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Galaxy Jams Reacts

Galaxy Jams Reacts is a program where musicians, music fans and industry professionals listen and react to hand-picked and fan-picked music together. Submit your favorite song for us to listen to on the show, and join the conversation during our livestream! Visit our website for more information,


April 11, 2023 89 mins
Adrian Tramontano is the drummer for Twiddle, The Breakfast, Marble Eyes and Kung Fu to name a few.

The gang talks about music recording processes of the past, Mike gets baptized by Adrian's favorite drummer Keith Moon and The Who, EJ introduces the gang to the Jam Jam, we learn how amazing Adrian's brain is and we react to Photon, Dopapod drummer Neil Fro Evan's side-project among other thin...
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    Greg Knight is the Publicist Extraordinaire for Goose,  an American jam band from Norwalk, Connecticut. 

    The gang talks about the art of evolving your music while retaining your fan base, how it was inevitable that Motown became a huge powerhouse and the story of Greg's relationship with Goose and Osiris Media Podcast Network among other things.

    Greg had a banh-mi sandwich with brisket and a lemongrass chicken summer roll for lu...

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    Alan Evans is the founder of record label Vintage League Music, and drummer for the storied soul fusion outfit, Soulive

    The gang discusses the feeling of being comfortable with your own voice, Alan's experience supporting The Rolling Stones on tour, the limitless potential with trusting your fellow bandmate and the micro vs macro of songwriting - among other things.

    Alan had a special top secret recipe protein smoothie with so...

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    Bill Laurance is a composer, pianist, keyboardist and original member of the 5x Grammy Award winning funk fusion outfit Snarky Puppy as well as the founder and CEO of London-based record label Flint Music.

    The gang discusses minimalism in music, paying an homage to the greats while forging your own path, the evolution of jazz music, and the joy and freedom of playing solo, among other things.

    Bill had a mushroom margarita p...

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    Benjy Eisen is the co-author of the best selling book 'Deal: My Three Decades of Drumming, Dreams, and Drugs with the Grateful Dead' - a biography of legendary drummer  Bill Kreutzmann. He's also the co-host and head writer for the Undermine Podcast. 

    The gang talks about how a really great song can be modulated to any genre/style, how Benjy coordinated a concert in Hawaii with Billy & The Kids, Billy S...

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    Owen Murphy is the creator of One Drop Design Studio which specializes in custom illustration and merchandise designs for organizations like Dead & Company and Foo Fighters among many others.

    The gang talks about the art of Macro vs. Micro, ten big decisions that change your life, how a song doesn't need fancy tricks to connect with its audience and tiny happy mushrooms - among other things.

    We also disc...

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    Kris Hodges is the Founding Producer and Chief Creative for Floydfest, a Music and Arts Festival held annually in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

    The gang talks about achieving authenticity in the constraints of your brand and genre, Kris's experience with producing Floydfest and the 'On The Rise' series, how a great team behind you makes all the difference and when changing your brands promise goes wrong, among o...

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    Jesse Brede is the Founder and CEO of Gravitas Recordings, an Austin, Texas based record label and creative collective that serves as a platform for international artists to showcase their work. Since its inception in 2011, Gravitas boasts over 156 releases from a selection of producers worldwide including CloZee, Of The Trees, AHEE, A Hundred Drums, and more

    The gang talks about Tycho and Burning Man Festival, how much more difficu...

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     That Eric Alper Show SiriusXM Host and Publicist, Eric Alper

    The gang talks about live music making a huge comeback, why people are upset that Billie Eilish doesn't know who Van Halen is, the huge importance that cultural context plays towards a song and why Eric Alper loves Jerry Lee Lewis, among other things.

    Eric Alper had nothing for lunch, but during the show, he was eating Skittles. Because it contained everythi...

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    Tom Hamilton from Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Ghost Light, Billy & The Kids, Electron & Brothers Past

    The gang talks about how intentions are so important when recording music, when music activates parts of your brain that you may be uncomfortable with, focusing on the macro of songwriting and people talking during concerts - among other things.

    Tom Hamilton Jr. had an amazing breakfast sandwich with scrambled egg...

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    Philip Lassiter is an 11-time Grammy award winning horn/string arranger, and former section leader/arranger of Prince and the New Power Generation.

    The gang talks how important a great music video can be, Philip's experience working with Prince, using tools to keep listeners engaged and utilizing horn arrangements to compliment a composition - among another things.

    Philip skipped lunch, but had a grilled ham and cheese...

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    The String Cheese Incident is an American jam band from Telluride, Colorado and formed in 1993. Their music has elements of bluegrass sounds, as well as rock, electronica, calypso, country, funk, jazz, Latin, progressive rock, reggae, and psychedelia.

    The gang discusses hyper maximalist music, when a song compels you to take action, how the physical position of an instrument can make all the difference and using your tools as effect...

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    Pantheon Podcast Network is the largest music podcast network in the world. Christian Swain is also the co-creator and host of Rock N Roll Archaeology

    The gang talks about whether the music or the members is what defines a band, the pros and cons of having politically charged material as an artist, creating music for the setting you desire, and Taco Bell at 2 AM, among other things. Lots of great and in-depth conversations with Chri...

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    Jesse Miller is a Philadelphia-based musician best known as the Bassist, Sampler and Modular Synth player for the instrumental electronic jam band, Lotus.  Lotus has influences of classic electronic dance music, funk, post-rock and dance-rock. Over the years, their unique musical blend of electronica with jam music has helped forge a new path in the jamband landscape, influencing many younger bands in the scene.

    The gang t...

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    No Simple Road is a Grateful Dead Podcast highlighting musicians, artists, writers and fellow members of the psychedelic, jam band, festival and Grateful Dead communities.

    The gang talks about how 'No Simple Road Podcast' received its name, the merits of breaking the rules while songwriting, when artists deliver a moment of clarity in their music and how to be complicated without being pretentious, among other th...

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    Consider The Source is a sci-fi middle eastern instrumental band from New York City. 

    The gang talks about Gabe's experience and fascination with Slavic music, paying attention to how your band presents itself on stage, when high energy fusion bands first started to reach popularity, and the proper way to pronounce the AT-AT Walker from Star Wars - among other things.

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    Natalie Brooke is a talented keyboardist and band leader from Washington, D.C. 

     The gang talks about Natalie's music education experience, what it takes to be the frontwoman of a band,  the differences between synthesizers and Mike and Natalie's mutual love of BABYMETAL, among other things.

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    Headcount is a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.

    The gang  talked with Andy about Supergroups, the treasure of The Traveling Wilburys, and meeting and dealing with celebrities.

    Andy had chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta for lunch.

    • Asia - Heat Of The Moment
    • The Traveling WiIbury's - End Of The Line
    • Mad Season - Rive...
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    Dopapod is an American rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. 

    The gang talks about how proficient musicians can seamlessly jump in and out of the pocket, when delivering high energy doesn't have to be aggressive and when ghost noises make it onto a recording, among other things.

    • Queen - A Kind Of Magic
    • Eric Johnson - Trademark | 1
    • Tom Waits - Rain Dogs | 2
    • Polyphia - Playing God
    • Return To Forever - Flight Of The Newborn | 3
    • Club ...
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    Dan Mason is a vaporwave producer from Orlando, Florida.

    The gang talks about staying passionate while marketing your material, creating your own identity as an artist, creating music to maximize the environment you want to be in and the best place to find samples, among other things.

    • Vulfpeck feat. Antwaun Stanley - 1 for 1, Dimaggio
    • Kool And The Gang - Summer Madness
    • Herbie Hancock - Rockit
    • The Rippingtons...
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