From Surviving to Living

From Surviving to Living

My story is not fiction. I am a woman, a felon, a sex-offender. I did hard time; it was a living hell. I am so awed by Jesus I will risk reputation, everything, to tell you the details and His glory. God changed me, radically. He will do that for you, your family. I trust Him. I hope you do too!! God is interested in you.


January 10, 2024 7 mins

Before the confines of prison, I had an ordinary life, family, dreams. Before 2010, everything seemed on track. Life has a way of surprising us, doesn’...

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In 2010, I was arrested. I felt like the problem in my family, their strong beliefs made me feel like a failure.

Have you ever disappointed someone? H...

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January 13, 2024 22 mins

Imagine your life on hold for a year, every day another day closer to a prison sentence. I might get only probation. Or I could get a 12 or even 30...

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In March 2011 I entered prison and was placed in an orientation class. After 2 weeks I was given a job and prison life began. Life outside of prison continued for my family...

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In October 2011 everything I thought I knew was turned upside down. My husband fled the state with our children, and still facing 7 more years in prison, helpless, I thre...

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January 30, 2024 19 mins

In October 2011 my definition of rock bottom was redefined when my husband left the state with our children. After 2 weeks on suicide watch the prison transferred me to a mental h...

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February 6, 2024 1 min

Welcome everyone! I’m Holly Bot and This is From Surviving to Living, the podcast where raw stories of transformation are told. This is not just a podcast; it’s the power of change!

God is interested in you! My story is not fiction. I am a woman, a felon, a sex offender; I did hard time. I am so awed by Jesus I will risk my reputation and talk...

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February 6, 2024 19 mins

Do you desire success, respect, love? Do you feel unconditionally respected and loved?

Eight months into my prison sentence I faced uncertainty. While I waited ...

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February 8, 2024 1 min

“From Surviving to Living” is a both a serialized audiobook as well as a hybrid podcast, splitting out of its standard format monthly to interview guest in a studio setting. The serialized format uses the blog at for episode content, chronicling Holly Bot’s journey through prison and reentry in community.

“From Surv...

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February 13, 2024 23 mins

In November 2011 I was finishing my first year in prison. I had recently been on suicide watch in the prison’s segregation unit after my husband lef...

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In 2012 I began my second year in prison. Facing another 7 years behind bars I wrestled with clinical depression as I struggled to maintain contact with my ch...

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During my prison experience in 2012, I initially resisted a sex offender treatment program, feeling misunderstood and defensive. Embracing change, I pursued a new job and healthy lifestyle, losing weight and feeling better.

I share difficult experiences such as a misunderstanding in jail, and I describe parenting from behind bars and my joyful reunion with my...

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In November 2013, my world was shattered when I received the gut-wrenching news that my youngest son, Tim, had been rushed to the hospital for em...

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It was spring 2014 and I found myself trying to adjust to a new normal, again. My youngest son had been put in foster care the previous fall, taken from my husband due to neglect and abuse. I struggled to navigate the legal system and social services from inside prison walls. Each time I found myself experiencing hope, it would be crushed by a new pain.

I did...

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Are you curious about the Holy Spirit’s power? Do you desire a deeper connection with spiritual strength in the midst of life’s challenges? Join me on a transformative journey as I navigate a challenging new job and fight for my parental rights, all while discovering the profound influence of the Holy Spirit.

In 2015 I would encounter new struggle...

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This is the episode you’ve been waiting for – and you won’t be disappointed! It was October 2015 and my life was about to take a dramatic turn. Soon my life would be filled with wonder, excitement and peace! Life didn’t get easier, in fact my circumstances would become even more dire. I was about to discover the “peace that passes a...

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In this episode of ‘From Surviving to Living,’ it’s the beginning of 2016, and I discuss the challenge of special occasions like birthdays behind bars, and my journey towards spiritual awakening through reading the Bible. I touch on the difficulties of sharing my newfound faith with my family and the rejection I faced from them. In this episode I also dive deep into how scripture challenged my existing beliefs and...
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