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The Global Trade Gal Podcast gives international entrepreneurship, trade, business, and supply chain management advice. The Global Trade Gal - Anita - has over 30 years of experience living and working overseas as an entrepreneur. The Global Trade Gal podcast gives information, stories, advice - anything to do with entrepreneurship, trade, supply chain management, living and working overseas, creating, developing, and manufacturing home decor and home furnishing products. Anita’s company, Mondoro, sponsors the Global Trade Gal podcast; Mondoro designs, develops, and manufactures home decor and home furnishing products for the US market. To find out more about Anita and Mondoro, you can visit their website at


February 26, 2024 9 mins

Packaging excellence is the linchpin of product quality across the supply chain. Discover the vital role ply values play in corrugated cartons, unraveling the layers of 3-ply, 5-ply, and 7-ply constructions. Join us on The Carton Chronicles to unpack the secrets behind top-tier packaging and elevate your understanding of carton quality.

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Unlock the secrets to successful product sourcing with Mondoro! 🌍 Join us as we share our wealth of experience and delve into the 5 most common errors in product procurement. Learn from our costly lessons and gain valuable insights to avoid pitfalls like 'too good to be true' deals and catch-and-bait pricing schemes.

Tune in to discover the importance of understanding a vendor's manufacturing capabilities,...

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Uncover the surprising link between the rise of rattan furniture and Southeast Asia's colonization. As Western powers explored and colonized the region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, they discovered unique materials like rattan, palm, and bamboo.

Join us as we explore how these colonizers ingeniously crafted chairs for comfort, adapting to a new environment where sitting on chairs was not a traditional pra...

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In this podcast, Anita delves into the depths of organizational consciousness, unraveling how it shapes an enterprise's identity, values, and impacts. From questioning purpose to redefining responsibility, we uncover the transformative power of organizational awareness. Simultaneously, we shine a light on social consciousness, where acknowledging and actively addressing societal issues are integral to corporate strategy.

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In this episode, Anita sheds light on the misunderstood concept of Social Environmental Responsibility, a term echoing in corporate boardrooms worldwide. Learn how companies can balance profitability with societal and environmental well-being, understanding the profound impact on poverty eradication.

🔍 Explore the nexus between profits, social responsibility, and environmental consciousness.
💡 Uncover the untapped potential fo...

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Join Anita, the voice behind Global Trade Gal, as she delves into the complexities of supply chain dynamics in the post-COVID era. Can a supply chain truly be both efficient and responsive? Tune in to unravel the secrets of achieving the perfect equilibrium! 🌐🚚

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In this episode, Anita delves into the inspiring work of Project Sprouts and their collaboration with Mondoro to support elementary schools in North Vietnam. Learn about the daily struggles of children and their families in impoverished mountain villages, where education is a precious yet challenging pursuit. From the dedicated efforts of Project Sprouts to the impact on students and teachers, this episode highlights the transforma...

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Join Anita on Global Trade Gal as she simplifies the intricacies of Strategic Sourcing in today’s competitive landscape. Learn the seven key steps to enhance your supply chain, optimize costs, and ensure top-notch product quality. Discover the secrets to building vendor partnerships that transcend transactions and foster long-term growth. Tune in to empower your sourcing decisions and lead your team to success!

To learn mo...

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Join Anita on Global Trade Gal as she delves into the world of disruptive innovation. Drawing inspiration from the insights of the late Clay Christensen, this episode unravels the transformative impact of identifying untapped market segments and introducing groundbreaking business models. Discover how disruptive innovation reshapes industries from the periphery to the mainstream, creating waves of change. Tune in for a deep dive in...

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Join Anita on Global Trade Gal as she shares essential insights in '10 Tips On Loading A Dry Shipping Container: What You Need To Know.' Knowing how to load a dry shipping container is crucial for safe and successful global shipments. Discover the secrets to proper loading to ensure your goods arrive securely. Don't miss this episode—it's a game-changer for anyone in the world of international trade!


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Join Anita, a seasoned traveler who has called many corners of Asia home. In this episode, she unveils the secrets behind her must-have travel items and why they're crucial for any globetrotter. From water bottles to cleansers, each item has a unique role in keeping Anita safe and healthy during her adventures in the most remote locations.

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Join Anita on Global Trade Gal as she delves into the transformative world of Impact Sourcing—one of the hottest buzzwords today. Discover how businesses can make a difference by employing socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, actively contributing to the global fight against poverty. Learn why Impact Sourcing is more than just outsourcing—it's a powerful tool for positive change in people's lives and commu...

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Join Anita on Global Trade Gal as she sheds light on the Standard Light Bulb Base Socket Types and Sizes. Don't be in the dark about E-26, E-12, E-19, and E-39 sockets – unravel the mysteries with us! 💡

You can learn more about What are the Standard Light Bulb Base Socket Types and Sizes? by clicking here.

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Join Anita, the voice behind Global Trade Gal, as she dives into the intricacies of safety ratings in Canada. 🍁 Ever wondered if the UL rating is acceptable up north? Tune in to unravel the mystery!

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by clicking here

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Join Anita on the "Global Trade Gal" show as she dives deep into the world of Mother of Pearl, exploring its beauty and the challenge of distinguishing the real from the fake. Mother of Pearl, a stunning material sourced from the ocean floor, has captivated enthusiasts for centuries. Discover essential tips to ensure the authenticity of your Mother of Pearl, especially when it comes to home decor and furnishings. Don&apos...

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Join Anita as she explores the profound impact of home decor on our lives. Discover the secrets behind why our homes are more than just spaces—they're reflections of our identity, well-being, and connections with others.

You can learn  more about Why Home Decor Matters? 10 Reasons Why Home Decor Matters by clicking here.

#HomeDecorMatters #GlobalTradeGalPodcast #DesigningLives #SpacesThatSpeak #DecorateWithPurpose #Hom...

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Join your host, Anita, on Global Trade Gal, as we explore the Streaming Wars era. 🍿🎬 Uncover the rise and fall of Blockbuster, the unstoppable ascent of Netflix, and the secrets to surviving in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Tune in and stay ahead of the competition!

You can read more about Netflix & Blockbuster – Case Study Of Disruptive Innovation by clicking here.

#StreamingWars #NetflixVsBlockbuster #Disrupt...

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Join us as we delve into the world of Conscious Capitalism Chronicles. Discover how numerous companies scaled back production and laid off employees without offering a safety net—leading to considerable hardship for families and communities. On the bright side, some businesses survived and flourished amidst various challenges. These successful enterprises demonstrate the critical importance of incorporating social consciousness, no...

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Welcome to the Global Trade Gal podcast! 🌍 I'm your host, Anita. At the heart of every action in the supply chain lies communication. Undoubtedly, it stands as the most pivotal element for anyone navigating the intricacies of the supply chain, especially on a global scale. Information equates to both time and money. Miscommunication or lacking vital information can lead to delays, increased costs, and challenges. Join us as w...

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Join Anita on "Global Trade Gal" as we explore the fascinating world behind your local grocery store. 🌍🛒 Discover how every item on the shelf is a thread in the intricate global supply chain, connecting continents, cultures, and climates. 🌏🤝 Tune in to uncover the secrets and significance of this hidden network that brings products from around the world to your neighborhood. 🌐🍎

You can learn more about The...

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