GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast

GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast

GOD: An Autobiography, As Told to a Philosopher - The Podcast is a true story of a philosopher’s conversations with God. Dr. Jerry L. Martin was a lifelong agnostic. But one day he had occasion to pray. To his vast surprise, God answered - in words. Being a philosopher, he had a lot of questions. And God had a lot to tell him. Dr. Martin served as head of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the University of Colorado philosophy department. Find out more at www.GodAnAutobiography.com


April 11, 2024 17 mins

In this special episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast, we revisit God Takes Me Back To The Beginning Of Everything. Join this exploration of cosmic origins as Jerry recounts a profound experience of being guided by the voice of God back to the dawn of creation.

As Jerry attempts to comprehend the unfathomable concept of Nothingness, God's narrative unfolds, revealing insights into the emergence of consciousne...

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In times of adversity, many seek solace and guidance from God. But does God respond to our calls in moments of pain? Join us as we explore the role of divine presence amidst life's challenges.
This From God To Jerry To You challenges conventional notions of God as a rescuer from hardships. Rather, Jerry prompts us to consider if God is more of an ally of strength, wisdom, and love during times of struggle – shifting ...

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Join Jerry L. Martin and Scott Langdon for a captivating discussion on spirituality and storytelling. They explore the complexities of human ambition, historical interpretation, and religious narratives, finding rich insights in characters like Lady Macbeth and ancient Greek tragedies. Through engaging dialogues, they illuminate how acting serves as a conduit for understanding the essence of God.

Their exploration extends beyond aca...

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In this episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast, join host Scott Langdon and Dr. Jerry L. Martin as they revisit the first communication from previous special guest and renowned author Matt Cardin.

As Jerry shares his unexpected dialogues with God, Matt Cardin is inspired to recount his equally mesmerizing encounters with a muse or demon. Jerry and Matt offer insights into their profound philosophical quests and the ...

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Join God: An Autobiography, The Podcast for profound discussions on spirituality, philosophy, and human connection. This Life Wisdom Project explores the fascinating intersection of Jewish wisdom, erotic energy, and the Yetzer Harah (evil urge).

Dr. Jerry L. Martin and Dr. Michael Poliakoff engage in thought-provoking dialogue, drawing insights from Jewish scholars like Martin Buber and exploring sanctifying the ordinary ...

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In this special episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast, we revisit A New Journey Begins. Join this exploration of the transformative nature of encountering God's presence firsthand, moving beyond abstract concepts to engage in profound conversations where Jerry unveils a dynamic and compassionate God—a being of pure love and vitality.

Inspired by Martin Buber's philosophical struggles and personal epiphan...

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Experience the profound journey of faith and obedience in God: An Autobiography, The Podcast. Join Jerry L. Martin, an agnostic philosopher turned vessel for divine communication, as he navigates the complexities of spiritual guidance in everyday life.

Have you ever felt the gentle nudges of divine intervention during your morning routine? In this captivating episode, Jerry delves deep into the intersection of faith and ob...

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Join Scott Langdon and Dr. Jerry L. Martin as they share touching anecdotes about life's journey and divine guidance.

Scott recounts a moment of social anxiety and purpose during an audition in Manhattan. What roles do we play in others' lives? Jerry shares a heartwarming story about the importance of cherishing love, with a relatable twist. From Jerry's heartfelt advice to a couple (while leaving his love ...

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Join Scott Langdon and Dr. Jerry L. Martin in this thought-provoking What's on Your Mind as they explore divine direction and communication.

Through the personal narratives of Kent and Pam, Scott and Jerry investigate the impact of perceived divine messages on the courses of lives and the discernment necessary to distinguish divine messages from inner monologue.

Each letter offers valuable insights into the...

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Join us in welcoming Judy Dornstreich back to The Life Wisdom Project. Judy, whose journey has taken her dancing around the Caribbean, joins Jerry for a profound discussion on a different kind of dance - that between the conscious mind and the universe's divine pulse. Drawing from transformative experiences and wisdom gained from spiritual teachers, Judy imparts insights that resonate deeply.

In this episode of The Life Wisdom ...

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Join us for a captivating revisit of I Learn The History Of God's Relationship With Humans at the intriguing intersection of scientific musings from the past and God's narrative. 

This exploration transcends historical anecdotes and examines the profound human endeavor to comprehend the world. Discover the spectrum of human thought, ranging from intricate philosophical puzzles about intentionality and consciousne...

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Investigate the mysteries of ego as Dr. Jerry L. Martin takes you on an insightful journey in this episode of From God To Jerry To You.

God's responses to Jerry's heartfelt prayers reveal profound insights into the nature of ego and humility. Through direct communication with the divine, Jerry navigates the essence of ego when his unique mission from God sparks a surge of pride, momentarily disrupting his connect...

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In a special episode of What's On Our Mind, Scott Langdon and Dr. Jerry L. Martin reflect on suffering and divine perspectives. Revisiting Jonathan Weidenbaum's rejection of nihilism after a year of loss, they discuss unconventional responses to suffering and the search for meaning.

The hosts explore the ineffable nature of the divine, emphasizing the interconnectedness between playing a character and our relatio...

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In this insightful episode of What's On Your Mind from God: An Autobiography, Scott and Jerry share a letter from the previous Life Wisdom Project guest, Ajit Dass. Listeners are treated to a captivating discussion about the diverse aspects of God's story, touching on philosophy, spirituality, and the evolution of human understanding.

Ajit reviews the profound revelations of the book God: An Autobiography and ref...

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In this profound episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast, join host Scott Langdon and join the transformative conversation between Dr. Jerry L. Martin and returning special guest Dr. Jonathan Weidenbaum. After hearing from Jonathan about living truthfully, explore this new discussion that unfolds the essence of wisdom- a journey through life that teaches us to discern what truly matters.

Meet Dr. Jonathan Weidenbaum...

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In this captivating episode philosopher Jerry L. Martin engages in a profound conversation with God, exploring ego, flattery, and the purpose of human suffering. As Jerry seeks God's wisdom on navigating the delicate balance between healthy self-appreciation and destructive ego, embark on a reflective journey through the challenges of healing a bruised ego and living in tandem with divine guidance.

Reflecting on a poi...

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In a thought-provoking episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast, Dr. Jerry L. Martin engages in a profound dialogue with God, diving into the intricate concept of sin.

Dr. Martin challenges traditional perspectives, suggesting that sins are not mere wrong actions but conditions of the soul in need of healing. God's response offers a transformative viewpoint on forgiveness, underscoring the significance of releas...

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Embark on a captivating journey into spirituality, self-discovery, and the mysterious realms of reality and God with What's On Our Mind in this episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast.

In this installment, Scott and Jerry explore Shelly's letter, unraveling the profound encounter of hearing the voice of God and navigating the essence of divine presence and communication. The authoritative voice of God comma...

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This meaningful episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast, explores the intimate intersection of spirituality and personal experience. The central focus is a heartfelt letter from a listener named Shelly, detailing her journey with faith, prayers, and the challenges she faced as a single mother. Shelly's narrative unfolds as she recounts pivotal moments of seeking solace in a little church from her childhood, desperately p...

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Embark on a transformative journey with the latest episode of God: An Autobiography, The Podcast | The Life Wisdom Project. Special guest Ajit Dass joins the conversation, bringing insightful perspectives while exploring and comparing the messages from God: An Autobiography and Conversations with God.

Dr. Jerry L. Martin engages Ajit in a thought-provoking discussion about the depth of life experiences, the importance of ...

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