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Gender Reveal

Welcome to Gender Reveal, a podcast about nonbinary and transgender folks. Join us as we interview notable trans guests, analyze current events, answer advice questions and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.


July 19, 2021 79 min

In lieu of a new Gender Reveal interview, please enjoy this excellent episode of?Cancel Me, Daddy?by Katelyn Burns and Oliver-Ash Kleine.

In this conversation, the hosts chat with Emily VanDerWerff about her Vox article "How Twitter Can Ruin a Life," which chronicles the fallout around?Isabel Fall's "The Helicopter Story."

Isabel is asking anyone who wants to support her to donate to Trans Lifeline.


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Mark as Played

Tuck catches up with Diné artist and youth worker LaTisha Rico (they/them). Topics include:

  • Raising a nonbinary Indigenous baby as a nonbinary Indigenous person
  • Thinking about gender as a decolonial act
  • Navigating fatphobia, transphobia, racism, and a pandemic during pregnancy
  • Embodying two-spirit traditions through trans youth advocacy
  • Plus: Gendercide, beading, and fronting an Indigenous hardcore band(!!!)
  • The article Tish mentions i...

    Mark as Played

    Tuck catches up with author and podcast host Gaby Dunn (they/them). Topics include:

  • Refusing to be palatable 
  • Working through internalized transphobia
  • Revisiting Gaby’s very trans “token cis” interview
  • Pushing for better representation in Hollywood
  • Plus: living behind the matrix, throwing money out the window, and crying in a pool in Palm Springs
  • This Week in Gender: The US is changing its rules regarding gender markers on passports.


    Mark as Played

    Tuck catches up with musician Mal Blum (they/them). Topics include:

  • Going on testosterone as a professional singer
  • Being mistaken for someone’s str8 husband
  • Are we gonna get clocked in the men’s restroom?
  • The many trans plot lines of Star Trek
  • Plus: shopping for couches and becoming the transsexual John Darnielle
  • This Week in Gender: Happy Pride ™ from Raytheon, ICE, and Sensodyne.

    Find Mal across social media @MalBlum. We’re on Tw...

    Mark as Played

    Tuck chats with John Paul Brammer, author of ¡Hola Papi!, in the second half of this special two-part queer advice episode.

    Topics include:

  • Combating identity imposter syndrome (“am I queer enough?”)
  • Not being wholesome enough for Pet Twitter
  • The tyranny of authenticity
  • Why it’s perfectly fine to experience joy right now
  • Plus: Where does the wind come from? Dear Evan Hanson isn’t gay? Why can’t we escape Twitter? And why has no one ev...
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    Mark as Played

    Tuck chats with Maddy Court (she/her), author of The Ex-Girlfriend of My Ex-Girlfriend Is My Girlfriend, in the first half of this special two-part queer advice episode.

    Topics include:

  • Good(!) advice for meeting people w/o using Tinder
  • The bright spots of being single 
  • *~*~*horny summer~*~*~ hot tips?
  • Is everyone having more sex than us?! 
  • Plus: grotesque feminism, queer scarcity, and imagining sexier futures
  • This Week in Gender: The ...

    Mark as Played

    Tuck catches up with zine-maker and pornographer Carta Monir (she/her). Topics include:

  • What porn archives can teach us about queer history
  • From castration fantasies to making fan merch for your dick
  • Kink at pride(?!) and the evolution of queer debates
  • Plus: Topping fears, machine-f*cking, unauthorized Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequels, and CATS (1998)
  • This Week in Gender: Los Gibities.

    Find Carta’s work at and Diske...

    Mark as Played

    Tuck catches up with nonbinary linguist Kirby Conrod (they/them). Topics include: 

  • Are pronoun-go-arounds for cis people?
  • Gender as a local social relationship 
  • Neurodivergent life hacks 
  • Writing a dissertation about they/them pronouns
  • Plus: wizard gender! 
  • This Week in Gender: NYC Pride has banned GOAL from marching in the parade for the next four years.

    Find Kirby's work on their website (, their blog (

    Mark as Played

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the late notice, but our grant program is open now through April 30. More details in this tiny episode. 




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    Mark as Played
    March 29, 2021 52 min

    Tuck speaks with activist and author Jeffrey Marsh (they/them). (CW: mentions of transphobia and suicidality.) Topics include: 

  • Why labels can’t fix bigotry
  • Talking about transness on conservative TV
  • Dealing with transphobic internet comments
  • Is feeling fake or alone fundamental to being trans?
  • Plus: Mr. Rogers, Tumblr, Buddhism, Jeffrey's next book, and getting angry about shoes. 
  • This Week in Gender: Parents in England can now c...

    Mark as Played
    March 22, 2021 49 min

    Tuck speaks with Francisco J. Galarte (he/him). Dr. Galarte is the author of Brown Trans Figurations and a founding editor of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly.

     Topics include: 

  • When to use (and avoid) the “x” in Latinx and Chicanx
  • Why hate crime laws don't help trans people of color 
  • Imagining a world for trans POC beyond invisibility and hyper-visibility
  • What does masculinity even mean???
  • Plus: fashion, evil deceivers, and ou...
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    Mark as Played
    March 15, 2021 63 min

    Tuck speaks with Torrey Peters (she/her), author of Detransition, Baby. Topics include: 

  • A brief history of t4t tattoos
  • The secrets of real-life trans supervillains
  • Why Torrey's moving past trans separatism 
  • Four generations of trans history buried in a twitter beef
  • Plus: FTF transsexuals, disaster euphoria, writing better jokes, and why Torrey might be done writing about affairs with wealthy men
  • This Week in Gender: Mississippi b...

    Mark as Played
    March 8, 2021 36 min

    Tuck answers more advice questions with BFF of the show Zee Griffler (they/them). Topics include:

  • How do I come out to my boyfriend?
  • Can cis people use X gender markers?
  • Is a relationship automatically queer if someone is trans?
  • What does it feel like to like your name?
  • Do my birth certificate and license need to match?
  • Do you have gender questions that you’d like answered on the show? Submit questions anonymously via this Google form.


    Mark as Played
    March 1, 2021 47 min

    Tuck answers advice questions with Tehya (they/them), a nonbinary therapist. Topics include:

  • Are my recent dysphoria feelings “real”? 
  • Do I have to share my pronouns?
  • How do I handle my partner’s transphobic friend? 
  • Why do I think I’m going to get dumped for having top surgery?
  • Plus: sailing, cis binding, and a return to lesbianism. 
  • This Week in Gender: The Equality Act, Marjorie vs Marie, Dr. Levine vs Rand Paul, federal X marke...

    Mark as Played
    February 22, 2021 41 min

    Tuck speaks with Noah Adams (he/him), co-author of Trans and Autistic. Topics include:

  • Are transness and autism connected in some way?
  • The compounding gatekeeping faced by autistic trans people
  • The dark connections between ABA and queer conversion therapy
  • The enduring legacy of Rain Man
  • This Week in Gender: Special guest Nina Medvedeva talks about the Euphoria app and trans venture capitalism. 

    Purchase Trans and Autistic through Ano...

    Mark as Played
    February 15, 2021 59 min

    Tuck speaks with culture and entertainment journalist Tre’vell Anderson (they/them). Topics include:

  • What Black film history can tell us about the future of trans media
  • Are those nonbinary TV characters actually nonbinary?
  • Why don’t some nonbinary people identify as trans?
  • Should we be saying “All Black Lives Matter”? 
  • Plus: identity gumbo and gender-okra soup
  • This Week in Gender: Several states are advancing anti-trans bills, in dire...

    Mark as Played
    February 8, 2021 50 min

    Tuck speaks with artist, filmmaker, and cultural producer Zackary Drucker (she/her). Topics include:

  • How a trans con artist taught Zackary to cut herself some slack 
  • Telling complicated trans stories on TV
  • Creating T4T representation before “T4T” was a thing
  • Gender clownery with Flawless Sabrina 
  • Plus: Commissioning a transphobia montage featuring Tucker Carlson’s shitty dad
  • This Week in Gender: New York finally repeals its Walking W...

    Mark as Played
    February 1, 2021 59 min

    Tuck speaks with Diamond Stylz (she/her), creator of Marsha’s Plate and executive director of Black Trans Women Inc. Topics include:

  • Does trans representation actually help trans people?
  • Why trans equity trainings don’t work
  • The importance of spurning sea lions and building community
  • How Lauryn Hill (of all people) helped Diamond embrace her voice
  • How to be a true ally & co-conspirator 
  • Plus: Coming out in the ‘90s, finding a HRT s...
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    Mark as Played
    January 25, 2021 52 min

    Tuck speaks with scholar and Trans Care author Hil Malatino (he/they). Topics include:

  • Why we can’t talk about gender without talking about race
  • How Hil’s intersex condition—and health insurance—influenced his transition
  • Why debates about labels are debates about belonging
  • Trans academia and the “cannibalization” of trans scholars
  • Plus: Dad-as-gender, the best little boy in the world, and the difference between genders and Gender
  • This ...

    Mark as Played
    January 18, 2021 47 min

    Tuck speaks with multimedia artist and Black Feast founder Salimatu Amabebe (he/they).

    Topics include:

  • Feeling denied access to "womanhood" as a Black person
  • Loving your body as a trans person
  • Dating advice! 
  • “I don’t really want terms that apply to me”
  • Plus: Salimatu pitches you his food-dom TV pilot 
  • This Week in Gender: Bell v Tavistock

    Support Salimatu’s work via Venmo (@blackfeast) or Cash App (@blackfeast, &#...

    Mark as Played

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