Grounded | The Vestibular Podcast

Grounded | The Vestibular Podcast

Dr. Madison Oak, PT, DPT presents education and support for those with dizziness, vertigo, and vestibular disorders. We will cover Vestibular Migraine, Meniere's Disease, Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness, and more! Give us a follow @TheVertigoDoctor & @Grounded.Vestibular.Pod and request what you'd like to hear us chat about next!


July 23, 2024 25 mins

Visual Vertigo is one of the most common symptoms in the vestibular world. There is actually a ton you can do about it, too!

In this episode we discuss visual vertigo, what the treatment looks like, how we can manage it, how you can return to the grocery store, and more! Tune in to learn with me and feel better faster!

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In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Drew, PT, DPT, to explore the intricate relationship between neck pain and dizziness. Many people don't realize how closely these two issues are connected and how addressing one can often help alleviate the other. Dr. Drew shares his expertise on the underlying causes of neck pain and dizziness, common symptoms, and effective treatment strategies.

We'll discuss how poor posture, muscle ...

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In this episode of Grounded, Dr. Madison explores the essential skill of setting boundaries to protect your time, energy, and emotional health. And of course, how it related to managing your dizziness.

Join us as we delve into what boundaries are, why they're crucial for our well-being, and practical steps to establish and maintain them. We'll address common challenges like guilt, pushback, and fear of conflict, offering st...

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In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Dr. Joe Burkeland, concussion physical therapist therapist, to delve into the critical world of concussion rehabilitation. Joe explains why effective concussion treatment is essential for recovery and long-term health. We explore the connection between concussions and dizziness, unraveling how these injuries disrupt the vestibular system and lead to persistent dizziness.


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In this episode, we sit down with Alicia Wolf, the founder of The Dizzy Cook, to explore her inspiring journey with vestibular migraine. Alicia shares her personal story, detailing her life before and after her diagnosis, and how her experience with chronic migraine led her to become a culinary expert dedicated to helping others with similar diagnoses.

We dive into Alicia's professional background, her transition into the worl...

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In this episode, we delve into Stephanie B. Looney's inspiring 11-year journey with vestibular migraine. Stephanie shares her experiences navigating various treatments and therapies, highlighting the challenges and triumphs along the way. Despite the ups and downs, Stephanie has always found solace and strength in the supportive community around her. We explore why having a community matters in managing vestibular migraine, pro...

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In this enlightening episode, we welcome Dr. Emily Kostelnik, PhD, to discuss the critical role of hope and mindset in managing Vestibular Migraine. Dr. Kostelnik shares her expertise on how a positive outlook and resilient mindset can significantly impact the journey to recovery.

We delve into practical strategies for fostering hope, maintaining a proactive mindset, and overcoming the challenges associated with vestibular di...

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In this insightful episode, Dr. Madison Oak and Dr. Jenna delve into a common concern for those with vestibular migraine: Does movement make you dizzy? We discuss the challenges of returning to physical activity when living with vestibular migraine and provide practical strategies to help you reintroduce movement into your life safely.

We explore how to recognize and overcome the fear of movement, the importance of gentle and gradu...

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In this episode, we delve into the essentials of creating a comprehensive toolkit for managing vestibular migraine. We'll walk you through the key components that can help you navigate the complexities of this condition and improve your daily life. From effective medication strategies and dietary adjustments to stress management techniques and targeted exercises, we cover it all.

Join us as we explore practical tips and persona...

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In this episode of Grounded we delve into the crucial journey of finding the right doctor for your vestibular disorder. Join us as we explore the complexities of vestibular conditions and the challenges patients face in seeking proper diagnosis and treatment.

I'll offering valuable insights into the qualities to look for in a vestibular specialist. From understanding different treatment approaches to advocating for yourself wi...

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Welcome to another episode, today we're honored to sit down with Aytul, a courageous member of our VGFit and SGC communities who has navigated the challenging terrain of long COVID, vestibular hypofunction/neuritis, and PPPD (Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness). 

Join us as Aytul opens up about her journey from debilitating symptoms to reclaiming her role as a single mom, balancing work commitments, and striving to r...

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Use code HBD29 for 29% off your new VGFit subscription, today, 5/7/24, only!

Celebrate Mother's Day with a special episode dedicated to all the mothers navigating life with vestibular disorders. Join us as we explore practical strategies for managing symptoms, including the importance of pacing, self-care, and finding balance in daily life.

Discover how to make Mother's Day more enjoyable and manageable, despite the challe...

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Mom of two active tweens, Courtney is sharing her journey from surviving on the couch to thriving as a mom, business owner, and more. Courtney talks through her journey with getting a Meniere's Disease diagnosis, adding on Vestibular Migraine and PPPD, and where she is now.

Currently, Courtney is back to work owning a Boutique real estate company in North Carolina, driving her kids to all of their activities, moving her body, a...

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Tune in to our latest Q&A episode where we dive into a myriad of topics essential for your well-being and adventure. From insightful tips on trip planning for road trips to demystifying Botox treatments for Vestibular Migraine, we cover it all.

Learn about military neck, prodrome symptoms, and the lesser-known symptoms of Vestibular Migraine. Curious about Small Group Coaching? We've got you covered. Join us for expert ins...

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Join us on our podcast as we explore the intricate dynamics of human motivation. Contrary to popular belief, humans aren't inherently motivated. We dissect the crucial disparity between motivation and consistency, uncovering why the latter holds the key to sustainable progress. Discover how understanding this distinction can revolutionize your approach to personal growth and success. Tune in as we unravel the mysteries behind mot...
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In this episode, we discover Tamara's profound vestibular journey on our podcast. As a Vestibular Group Fit participant, she recounts her path to remission from vestibular migraine and PPPD.

Tamara's narrative emphasizes the pivotal role of personalizing programming, highlighting the impact of movement, mindset, support, and education in managing vestibular disorders. Tune in to explore her inspiring story of resilience an...

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April 2, 2024 15 mins

Vestibular Migraine is manageable, and knowing the phases so you can understand YOUR symptoms is so important!

Interictal, prodrome, aura, attack, and post drome all are phases of migraine and can all last differing amounts of time. They also are all treated differently!

Listen in to learn more!

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If you have vestibular migraine, you've probably been told to take a few supplements, this is normal, and there's good research to support quite a few of them!

Here are a few supplements that can be incredibly helpful. Of course we will cover Magnesium and Riboflavin, but let's go deeper into what works on a deeper brain health and brain energy level, too!

Resources Mentioned:

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Moving your body when you have migraine is incredible important, especially with vestibular migraine. In this episode, Emily Cordes, exercise physiolgist and Dr. Madison Oak, Vestibular PT dive into the how to of moving your body again with a chronic illness.

Taking it slowly, avoiding the boom and bust cycle, and getting to a place of self compassion is incredible vital. Today, we get into how exactly to do that!

Connect with...

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Rose Kappel is a 25 year old with vestibular hypofunction and migraine! Her dizziness has been on and off for 10 years, and upon her second big episode, she joined Vestibular Group Fit. In Vestibular Group Fit, she was able to shift her mindset, see how other people were undoing the chronic dizziness, and return to her favorite thing, running and soccer!

Topics Covered:

  • Returning to work/school and talk to her bosses/pre...
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