Get Savvy...Demystifying Healthcare

Get Savvy...Demystifying Healthcare

Are you tired of the high cost of healthcare? Are you overwhelmed trying to navigate a complicated healthcare system? Welcome to Get Savvy…Demystifying Healthcare a weekly pod cast where we take complicated healthcare topics and make them simple.Imagine…if you could stop feeling paralyzed with FEAR and FRUSTRATION, and instead be EMPOWERED to make Smart Healthcare decisions for you and your family?Get Savvy with your host Sandy Kibling, a healthcare professional changing how healthcare knowledge is shared.


November 14, 2023 36 mins

In a world filled with uncertainty and fear, one doctor dared to challenge the status quo. Dr. Monique Nugent, a hospitalist and internist, witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by patients in a complex hospital system during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Determined to make a difference, she embarked on a journey to write her book Prescription for Admission that would be a guiding light for patients and their loved ones. 

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In the midst of a devastating accident and a healthcare system filled with misinformation, one patient's journey took an unexpected turn. 

Boots Knighton's story is a powerful reminder that sometimes, intuition and determination can lead us down a path of healing that defies all odds. 

But...just when she thought her battles were won, a new health challenge emerged, leaving her breathless. What could pos...

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Are you paying for health insurance but still feel unprotected? Brace yourself for a shocking revelation.

Harlon Pickett, our guest today, uncovered a sobering truth that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew. Despite having health insurance, a staggering 80% of those facing bankruptcy due to medical debt were actually insured. 

"We have been brainwashed in this country to believe that health care and health...

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Are you eager to obtain the healthcare coverage you truly deserve during open enrollment 2023?

Wondering how you can ensure you make the most informed decisions?

In this episode, you will gain the knowledge and resources to conquer the complex maze of open enrollment and secure the healthcare you deserve.

"Imagine if you could stop feeling paralyzed with fear and frustration and instead be empowere...

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Discover the captivating journey of Krista Hugenberg, a healthcare expert driven by a deep passion to assist others in navigating the complexities of Medicare. Her extensive experience working with providers and payers unveils the inner workings of the healthcare system, while her personal role as a caregiver fuels her determination to help individuals access the care they need. 

As a licensed Medicare agent, Krista become...

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In a world filled with prescription medications and unanswered health issues, one man's journey took an unexpected turn. Cody Golman, while serving our country, found himself trapped in a cycle of frustration and uncertainty, but when a chiropractor revealed a hidden pinched nerve in his neck, everything changed. 

Now, Cody is on a mission to unravel the truth about weight loss and overall health improvement.   

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Do you want to take control of your healthcare journey and achieve fair and equal treatment? 

Are you tired of feeling overlooked and unheard in the healthcare system? 

Join me as Amanda Laden shares her solution to ensure that women like you can have increased self-advocacy and attain equitable healthcare outcomes. 

Discover the path to empowerment and knowledge that will help you achieve the healthcare ...

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Have you ever heard these myths about breast cancer? Myth #1: All chemotherapy treatments are the same. Myth #2: Alternative treatments can cure breast cancer. Myth #3: Being a survivor means you are cured and don't need to worry about recurrence. In this episode, breast cancer survivor and advocate Grace De Angeli will debunk these myths and empower you with the truth to make smart healthcare decisions.

In this episode, you wi...

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If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by constantly fluctuating blood sugar levels, despite your efforts to manage your diabetes, then you are not alone! 

Many individuals with diabetes struggle to achieve stable blood sugar control, even when engaging in regular exercise and following a strict diet. It can be disheartening to see your hard work go unrewarded and to constantly worry about the potential conseque...

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We started taking care of my father in law Ron and while trying to find the best care for him, we were struggling with him taking his medications in the independent living home he was in.  We hired a company to assist, but sadly they proved unreliable. Ron was constantly pressing his alert button, due to dizziness or falling.  We were frustrated for how to care for Ron but mostly not knowing if there were any options out there.  Af...

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Okay let’s talk about our not so favorite topic…what you eat and how you eat.  The truth is I dislike this topic as much as anyone else but, what I can’t deny are the statistics that obesity contributes to heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol to name a few.

It also impacts your quality of life.  I recently had some friends come back from a vacation that that they had waited years to take.  They enjoyed their trip but were so fru...

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You or a loved one get a diagnosis of Cancer your shocked, your scared and your angry and then you think of your loved ones.  On top of that you are thrown in the maze of a healthcare system navigating prior auths, scheduling appointments, dealing with the bills…are they accurate, how do you pay for this care and then you wonder are you getting the same care as everyone else…the care you deserve.

To get into this topic today, I am d...

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In the depths of the healthcare system, a seasoned physician discovered a shocking truth that would change her perspective forever. From healer to patient, Virgie Bright Ellington MD witnessed firsthand the dark side of medical billing and exploitation. Her encounter with a vulnerable roommate ignited a fire in her soul, fueling a mission to unravel the complexities of medical financial literacy. 

What she uncovered was be...

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Trying to manage your blood pressure can be a hassle.  Does the machine at Walgreens work or how about that blood pressure machine you bought from Amazon prime?  Are you using it correctly, is it accurate and how do you get the data to your primary care physician or cardiologist? 

Managing your vitals especially blood pressure is important but there must be a better way to do this.  Is there an app for this or is there new technolog...

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You go to a hospital and believe you are in good hands, but then you find you are waiting on medication or worse you have the wrong ID band and get the wrong medication. Mistakes happen and while I believe healthcare personnel have good intentions, they are not always set up for success in our fragmented healthcare system.  You need to be aware of what to look out for so you can get the healthcare you need and avoid patient harm.

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You have gone to every specialist but you are not getting the answers you need.  Your struggling and you are considering maybe alternative medicine, anything to achieve the health you desire and staying out of the healthcare system.  What are your options and how do you find the right path for you?

Hello everyone and welcome to the show today From Autoimmune Survivor to Autoimmune Thriver: Lessons Learned from 32 Medical Specialists...

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The providers that care for you are working to do their best but an office visit or hospital stay may make you think otherwise.

The office visit is short, questions unanswered or there is lack of follow up on a medication refill.  Or You may be frustrated with a hospital stay where you experienced hours of delays and multiple requests for care, medication or even an update from a provider.

This would leave anyone feeling frustrated a...

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You slipped on a slick floor and it hurts but you’re not sure if you tore something or just have a really bad case of tendonitis. You go to your local urgent care clinic, or doctor's office, and you’re seen by a physician assistant (PA), who examines you, says everything is structurally intact, and you should use ice, elevate your arm and take some ibuprofen for the pain.

What the PA said makes sense, but shouldn’t you see -- y...

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How is it that we live in the U.S. where we have freedoms and opportunities, yet our healthcare spend is outrageous, the system is fragmented resulting in delays in care, rushed visits and lack of quality of care that we all want.  

If we look at the business side of healthcare, what the issues are and where the trends are going, we can make needed changes to the system, lower costs and get better healthcare.

We can also leverage new...

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I talk often about how to navigate the healthcare system should you need services, surgery or end up in the ER.  I do this so you are empowered to be your own advocate and navigate the system versus being a victim to 1-800 number with your health insurance company or unanswered calls.   What is also important is awareness of the system and options that are being shared with you…are they really the only options?

Do we live in a socie...

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