Growing Social Now with Barbara Rozgonyi

Growing Social Now with Barbara Rozgonyi

Produced for both aspiring and recognized digital thought leaders, the show focuses on how social media contributes to creating and sustaining business in social selling, brand storytelling, content marketing, social search, AI, social media, digital marketing, and digital PR, Barbara interviews friends in high places. Tune into smart insights that will keep you on top of today's fast-emerging trends. Grow your social business, reach, and relationships with Barbara Rozgonyi.


June 28, 2024 15 mins

Where do you go to mine digital marketing gold? How about Charlotte, NC - the place where the gold rush started? Listen in as Barbara Rozgonyi, a fractional CMO and CEO of CoryWest Media, shares insights from DigiMarCon Southeast Atlantic in Charlotte where she presented "PR in the Digital Age: How to Amplify Your Brand's Voice Through Integrated Marketing."
You'll learn how to shift your perception of marke...

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Is the marketing world facing a hidden recession? Discover the truth behind the numbers with me, Barbara Rozgonyi, in this eye-opening episode of Growing Social Now News. Based on an exclusive survey by Bospar, CMO Huddles, and Redpoint, we uncover how 121 CMOs are grappling with budget cuts, extended deal cycles, and significant layoffs despite a flourishing stock market. Tune in to learn why 69% of these marketing leaders believe...

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Fresh from visiting the future of marketing at AMA Chicago's BrandSmart 2024, your Growing Social Now Host Barbara Rozgonyi, dissects the revolutionary ideas and trends reshaping our industry. Expect to hear about the seismic shifts AI is causing in our field, not just in terms of efficiency but as a catalyst for creativity and connection.

 We'll reflect on the power of storytelling in brand identity, the evoluti...

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Discover the transformative power of podcasting in a conversation with two marketing mavens: Brandon Birkmeyer from Podcast Branding Academy and Barbara Rozgonyi, host of Growing Social Now and CEO of CoryWest Media.  Join us to discover how podcasting can catapult your brand into new places.

Brandon and Barbara dissect the nuances of crafting conversations that aren’t just interviews but collaborative creations, pro...
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Podcasting is the new king of the hill, and we've got the numbers to prove it! With 100 million Americans tuning into podcasts every week, the latest Edison Research Infinite Dial Report for 2024 reveals that podcasting isn't just for the tech-savvy or trendsetters anymore—it's a widespread phenomenon. This episode shines a light on the incredible surge in female listeners, who are now almost as likely to hit play on...

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95% of B2B buyers aren't actively hunting for new solutions. How can a marketer get their attention? From white papers to webinars, this episode explores how an hour per week of strategic content consumption is swaying decisions . Plus, we'll expose why a staggering 70% of executives are ditching traditional marketing for the credibility of thought leadership.

Get Key Takeaways for B2B Marketers from 2024 B2B Tho...

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Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and thought, "There's something incredible in there just waiting to burst out"? Our latest episode is bursting with the energy of someone who's dedicated her career to spotlighting that inner brilliance. We're joined by the sparkling Michelle Mckown-Campbell, who guides us through a transformational journey of self-discovery and empowerment. As we wea...

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How do you unlock the secrets of engaging customers and creating lasting brand affinity? Barbara Rozgonyi interviews Patrick Bernardi, the marketing maestro behind HuFriedyGroup. As Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick joins us to reveal the strategies that shape the future of marketing, from the resurgence of bustling trade shows to the influential world of dental influencer marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or simply intr...

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Ready to discover the secrets of cultivating community, personalizing marketing, and the power of personal brands?  In this episode, Barbara Rozgonyi interviews Elena Kacan about leveraging technology, managing communities, and crafting accessible yet memorable brand experiences.

Elena brings a unique perspective shaped by nearly a decade in marketing roles at both regional health provider Ortho Carolina and now global commerce expe...

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What do marketers need to know about AI right now - what are the best strategies and the biggest risks? Listen in as Barbara Rozgonyi and Phoebe Svoboda, a brilliant millennial marketer, explore the transformative impact of AI on marketing in 2023 and beyond. From unleashing creativity to navigating potential risks, they cover it what you need to know before 2024. 🚀🔮

Episode Highlights

🧠 AI as a Marketer's...

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What is Rizz? What is #BizRizz and why do you need it to be successful? Rizz, a 2023 word of the year, is short for charisma. You heard it here first! Beyond surface-level buzzwords, Growing Social Now uncovered a treasure trove of tactical personal branding and corporate branding insights from Bella Rose Mortel in her interview with Barbara Rozgonyi. Listen in to find out how you can bring Rizz to your biz - and your personal bran...

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In the ever-evolving realm of travel and tourism, staying ahead of emerging trends is paramount for marketers seeking to capture the attention of an adventurous audience. Expedia Group's Unpack '24 report serves as a strategic compass, providing destination marketers and travel professionals with exclusive insights into the key trends shaping the future of travel in 2024 including Generative AI, ChatGPT, and Vibe marketin...

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Are Your PR Strategies Keeping Pace with the Digital Shift in News Consumption?

In a world where information evolves at the speed of a click, the landscape of news consumption is undergoing a seismic shift. But here's the question: Are your public relations strategies evolving with it?

In the latest episode of "Growing Social Now New" hosted by the seasoned expert in socia...
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How does LinkedIn power relationships and impact companies?

Join Barbara Rozgonyi on the latest episode of "Growing Social Now News" as she unravels the secrets behind the influence of professional networks. Barbara highlights results from a groundbreaking Harvard Business School study that maps LinkedIn connections among over 7,700 public U.S. companies.  Listen in and get valuable insights for individuals and ...

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Ever wondered how to turn customers into lifelong fans? In this episode of Growing Social Now, dive deep into the world of Customer Experience (CX) with host Barbara Rozgonyi and CX expert Shelly Chandler. 🚀

🤔 Ever struggled to define CX or understand its role in marketing?
Shelly breaks it down—CX is about the customer's journey, emotions, and expectations at every touchpoint. It's a multidisciplinary approach invol...

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From the early days of social networks to the latest AI-powered tools like Microsoft Teams, let's explore the intersection of technology, culture, and productivity - and tells you what's coming next. Listen in as the co-founders of Social Media Club Chicago - Jeff Willinger, Microsoft MVP and Digital Experience Director at Withum, and Barbara Rozgonyi, a PR and digital marketing expert - take us on a journey through the c...

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The role of the fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has gained prominence as businesses seek outside expertise to thrive in today's landscape. To explore this emerging opportunity,  Barbara Rozgonyi, an experienced marketing consultant and fractional CMO, answers your questions.

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO provides on-demand guidance to create change. They audit a business from all angles and craft strategies...

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What could a mindset shift do for you and your people? Lisa Sharapata, CMO of The Arbinger Institute - and one of the 10 most influential CMOs to follow in 2023 -  talks about how much a shift from an inward to an outward mindset matters, in social media, the modern buying experience, collaboration within the marketing community – and everyday life with Barbara Rozgonyi, host of Growing Social Now.

Key Highlights

Embracing Passion Ov...

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Did you know the VR market is expected to surpass $10 trillion by 2030? Listen in as Leslie Marshall, CMO of Mesmerise tells you why now is the time to activate VR/AR/MR. Leslie shares how marketing professionals and comms experts can think about how tech like AR/VR/MR applies to their work and the kinds of immersive experiences they can create for their employees and customers.

Exploring Possibilities: An Interview with L...

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What lens do you use for your social media marketing? In this episode of Growing Social Now, Nicholas J. Love tells you why you need a challenger lens to innovate and connect with your core communities. Listen in as Nicholas and Barbara Rozgonyi, your show host, explore the latest social media trends you need to tap into now - like filtering everything through a challenger lens. 

Meet Nicholas J. Love, an accomplished mark...

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