Hollywood. We dive into all of it right here!

Also, we talk about the news about a potential Picard movie, Star Wars Old Republic ga...

Mark as Played

It's been 25 years since Mankind and Undertaker stepped through the curtain for one of most iconic professional wrestling matches of all time - Hell In A Cell at 1998's King of the Ring PPV. To commemorate this occasion, we're going to be rewatching the match and providing our own commentary to what has become an indelible part of each man's career. Use the link below to watch along with us!

Also, we talk about the new Ahsoka trail...

Mark as Played
July 14, 2023 101 mins

Yeah, we took a little more time getting to this episode than we would've liked, but here it is in all its glory as we catch up on some more entertainment items (sports and otherwise) that have been happening around us including the return of CM Punk to AEW, reflections on the finish of the latest WrestleMania, the sinking of yet another DC movie, and what's going to become of the DCU in the future.

Also, we talk a whole bunch of S...

Mark as Played

It's been a hot minute or ten since our last episode, but we are back to reclaim our throne as the most idiotic idiots to ever idiot on this here interwebs. Hope you have some popcorn and a cold beverage, because we're going to blast through four topics PTI-style in this episode and get to some sports, sports entertainment, movies, and streaming geekery as well!

Also, we talk some Disney, Hulu and Disney Plus merging, and clones in...

Mark as Played

We’ve had a little bit to digest the series finale of Star Trek Picard, and to say the least, we have thoughts. Did they manage to land the plane when it came to all the nefarious ne-r do wells they had lined up? Did more characters get thrown over the side when the writers had no idea what to do with them? Did Worf wind up killing a guy with a trident? We go over all the happenings and feels from a final goodbye to our generation’...

Mark as Played

It only took a month and a half, but we conclude our now laughably named March Madness Wrestler Bracket with our final region, the 2010's. Who will make it out of this region and face our other winners in the Final Fours of Uncle Todd and The Man They Call Tim? Listen to find out!

Also, we dig into the latest episodes of The Mandalorian and Star Trek Picard!



- Paul Heyman talks about Brock breaking the streak


Mark as Played

We continue our increasing misnamed March Madness Wrestler Bracket to the first decade of the 21st century, the 2000's! Who's going to come out on top as the Attitude Era gives way to Ruthless Aggression? Find out!

Also, we absolutely geek out over the new Ahsoka trailer from Star Wars Celebration!



- Here's the link to the Ahsoka trailer so you can watch along with us



The Man They Call T...

Mark as Played

Taking a quick break from our March Madness Wrestler Bracket to review and recap all the happenings of Wrestlemania 39 from sunny southern California from John Cena versus Austin Theory all the way to Roman Reigns defending against Cody Rhodes. All the ups, downs, twists, and turns right here!

Oh, we also spend some quality time ranting about the return of Vince, the sale of WWE, and what this means for the company and the industry...

Mark as Played

We continue our March Madness Wrestler Bracket (despite turning the calendar page to April) with a deep dive into the heart of the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW. Who will wind up at the top of the mountain in professional wrestling's second golden age? You've gotta give it a listen to find out!

Also, we talk about some of the great moments from the first half of The Mandalorian season 3!



Mark as Played

It's that time of year again when everyone from hardcore degenerate gamblers to know-nothing office poolers are all focused on one thing - brackets. So, we're getting into the action with our own tournament to find the top professional wrestlers from the last four decades!

This episode, we start off with the golden age of wrestling, the 1980's. Who will prevail? Who will be left off the list entirely? 

Also, we give our thoughts on...

Mark as Played

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