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Girl Mom Podcast

Teenage girls face unprecedented challenges - and so do their parents. From anxiety, loneliness, and depression to struggles with friendships, body image, and self-worth, it's a perfect storm of challenges. For moms with daughters, big questions have emerged: How can we help them thrive? How can we offer hope, wisdom, calm, and strength? In the Girl Mom podcast, Kari Kampakis, a mom of 4 girls and author of 4 books, unites women who aim to be strong mothers raising empowered daughters. Addressing modern-day issues through the lens of faith, Kari helps mothers feel less alone, more encouraged, and more equipped in their relationships.


November 27, 2023 62 mins

As parents, we want our children to show respect by practicing good manners. We teach lessons before they need them and hope that they sink in.  As our kids grow up, we need other adults to come alongside us and reinforce what we teach on why social graces matter. Join Kari as she talks to Birmingham etiquette expert Amy Rainer about  helping your child stand out in the right way and show character from the inside out. 


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Waiting on the Lord feels difficult in a world where we barely wait on anything (not dinner, thanks to DoorDash, rides, thanks to Uber, or groceries, thanks to Shipt). Yet God transforms us powerfully as we wait if we refuse to lose hope or get lost in our setbacks. Join Kari as she speaks to Farrell Mason, a Nashville grief counselor and author of Soulfull, a new devotional about seeking a more sacred existence by pulling heaven d...

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We all feel left at times, and with social media, we're more aware of every invitation we don't get.  Join Kari, Mary Frances, and Mary Lauren as they talk about healthy ways to respond to feeling left out and not letting it spiral into negative thinking and destructive self-doubt.

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God created us to live in the light. And as we grow closer to Him, we're able to bring our past mistakes to light to escape the shame of darkness and move forward with hope.
Join Kari as she talks to Will and Mary Lauren, a newly engaged couple, about prioritizing this life skill that is essential to any healthy, long-term relationship.

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Almost ten years ago, Emily Lassiter lost her husband Joe in a tragic plane accident. With two little girls to raise on her own, she quickly realized the need to manage her finances well. As Emily found her footing, other women started coming to her after losing a spouse or a divorce. Money was always a main concern, and this inspired Emily to start empowering women in this area of life. Today she is a financial advisor with Somers...

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College is a new stage of life where you choose a path.  You've chosen paths before, but this time,  your parents aren't there to protect you and lead you. You're leaving the security of family and lifelong friends, and you don't have a faith community yet to speak truth over you. In this transition (full of excitement, nerves, and uncertainty) it's easy to be swayed and wrongly be defined by what happens t...

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The start of summer is a magical time - and sometimes, a triggering time for body issues. Join Kari as she talks to Meredith Mann, Founder of The Peachie Spoon, about helpful mindsets and habits to carry into summer that help us enjoy food, nourish our bodies, and love the skin we're in.

Ep. 70 Show Notes:

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C.S. Lewis said, "We have to continually be reminded of what we believe." This is especially true when cultivating a spirit of gratitude and contentment because our world constantly tells us that more is never enough. Join Kari and Mary Lauren as they talk about embracing the life you have and learning to give thanks for it.

Ep. 69 Show Notes:

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With all the sadness that your daughter's senior year of high school can bring, it helps to have a happy distraction. It's fun to plan and think about her home away from home. Join Kari and Elizabeth Edwards (a mom of two girls at Ole Miss) as they share  tips on choosing dorm room essentials, preparing your daughter for the highs and lows of college, helping her with time management, and being her biggest cheerleader.

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One key component to thriving in college is deciding ahead of time who you want to be and how you plan to live. In other words, being INTENTIONAL. Join Kari and her friend, Mary Frances Robertson, a recent University of Alabama graduate, as they talk about being intentional during your campus years with your time, your relationships, and your life goals.

Ep. 67 Show Notes:

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One big source of conflict in marriage is financial stress. Even 2 people raised in the same socioeconomic class can have drastically different ideas about money - and how to spend it. Shaped by social media and an age of affluence, many girls treat their dates like an ATM machine and aspire to a materialistic lifestyle their young husbands can't afford. They have unrealistic expectations that lead to arguments, disillusionmen...

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When you're busy raising kids, things get sacrificed. What often ends up on the backburner during the divide-and-conquer years of raising teenagers is your marriage.  Join Kari and Nashville counselor Kim Anderson, both married for 25 years, as they talk about reconnecting with your spouse and finding your way back to each other. 

Ep. 65 Show Notes:

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As humans, we long to believe we are good. And for teens especially, it's tempting to gauge yourself against peers and think you're doing well when your choices aren't as bad as their choices. You're considered a "good girl" or "good guy," but what you really are is a good girl/guy in comparison. God calls us to a higher standard. He wants us to look at Jesus, not people, when seeing where we...

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Today's culture tells boys that being "the man" is all about dominance, conquests, and becoming the loudest person in the room. For parents trying to raise godly sons...and boys who care about their faith...fighting that tension between what gets celebrated by society and what God desires can be a real struggle.

Join Kari as she talks to recent Samford graduate Will Hudson about the real-life challenges fac...

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Most moms dream about their children being close. They worry about sibling rivalry and the quiet comparison, competition, and jealousy that can undermine these relationships.  Join Kari and Mary Lauren as they talk about family dynamics and celebrating the unique strengths and personalities that each child brings to the table.

Ep. 62 Show Notes:

o   Kari’s books: Love Her Well, More Than a Mom, 10 Ultimate Truths...

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For girls of all ages, friendships matter, and when you're in college, your friends become your family. They're your home away from home.  Join Kari in this first episode with her oldest daughter, Ella, as she shares wisdom and practical advice on initiating, navigating, and sustaining real friendships. This episode is packed with helpful tips, and you don't want to miss it!

Ep. 61 Show Notes:

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Making time for rest helps you be more effective when you work. Rather than give 80 percent because you're tired, you can give 100 percent because you replenished your reserves. Join Kari and Mary Lauren as they talk about incorporating rest into your life routine.

Ep. 60 Show Notes:

o   Kari’s books: Love Her Well, More Than a Mom, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know,  Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living ...

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For teenagers today, friendship is often a source of stress, not comfort. And for mothers today, it's hard to know what to know how to guide them when things go south or just evolve. Join Kari as she shares some talking points on how to help your daughter find friends, keep friends, and - most importantly - become the friend she hopes to find. This episode comes from the friendship chapter of Kari's book, LOVE HER WELL.


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Disappointment is a part of life - but when it happens with the people you're doing life with, it can rock your world. Join Kari and Mary Lauren as they take about navigating the ups and downs of friendship and finding your anchor of hope.

Ep. 58 Show Notes:

o   Kari’s books: Love Her Well, More Than a Mom, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know,  Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?, 10 Dating Truths Girl...

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Learning to speak life takes intention and thought. It is often two steps forward, one step back. Join Kari and Mary Lauren as they talk about the power of words, waiting for the right time,  and using your voice for good.

Ep. 57 Show Notes:

o   Kari’s books: Love Her Well, More Than a Mom, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know,  Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?, 10 Dating Truths Girls Should Know

o   Conta...

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