Free Time with Jenny Blake

Free Time with Jenny Blake

How can we earn twice as much in half the time, with joy and ease, while serving the highest good? Join Jenny Blake, award-winning author of three books—including Free Time: Lose the Busywork and Love Your Business and Pivot—for conversations with authors, friends, and fellow business owners as we explore ways to free your mind, time, and team to do more of your best work. Subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode! Bonus: please leave a review and share with a friend—word-of-mouth is the most joyful way to grow the show :) Subscribe to theTime Well Spent newsletter at, and share this episode at Check out Jenny's other podcast, Pivot with Jenny Blake, on navigating change at


September 30, 2022 29 min

It is a small miracle of motivation that you are listening to this episode. When it was time to record, I had just come out of a foggy, groggy week at HHQ: Hooky Headquarters. Hooky Headquarters is where you go when you need a break—and if you don’t take it, you might find yourself in full-on BIADM (Burn It All Down Mode), burned out and no longer working in a sustainable way. Today, I’m sharing five reminders to honor your need fo...

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Would earning $1 million dollars in revenue this year solve all of your problems? It might, but it could also cause a whole set of new ones, inspiring you to scale back. That’s the story behind the business of today’s guest, Kaneisha Grayson. She shares how she built a seven-figure business, and why she later restructured to one that better honors her energy and goals. 

More About Kaneisha: Kaneisha Grayson is the founder of The Art...

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Consistently creating high-quality content can be challenging. To practice what I call ongoing original public thinking, I am often brainstorming how to make the processes involved as smooth, simple, and searchable as possible. This episode originally aired as a Loom video for the private BFF community, where I walked through my Notion podcast production dashboard and content calendar. Here’s what I have learned (and optimized!) in...

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September 20, 2022 52 min

Think of your day-to-day work as fitting into one of four quadrants, as defined by today’s guest Khe Hy in a recent issue of his fantastic RadReads newsletter

  • $10 Work is low-leverage, low-skilled work that you can do when you’re hungover.
  • $100 Work is when you leverage the wrong thing – and get overwhelmed by meta-work.
  • $10K Work consists of high-leverage skills that exponentially grow your business and bring you closer to your dre...
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    Nothing makes me more frustrated than poorly run companies that essentially steal time and money from the customers through bureaucracy and botching the basics. If you’re a longtime listener of this show, you might remember episode 83: Breaking Through Buyers Remorse, Never Lose a Customer Again with Joey Coleman. Today, I am sharing a tale of two contrasting customer service stories: one that devolved into disappointed buyer’s rem...

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    Today’s guest is an expert in cultivating creativity — and in remaining consistent over the long arc of content creation. Todd Henry is the author of six books, and today we’re talking about how to stay motivated in the publishing industry, where the market reflects winner-take-all dynamics, and the long tail is verrrry long. 

    More About Todd: Todd is the author of six books, including The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, Louder Than...

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    “If you’re on time you're late.” That’s one of my favorite mantras that I picked up from my dad, second to, “These are the grrrreat times!” (no matter what is going on in his life or the world). 

    My dad was always early for our meet-ups, something I experienced as a sign of respect and ease. This relationship to punctuality has stayed with me as an adult, and I’m not the only one. I once bumped into a first date who was killing ...

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    If there’s one software question that invokes a near-universal groan among small business owners, it’s “What do you use for a CRM?” Much of the existing software is clunky, expensive, or at worst—both. Today I’m chatting with Notion pro Alex Sherwood, a former Salesforce CRM manager, on how he built his own Customer Relationship Manager tool in Notion, and inspired me to do the same. Because even the acronym CRM gives me shudders, ...

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    How often do you feel blocked when it comes to creating new content? If you want to be more consistent and confident, today I’m sharing the 5 C’s System that I use to create 12 podcast episodes a month, two newsletters, and bonus content for my private BFF community. Ongoing Public Original Thinking is a central part of my business, and this is my ever-evolving system that facilitates it. 

    🌟 JB’s 5 C’s System for Content Pro...

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    Time collapses when something you think takes 100 steps takes only one.” That’s just one of many gems from this week’s guest, Richie Norton. Richie is teaching us how to optimize for time flow and cash flow; to act from our future, not toward it. As he says, “It’s time to rescue your meta-goal from the ledge of your long-distance timeline and bring it home by placing it directly at the center of your life.”

    More About Richie: Richi...

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    As I ask in the introduction to Free Time: What revenue streams are in that oh-so-sweet-spot of profit, ease, and joy in your business? Recurring revenue is one of the holy grails within a sustainable, scalable business. It’s an area that I have focused intently on since 2015, so in a follow-up episode 112: My 3 Biggest Business Regrets, today I’m sharing more about the recurring income streams in my business.

    The primary recurring ...

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    Take it from a self-described “recovering micromanager,” Annie Hyman Pratt: people are the most underleveraged, underutilized asset you have in your business. And once you see it, she says, you won’t be able to unsee it. 

    Today we’re talking about the people side of your business—how to get out of the weeds as a leader to prevent burnout and build a high-performing, trust-based team, even while steering through shaky economic condit...

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    Is your to-do list piled to the sky with uninspiring tasks? Wait until you hear this listener submission from Leanne, sharing one of many favorite gems from participating in mastermind groups and 1:1 coaching with the legendary “Million Dollar Consultant” Alan Weiss.

    More About Leanne: Leanne Hughes is an international facilitator, trusted advisor, and speaker who loves creating unpredictable workshop experiences that predictably wo...

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    Why would someone fly you across the world to do business with them?” That powerful question from a mentor in March 2020 gave today’s guest, Marquis Murray, the courage to go all-in on his passion of helping business owners create order from chaos through greater operational efficiency. 

    More About Marquis: Marquis Murray is the CEO and Founder of Ditto, a systems and processes consultancy for organizations who need help creating c...

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    August 12, 2022 14 min

    Living in New York City for over a decade, I’ve woken up to many a strange sight over the years: sirens, helicopters overhead, a pre-dawn police chase through the backyard, and a drone buzzing where the birds should be. But never have I woken up to someone doing their job with such delight (who also happened to be smokin’ hot and shirtless) that he drew out fellow neighbors to stand at attention in their windowsills, with coffee mu...

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    Do you shy away from marketing and metrics, or have trouble figuring out more of your ideal clients? If so, this conversation will give you just the boost you need!

    Join me and longtime friendtor Pamela Slim (the one who gave me the courage and encouragement to leave my comfy corporate life back in 2011) as we discuss shifting out of empire culture toward ecosystem culture, identifying watering holes for your ideal community members...

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    “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room.” That’s a gem I found in MBS’s book, How to Begin, from Body Shop founder Anita Roddick.

    It came to mind last night while I was being plagued by a particularly elusive mosquito my husband dubbed “Maverick.” (Yes, after the Tom Cruise movie.) In my sleep-deprived state I searched for the meaning—and the business metaphor—behind this pesky...

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    We talk about The Fiji Test often here at Free Time HQ on documentation and making ourselves replaceable every day. The central question: Could a stranger to the business take over without much disruption?

    That’s exactly what Shannon Minifie and longtime friendtor MBS put to the test several years ago. As he stepped aside as CEO of the company he’d been building for nearly 20 years, Box of Crayons, Shannon took the reins through a t...

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    We’ve got a Grab Bag this week with three favorite time-saving techniques, starting with an image I can’t get out of my mind by @jackbutcher of Visualize Value, followed by two listener submissions for the My Favorite Time-Saving System series.

    What’s your favorite tip or tool? Leave a review for the pod to share with fellow Free Timers at, or submit it as a voice memo at


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    Sometimes it seems like being a jerk pays off. Society often seems to reward the leaders who don’t mind stepping on others en route to the top. But if you don’t want to live that way, you’re among friends here and with today’s guest Julien Smith. We’re talking about avoiding leadership traps and creating positive boundaries in your business.

    More About Julien: Julien Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Practice, a business management...

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