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Future Female Leaders

The Future Female Leaders Podcast helps create more female leaders in the workplace. If you are working in an entry level role and are preparing for future growth opportunities, this podcast is for you. Future Female Leaders topics consist of building confidence, improving communication skills, becoming more self aware, learning how to proactively network, and expanding your mindset to best prepare you for that future leadership role. Let's get you promoted! Nichole Harrop is a Women's Leadership + Career Coach. She started at a call center in an entry level role and built her career from there without a college degree. Nichole was turned down for promotions many times before she was offered a leadership position and has led teams in different organizations from well established companies to new tech start ups for over 10 years.


February 20, 2024 44 mins

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Topics/Questions discussed:

How can someone in an entry level role recognize that they might need to help their leader to become more of a coach?

What is a good way to go about changing the structure of a helpful 1:1?

What can you do if you are trying to make changes to your 1:1 structure and it’s not goi...

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Key Points:

  • Importance of knowing your boss's expectations, especially if aiming for growth or leadership.
  • Metrics such as customer satisfaction, quality scores, attendance, and meeting punctuality can be key.
  • Tailor your approach to meet your leader's priorities.
  • Ask your leader what they need from you today to endorse your future growt...
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February 7, 2024 9 mins

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Episode Highlights

  • Networking and Personal Growth:

    • Grace shares her journey of starting to post on LinkedIn despite feeling unprepared initially.
    • Nichole emphasizes the importance of networking and supportive connections in personal and professional growth.
  • Overcoming Fear and Taking Action:

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This week Nichole shares an episode where she was a guest on The Thinking Project Podcast, hosted by Dalton Jensen. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Common Leadership Pitfalls:

    • A good boss avoids deflecting blame and takes ownership of team success.
    • They actively engage in one-on-one meetings and recognize their importance for team growth.
    • Avoid making quick assumptions and judgments about team members. Encourage diverse opinions.
  2. ...
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1: Deciding on Your Career Path

  • Nichole reflects on her own experience working for a well-established company and the importance of considering long-term growth.
  • Discusses her transition to a startup, which proved to be a better fit for her career goals.
  • Advises listeners to think carefully about the company they work for, even in entry-level positi...
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It's not about how long you've been doing something, but when you maintain that commitment, especially when life throws you off course.

Episode Highlights

  • Consistency in All Aspects of Life: Consistency is a fundamental element in your work life, home life, hobbies, passions, and relationships. It's a universal principle that applies to all areas of your life.

  • The Challenge of Consistency: There are moments when maintaini...

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In this episode of the Future Female Leaders podcast, host Nichole Harrop interviews Cecily Jorgensen, a marketing professional who shares her journey of transitioning from a background in vocal performance to a successful career in marketing. Cecily highlights her professional growth, personal interests, and how her passion for leadership drives her.

Cecily began her career with aspirations o...

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1. The Power of Cycle-Aware Scheduling:Dashboard

  • Nichole talks about her approach to scheduling tasks based on her menstrual cycle, emphasizing the importance of self-compassion and proactive planning.
  • The conversation touches on the shift from a reactive to a proactive mindset, giving control back to women.

2. Understanding Your Men...

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Top Productivity Hacks for Busy Women:

a. Knowing Your Why:

  • Caitlin stresses the significance of having a purpose and a driving motivation (your "why") for being productive.
  • Encourages asking questions to uncover what lights you up and keeps you motivated.

b. Creating a Life Vision:

  • Caitlin expla...
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In today's episode, Nichole talks with guest Sherralynn Arnold about why it's important to set boundaries at work.

They each share perspective on these 4 questions:

1 What advice can you give women who feel called to lead others,  but don't know where to start?

2 Why is it imp...

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July 21, 2023 15 mins

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The Future Female Leaders podcast aims to help create more female leaders in the workplace. 

In this episode, host Nichole Harrop talks about the CTFAR framework that changed her life. She walks the audience through this self-coaching model that helped her take control of her thoughts, feelings, and actions, and improve her response to everyday situations...

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This is a special episode because it's a follow up from Episode 99| Leaving a Toxic Workplace. 


In this episode, Nichole and her guest talk about the yellow flags that pop up in our jobs and what her guest did to work through some of them and how to advocate for yourself and navigate these yellow flags throughout your career. 


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June 29, 2023 13 mins

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Gender Neutral

Feminine Floral


Episode Overview:

  • Today's episode focuses on planning for success and celebrating milestones.
  • Nichole shares personal updates and experiences.
  • She encourages listeners to shift their mindset and plan for success in various areas of their lives.

Planning for Success

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Introduction: In this episode of the Future Female Leaders Podcast, host Nichole Harrop discusses the common experience of feeling overwhelmed at work after a holiday weekend. She reassures listeners that this is a normal occurrence and provides practical tips for managing overwhelm and prioritizing tasks effectively. Nichole introduces a simple exercise called th...

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Listen to Episode 125 about Office Housework

In this episode, Nichole discusses the importance of setting boundaries in the workplace, offering advice on how to identify and enforce them. She encourages listeners to book a leadership assessment call to help them better understand their current situation and where they want to go.


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Podcast Episode with Anna Dearmon Kornick 

In this episode of the Future Female Leaders podcast, host Nichole Harrop discusses the importance of setting boundaries in the workplace to avoid burnout. She emphasizes the need for awareness of one's workload and calendar management and provides tips on how to e...

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Welcome to the Future Female Leaders podcast, hosted by Nichole Harrop, who aims to create more female leaders in the workplace. In this episode, she focuses on a meditation that helps to overcome negative perceptions at work. Nichole starts by suggesting that listeners find a comfortable and distract...

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The Future Female Leaders Podcast is a show dedicated to creating more female leaders in the workplace, hosted by Nichole Harrop. In this episode, Nichole talks about how to work through negative perceptions at work. She offers a complimentary leadership assessment call to help women understand where they are currently in the ...

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In this episode of the Future Female Leaders podcast, host Nichole Harrop talks about how perception issues can hold back one's career growth in the organization. She defines perception as a quick judgment, mental impression, or way of regarding, understanding or interpreting something. Nichole explains tha...

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