Giving Voice to Depression

Giving Voice to Depression

Depression affects more than 375,000,000 worldwide. So, if you don't have it yourself, you know someone who does. Giving Voice to Depression was founded to start discussions that reduce stigma and promote understanding. We look at depression from many angles. Terry McGuire, a journalist with depression interviews a guest each week about their experience of depression. Some have episodes, others live with the mood disorder chronically. All share things that do and do not help their mental-health management. After the pre-produced/edited guest's story, Terry and cohost/licensed therapist Dr. Anita Sanz comment on the issues presented. The episodes are informative, hopeful and seldom depressing. It's time to shine some light on depression's darkness! Join us.


May 21, 2024 20 mins

In "When You Need to Let it Out," hosts Terry and Anita welcome guest Paula to share her journey with depression. Paula defies the stereotype of someone living with depression, appearing energetic and confident on the surface. However, she opens up about her struggles and how she came to terms with her mental health.

Paula shares her experience of growing up in various countries before settling in the US, where she di...

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"Listening is a Loving Gift We Can All Offer" delves into the profound act of listening as a powerful tool in supporting those living with depression. 

Robert, a trained and experienced "listener," shares insights from years of experience at a crisis hotline where he demonstrated the significance of genuine, empathetic listening. 

Robert discusses the dual perspective of experiencing depression...

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This episode delves into the experiences of Natasha, a mother who shares her journey through postpartum depression (PPD). Natasha recounts her initial lack of recognition of PPD symptoms despite prior education on the topic, attributing it to the overwhelming life changes accompanying motherhood. She reflects on her reluctance to acknowledge or share her feelings, viewing them as signs of weakness, and the impact of societal expect...

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In this episode of Giving Voice to Depression, we delve into the often-misunderstood realm of postpartum depression (PPD), a silent struggle affecting approximately one in 8 new mothers. While the birth of a baby is traditionally associated with joy and excitement, for some, it can trigger unexpected emotions, including anxiety and depression.

Hosts Dr Anita Sanz and Terry McGuire explore the nuances between the common "baby bl...

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In this inspiring follow-up episode, we revisit the remarkable journey of Jonny and Neil, whose lives intersected on a bridge during a mental health crisis, altering their paths forever. Six years after their life-saving encounter, they reunite as partners in mental health advocacy, spreading a message of hope and recovery.

Jonny and Neil's reunion is a testament to the enduring power of connection and the profound impact of co...

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In this poignant episode of the Giving Voice to Depression podcast, we explore a chance encounter that changed lives forever. Join us as we hear from two remarkable individuals: Jonny, who stood on the edge, and Neil, whose compassion halted tragedy.

Jonny ran from a psychiatric hospital to a nearby bridge, consumed by despair. But Neil appeared, offering a lifeline of understanding and empathy. Their exchange became a turning point...

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We're not taught how to have these conversations.: A friend or family member is struggling. Maybe they're just "not themselves." Maybe they're suicidal.
How do we offer support them?
What do we say? What do we need to avoid saying?
What can we do that's actually helpful?
In this episode we explore a list of real-world tested ways we learn from someone who has struggled mightily ...

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For the past two weeks we've explored ways to reach out for support if you are the one struggling. Today we shift gears. What if you know someone who seems really depressed--maybe even suicidal, and they're not reaching out.
How do you reach IN?
In the first of two episodes, our return guest Sam Dylan Finch details how people have shown up for him in helpful and meaningful ways.
Not knowing what to do is not ...

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How many times have you heard: "Reach out if you are struggling."But it's not as easy or clear as it sounds. How? What if you don't even know what you want or need? What if your depression has convinced you no one cares, that you don't deserve help, or that you are a bother to people?It can all sound straight forward and obvious from the outside, or from wellness. But in dark times, or hours of crisis, noth...

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How many times have you heard: "Reach out if you are struggling."But how? What should you say? When should you say it and to whom? It can all sound straight forward and obvious from the outside, or from wellness. But in dark times, or hours of crisis, nothing is clear. And with depression convincing you no one cares about or would want to help you, it's even more complicated. An articulate, caring and experienced men...

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"Carrying Buckets of Water for Those Still in the Fire" is a continuation of John's story from last week (#297- When You Learn That What You're Feeling Has a Name:") 

Despite delving into psychology, battling bouts of depression his whole life, and tirelessly researching his own mind and body, John struggled to piece together his inner turmoil. 

It wasn't until he connected with other...

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In this episode of Giving Voice to Depression, join us as we delve into John's journey of self-discovery. Struggling with the end of a relationship and battling Covid, John confronted the depths of his despair, only to realize that what he's been living with and battling most of his life has a name: depression. Tune in as we explore the societal pressures and personal revelations that led John to acknowledge his mental he...

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In this poignant episode of Giving Voice to Depression, titled "Why You Have to Tell Someone if You're Suicidal," we delve into the critical importance of telling someone if you're struggling with suicidal ideation-- EVEN IF you believe no one cares or any of the other lies that depression is likely telling you.

Our guest  Katie, bravely shares her personal experience of planning to end her life and the...

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February 20, 2024 25 mins

In this compelling episode, Katie shares her deeply personal journey through two distinct emergencies: one marked by psychiatric crisis and the other by physical trauma. With raw honesty, she contrasts her experiences navigating the emergency healthcare system during a period of intense vulnerability.

First, Katie shares how, after detailed planning to end her life, she "broke down" and shared her plans with her sister. Th...

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February 13, 2024 22 mins

In this special Valentine's  episode of our podcast, we delve into the heartwarming journey of Kathleen and the transformative power of small gestures in igniting conversations about mental health. At the heart of this narrative lies "The Little Heart Project," a touching initiative born from personal struggle and a desire to spread love and understanding.

Kathleen's journey begins with a triggering trauma, leadi...

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In this deeply insightful episode of our podcast, we are joined by Liz, who shares her personal journey through various types of depression. With candid honesty, clarity and vulnerability, Liz opens up about her experiences, shedding light on the complexity of mental health struggles and the power of supportive friendships.

At the heart of this episode lies Liz's reflections on the pivotal role that caring friends can play in o...

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In this 18-minunte episode, we delve deep into the consequences of overlooking early symptoms of depression.  Join us as we sit down with Sally,  a senior citizen who has spent a lifetime battling depression that began in childhood, yet went undiagnosed and unaddressed for years.

As Sally recounts her journey, listeners are taken on a poignant exploration of the silent suffering experienced by many children who struggle with mental ...

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January 23, 2024 19 mins

When mental health management tools are discussed, there's the often-mentioned A-List: meds, therapy, getting outside, exercise, meditation, etc.

But when we talk with our weekly guests about what works for them, the list is lond and personalized.  It includes everything from creative projects like coloring to mood-lifting music, solo dancing, interacting with pets, caring for plants, watching funny movies and playin...

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In one of the most-practical episodes we've produced, we get into the weeds and look at how to keep yourself nourished, and your body and environment clean (enough)when you "just can't" because of depression.
Emily Derecktor, founder of the free online resource Cereal for Dinner, knows first-hand that depression can be disabling. She has compiled evidence-based, doable, realistic goals for survival when task...

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Depression is a thief. It steals our vitality, our sense of connection and worth. Our dreams. And sometimes our very will to live.

This week's guest, Emily Derecktor knows losses. She worked hard to do well in school, get into top universities and earn admittance to medical school.

And then depression stole that opportunity. For now, anyways.
In this episode Emily shares about her mental health journey, and the range of ways...

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