Glee on the Rocks: an unofficial Glee podcast

Glee on the Rocks: an unofficial Glee podcast

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May 16, 2023 55 mins

This is 4x17, "Guilty Pleasures." Sam and Blaine take the reins of the Glee Club, assigning the New Directions the task to tackle their musical guilty pleasures - the songs and artists they're too embarrassed to admit they love.  Over in New York City, Kurt's guilty pleasure isn't a song at all and Santana finally reveals Brody's big secret to Rachel. 

So tell us: what are your guilty pleasures?

Our wonder...

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This is 4x16, "Feud."  Close your eyes. Take it back to the early 2000s. The time of the great music feuds.  *Nsync vs. BSB.  Britney vs. Christina.  Madonna vs. Elton John??  We guess this was a feud.  And now, Finn Hudson vs. Will Schuester. 

Tensions are still raging between Finn and Mr. Schue, so The New Directions force them into a lesson about famous music feuds in order to sing out their feelings. Sue tries to brin...

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March 16, 2023 64 mins

This is 4x15 - "Girls (and Boys) on Film." Glee hits us with another tribute, mash-up, and boys v girls episode all in one. Once more its the New Directions girls verses boys as they pay tribute to the music of the movies, you know, instead of rehearsing for Regionals.  Over in New York, Santana is stirring things up in the Bushwick loft while Kurt starts to confront his feelings for Blaine.

Glee also celebrates their 500th so...

Mark as Played
January 9, 2023 70 mins

This is 4x14 - "I Do." This episode we're joined by a very special guest - Star aka Littlemissstar55 from Bookstagram. A fellow survivor of the Glee fandom, Star is here to help us break down the saphhic highs of this honestly pretty fun episode.

It's a Valentine's Day and wedding episode all rolled into one, so you know there's double the drama as New Directions alumni reunite for Will and Emma's wedding.  Old relationships a...

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Hey, Gleeks! This is a rerelease of 2020 episode covering S3E9, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas." And this time, it's actually the holidays. Enjoy. (And yes, that's our old theme music.)

This is S3E9, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas." The New Directions are asked to create a holiday special for their local PBS station, directed by their very own Artie; Sue looks for volunteers to help out at the homeless shelter she is apparently ver...

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December 14, 2022 61 mins

This is 4x13 - "Diva." In order to pump the New Directions up for Regionals, Finn challenges the Glee Club to find their inner Divas.  Tina, still crushing hard on Blaine, crosses a line. Tired of Rachel's egoism, Kurt challenges her Midnight Madness - a fight club style sing-off between NYADA members.  At least the music is banging in this episode.

Our wonderful sound engineer is Adriana.

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December 1, 2022 68 mins

This is 4x12 - "Naked." With the Warblers out of Regionals, Tina proposes The New Directions put together a "Men of McKinley" calendar to raise the money to get to the competition. Good Guy Blaine Anderson helps Sam with his college admissions essay by showing him how much he's affected his friends over the years. In New York, Rachel earns a role in a student film, but finds herself caught up in a moral dilemma.

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November 15, 2022 101 mins

Hello Friends! We've got a supersized, wide-ranging episode for you featuring a super fun guest: Jon, host of the incredible Life's But a Song podcast.

This is 4x11, "Sadie Hawkins." At a student council meeting, Tina works to organize a Sadie Hawkins dance at McKinley High. Meanwhile, Sam looks for evidence that The Dalton Academy Warblers cheated at Sectionals.

We talk with Jon about how we got into the Glee fandom, the evergreen...

Mark as Played
October 13, 2022 58 mins

No tricks, just treats! Holy shit we're alive. Has it been an embarrassingly long time between episodes? Yep. Are we sorry about that? Sure are. But we're here and we've got a Christmas episode for you.

This is 4x10 - "Glee, Actually." Artie experiences a full It's a Wonderful Life dream sequence when he slips on some ice. Meanwhile, Sam and Brittany worry about the end of the world due to the Mayan Apocalypse. Over in New York, Da...

Mark as Played
August 10, 2022 52 mins

This is 4x09, "Swan Song." The New Directions are on shaky ground after the stunning events at Sectionals. Finn attempts to keep the Glee Club together by getting them ready for an upcoming holiday concert. In New York, Rachel prepares for the Winter Showcase and Kurt gets a second shot at auditioning for NYADA.

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June 3, 2022 57 mins

This is 4x08, "Thanksgiving."  Some of the Glee Club Alumni come home for the holidays and end up paired with the New Directions newbies to give them pre-Sectionals guidance. Meanwhile, Kurt and Rachel opt to stay in New York to avoid the heartbreak and drama of Lima, Ohio and host their own orphan's Thanksgiving, with a little help from Isabelle Wright and friends.  At Sectionals, the New Directions battle it out against...

Mark as Played
May 3, 2022 79 mins

This is 4x07, "Dynamic Duets."  The Dalton Academy Warblers are back with a brand new leader and that leader is not even remotely bi-curious. They've also stolen the New Directions'  Nationals trophy in attempt to lure Blaine back to Dalton. Jake and Ryder continue to fight over Marley, who honestly has enough to deal with. Meanwhile, there is no New York in this episode.  Oh, and Lighthouse guy is in this episode.


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March 17, 2022 60 mins

This is 4x06, "Glease." It's time for the McKinley High production of Grease! Unique is pulled out of musical by her parents, so Santana is called in to fill the role.  Sue and Kitty battle over who gets to be the most offensive character on the show this week, and Kurt and Rachel agonize over seeing their exes as they return to McKinley to support their friends.  Meanwhile, Mr. Schue finally lets the Glee club know about...

Mark as Played
March 1, 2022 47 mins

This is 4x05, "The Role You Were Born to Play." It's time for Grease auditions at McKinley. Marley and Kitty, and Jake and new-recruit Ryder Flynn compete for the coveted lead roles of Sandy and Danny.  Artie enlists Finn to co-direct the musical while Mike and Mercedes return to lend their expertise.  Meanwhile, Blaine scrapbooks his feelings.

This episode is sponsored by Zencastr, our favorite podcasting tool. We've bee...

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January 21, 2022 79 mins

This is 4x04, "The Break Up."  This episode we're joined by certified Gleeks and hosts of The Gleek of the Week podcast, Allison and Andrew.

Things are not sunshine and roses (red or yellow) for the main couples on Glee.  Blaine is feeling left behind in Lima while Kurt is off building a new life in New York, Brittany and Santana struggle with the Glee-alities of a long distance relationship, and Rachel is growing closer ...

Mark as Played
December 8, 2021 53 mins

This is 4x03 - "Makeover." Blaine is lonely in Lima without Kurt and opts to make the most of his senior year in McKinley by joining every club in sight...and deciding to run for class president against Brittany.  Over in New York, Kurt is nervous for his big interview at (but he's got his lucky hippo broach at hand) and Rachel gets a bit of a makeover.

This episode is sponsored by Zencastr, our favorite podcasting t...

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November 12, 2021 52 mins

This is 4x02 - "Britney 2.0." Brittany's back, baby! Actually she never left, she's still there roaming the hallways as a super senior.  In order to cheer Brit up, Mr. Schue sets an assignment for the New Directions to revisit the music of Britney Spears.  Over in the NYC timeline, Rachel attempts to prove to her dance instructor, Cassandra July, that she does in fact have sex appeal. Kurt applies for a very important int...

Mark as Played

This is 4x01 - "The New Rachel."  The new season begins with old friends and new faces, and a whole lot of storylines, as Glee attempts a soft reset. Back in good old McKinley High, the Glee Club is both competing amongst themselves over who will become the new Rachel (instead of just being equal players) and holding auditions for new members.  Over in New York, Rachel Berry clashes with her new dance teacher (guest star ...

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September 1, 2021 81 mins

This is S3E22, "Goodbye."  Senior year for (some) of the New Directions is coming to an end and so is season 3 of Glee.  Rachel, Finn, and Kurt find out whether or not they've been accepted to college, Kurt and Blaine struggle with the path of their relationship, and everyone has to contemplate just what the future holds.

This episode is sponsored by Zencastr, our favorite podcasting tool. We've been fans of Zencastr sinc...

Mark as Played
July 30, 2021 56 mins

This is S3E21, "Nationals." Nationals are here and naturally things aren't going 100% for The New Directions.  Mercedes falls ill just before the big day and last minute rehearsals turn chaotic. Rachel hopes for a second shot at NYADA and even Unique has doubts about her talents.

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