From Lab to Launch by Qualio

From Lab to Launch by Qualio

Stories from the front lines of life sciences. Hear how founders, investors, engineers, scientists, and quality experts are innovating to save lives. You’ll hear founders share their insights from launching and scaling their business, investors giving their outlook on funding, industry experts unfolding their latest insights and research, and quality professionals offering advice to navigate the regulatory maze and avoid audit pitfalls. We interview the brightest people in the life sciences industry specifically biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, software as a medical device (SaMD), contract service providers, and therapeutics. Episodes are about 20-30 minutes. Tune in and leave inspired to bring your life saving products to the world. Passionate about life sciences and want to be on the show? We’d love to chat. Please fill out this short application:


June 28, 2024 23 mins

**UPDATE** Since this episode was recorded, Takeda announced the results of the phase 3 soticlestat trials, which did not meet their primary endpoints.

We welcome Dr. Toshiya Nishi and Jason Tardio from Ovid Therapeutics. Dr. Nishi, with over 20 years of experience in drug discovery, discusses his role in the development of soticlestat and ongoing research on KCC2 activators for neurological disorders. Jason Tardio, Ovid&a...

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Join us as we discuss viral diagnostics and pharmacology with Dr. Nigel McCracken, Chief Operating Officer of Virax Biolabs. Dr. McCracken shares his expertise in drug development, focusing on oncology and infectious diseases, and discusses the company's pioneering work in detecting immune responses and diagnosing viral diseases. The conversation covers the impact of technology advancements in the past decade, the introduction...

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Join us in this inspiring episode of From Lab to Launch as we sit down with Marna Pacheco, the innovative founder of CapeAble Weighted Products. Marna turned a personal challenge into a pioneering enterprise that integrates fashion with function, providing therapeutic weighted products to those in need, from individuals with autism to medical patients across various settings.

You'll learn:

  • Marna shares her journey ...
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This episode of the From Lab to Launch podcast, brought to you by Qualio, features Dr. Sam Clark, CEO of Terran Biosciences. With a background in neurosciences from MIT and an MD and PhD from Columbia University, Dr. Clark shares his journey from academia to leading a pioneering company in neuropsychiatric therapeutics. He discusses the challenges and innovations in the development and supply of GMP psychedelic compounds, highlight...

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Listen in on our conversation with Rob Etherington, CEO of Clene Nanomedicine, a company pioneering nanotherapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases like ALS, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson's.

Rob discusses Clene's unique approach to improve mitochondrial function through a novel nanotherapeutic called CNM-au8, which has shown promising outcomes in clinical trials. He highlights the challenges in drug developm...

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Today we interview with Dan Lunz, co-founder and CEO of Previse, an innovative medical solutions company specializing in cancer prevention and early detection. Lunz talks about his journey from being a Marine to leading a pioneering medical company. He discusses the scientific technology behind Previse, which started out as research for predicting esophageal cancer in patients with Barrett's esophagus. Lunz also shares about t...

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In this episode we welcome Pam Hurley, the founder and president of Hurley Write Inc., who specializes in professional writing and communication training. Pam discusses how proper writing can lead to more effective professional communication in life sciences, and how precision and confidence in writing can help professionals achieve their goals. 

She highlights the importance of clear and concise communication, especially ...

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In this episode we interview Mark McDonough, the CEO of ChromaCode. The episode explores McDonough's journey to ChromaCode, from his early career as a naval officer to his roles at various medical and diagnostic companies. Under McDonough's leadership, ChromaCode has excelled in creating a high-definition PCR platform which enables fast, accurate, and affordable cancer diagnosis. The platform is particularly beneficial as...

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Join us as we dive into the world of groundbreaking scientific discovery with Chris Burres, a renowned Chief Scientist. In this episode, Chris unveils the mysteries of a unique, soccer ball-shaped molecule that could be the key to unlocking secrets of health and longevity.

Discover how this extraordinary molecule, small enough to hold any atom from the periodic chart, might revolutionize our understanding of wellness and aging. Chri...

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In this episode of "From Lab to Launch" by Qualio, Meg welcomes Ravi Samavedam, the Chief Innovation Officer of Azzur Group. With over two decades of experience as a seasoned biochemical engineer, Ravi is a driving force behind Azzur's groundbreaking approach to lab spaces and cleanrooms.

Discussion Highlights:
Ravi delves into Azzur Group's evolution since its formation in 2010, emphasizing its roots in equi...

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In this episode, Meg is joined by Troy Bannister, the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Particle Health. Particle Health is a company revolutionizing the accessibility, sharing, and utilization of healthcare data to simplify navigation for patients and healthcare providers. Troy shares his inspiration behind starting Particle Health and dives into the challenges and strategies the company employed to navigate regulatory comp...

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In this podcast episode, host Meg interviews Darwin Shurig, the founder and CEO of Shurig Solutions, Inc. (SSI), a talent management and executive recruiting firm. Darwin is a seasoned entrepreneur and talent management expert who has built a successful firm partnering with clients to fulfill their talent needs and strategically support initiatives. He also emphasizes the importance of hiring and retaining high-performing teams in ...

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Sepsis is often misdiagnosed, with approximately 40% of positive sepsis blood tests being incorrect. This leads to patients receiving unnecessary treatments, extended hospital stays, and risks associated with inaccurate diagnoses. 

In this episode, Greg Bullington CEO of Magnolia Medical Technologies discusses the mission and innovations of Magnolia Medical Technologies, which is focused on improving the accuracy of sepsis...

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In this episode of "From Lab to Launch" by Qualio, host Meg welcomes Luca Yancopoulos, the CEO of Grapevine Technologies. Grapevine Technologies is a platform that revolutionizes the healthcare supply chain by connecting buyers with trusted wholesale suppliers, offering lower prices and a seamless online ordering process. 

Luca's passion for improving healthcare supply chain inefficiencies was sparked when h...

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On the podcast today we have David Schoneker who is currently the President of Black Diamond Regulatory Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in providing regulatory and quality consulting for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food and related industries. 

The firm provides expert advice for difficult problems and training on excipient and food additive regulatory, quality and supply chain concerns. With over 45...

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Dr. Phil Wagner is the CEO & Founder of Sparta Science, a Movement Health Intelligence company dedicated to helping the world move better.

Founded in 2014, Sparta Science applies modern data science techniques that advance industry best practices and optimize how organizations assess, understand, and improve health & well-being.

With 4 patents, several more pending, and over 20 published, peer-reviewed res...

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Today we have Dr. Jack Hoppin CEO of Ratio Therapeutics and Dr. John Babich Chief Science Officer of Ratio Therapeutics. The team at Ratio Therapeutics is developing a suite of innovative technologies to develop best-in-class targeted radiotherapeutics for the treatment of cancers. They just recently opened a 19,000-square-foot headquarters and R&D facility in Boston to continue their exciting innovation.

We’ll dive i...

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Today we have Tony Ulwick on the show. Tony is the pioneer of Jobs-to-be-Done Theory, the inventor of the Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) process, and founder of strategy and innovation consulting firm, Strategyn. He has applied his ODI process at some of the world's leading companies and across nearly all industries to inform breakthrough innovations - achieving a success rate that is 5 times better than the industry average...

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Dr. Linnea Fletcher is a true pioneer at bridging biotech and education. On the show she explains how high school biotech incubators got started and how others can get involved. She also shares more about the upcoming innovATEBIO conference. 

Dr. Fletcher she simultaneously joined the first National Science Foundation-funded National Biotechnology Education Center, Bio-Link, and received her first NSF-funded Advanced Tech...

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Dr. Carl Giordano joins us on From Lab To Launch!

Carl is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Rebesana, a company dedicated to healthy aging and longevity. After years of studying science-backed research on health and aging, orthopedic spine surgeon Carl developed a proprietary supplement to target health on a molecular level.

That supplement, backed by scientific publications, delivers a direct signal to ...

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