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The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide empowers women over 40 in taking charge of their lives. If you're ready to ask for what you want and reinvent your life, whether it's through career change, discovering new ways to manage money, or achieving peak physical, emotional or mental wellness through better health and fitness, TGAWG has your back. This stage of life (dare I say midlife?) comes with its own unique challenges. But it also is a huge opportunity to shift your mindset, discover what's next and take action. I'm your host, Jackie MacDougall, CEO of Grown-Ass Creative, and a woman over 50. My mission is to have conversations that help us all create more connected relationships with our partners, family and friends, learn how to feel better in our bodies, build more confidence and become an even better version of ourselves -- because we are more than worth it. Let's do it together.


April 11, 2024 42 mins

Have you considered a career in speaking? Or maybe you’re thinking about speaking as a side hustle or a way to promote your business expertise. If you’re interested in hopping on stage in front of a crowd, this episode is the ultimate guide to getting started. 

We’ll tackle: 

• How to determine the best topic

• How to stand out and find opportunities, not competition

• The #1 question: “Can I actually make money speaking?”


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The following episode includes a brief mention of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

Imagine being a little girl growing up in Southern California with a world-renowned psychic as your Godmother, only to find out you, too, share a similar gift. That’s exactly what happened to today’s guest. In this episode, you’ll hear her story of self discovery, and you’ll learn how to tap into your own intuition and build s...

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What if there were a way to bring more joy, abundance, prosperity, peace, and harmony into your life? Oh, but there is. Meet Feng Shui expert, manifesting magnet, alchemist, healer,  real-life Irish Celtic Shaman, and the “Mary Poppins of Prosperity,” Patricia Lohan. Not only is she armed with incredible Feng Shui tips to bring more of what you want into your life, she’s got some big (and I mean BIG) news for grown-ass women as we ...

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December 5, 2023 35 mins

No one has tried more diet trends than Generation X;  Atkins, South Beach, non-fat, cabbage soup, grapefruit diet, liquid diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast… Stop the Insanity! 

We’ve been on and off enough diet rollercoasters, I refuse to contribute to it. Today you’ll meet a guest who teaches us how to appreciate our bodies, as they are, right now in this moment. And, if you’d like to become even stronger, and have grea...

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November 28, 2023 46 mins

When it comes to being an activist, are you more the type to stand on stage or lead the parade? Or are you more of an introvert? Maybe you'd prefer to stamp envelopes  or organize things behind the scenes.  In her new book, MICRO ACTIVISM: How You Can Make a Difference in the World Without a Bullhorn, author and activism, coach Omkari Williams opens our minds to making an impact in our own unique ways.

If you're...

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If you ask a grown-ass woman about her sex life, you might be surprised at what you hear. But today’s guest wouldn’t be surprised at all. Dr. Shannon Chavez is a sex therapist and sexual health expert who works with individuals, couples, and groups of all ages and backgrounds. Her work focuses on sex education, awareness, and growth emphasizing sexual satisfaction and empowerment. 


Dr. Shannon Chavez is a sex therapist and s...

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October 31, 2023 31 mins

After she survived cancer, COVID, and heart failure, Jen Singer took all the things she learned about being a patient and married it to her expertise as a medical writer, creating a series of short, informative, and yet funny, guides for newly diagnosed patients and the people who love them. 

The Just Diagnosed Guides should be required reading for women over 40. Today, you’ll hear why I believe that, and learn a few things about su...

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October 24, 2023 47 mins

Who takes the lead when it comes to finances in your household? According to a study done by Bank of America last year,  94% of women believe they'll be personally responsible for their finances at some point in their lives. If that’s really the case, now is a great time to become even more knowledgeable and empowered.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking more about money — how to make more, and how to make it multiply. But to...

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October 17, 2023 47 mins

In an informal poll in The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide community, 63% of those who responded said they would categorize their sleep as poor. Why are so many women in midlife and beyond struggling with getting rest? In today’s episode, we are going to tackle some of the most common sleep problems in women over 40, the causes, and most importantly solutions. And, if you find your sleep is adequate but could be better, we also discus...

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October 10, 2023 39 mins

We hear a lot about grief as it relates to death and dying. But today’s guest is an expert on grieving those who still walk among us. Melody Murray, is the author of “Mourning the Living:  When The Loved One You’ve Lost is Still Here” and “My Bounce Back Plan” (available November 2023). In this episode, she helps guide us through difficult relationships, and shares her expertise on when to know it’s time to create stronger boundari...

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October 3, 2023 14 mins

We're diving into a topic many of us want to pretend is not happening, and yet we feel it more and more every day -- ageism. 

Yes, it's everywhere, and when you factor in gender and race, it can become even more of an issue. But sometimes in regards to ageism, the call is coming from inside the house. That internalized ageism is what we're tackling today; all the ways we count ourselves out as we get older.<...

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September 26, 2023 51 mins

Star Hansen is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO©) and Clutter Whisperer on a mission to help you banish your personal Clutter Monster, take control of your stuff, and create a life you’re truly proud of. Star looks at the deeper meaning of your stuff to help you figure out WHY you feel overwhelmed by your clutter in the first place. I recently caught her Ted Talk and immediately knew I had to talk with her. Then, I read her ...

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September 19, 2023 29 mins

When it comes to fiction, there’s nothing like curling up with a good book. I’m able to shut off my active brain, push everything else aside for a little while and enjoy a great story. Recently, I did that with the On Fire Island by Jane L Rosen; it was the perfect end of summer weekend read. 

Jane’s writing comes from her own personal experience as a wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend. Her stories, while fiction, are ...

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September 13, 2023 44 mins

Four and a half years ago, I had a woman on the podcast who was just starting a business. And although she believed she had something big on her hands, she had no idea what was ahead of her, including becoming a global company, and being named one of Forbes 50 over 50.  On this episode of the Grown Ass Woman's Guide, You'll hear directly from Dani Klein Modisett. We'll talk about where she was, where she is now, and ...

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September 5, 2023 68 mins

As we work on brand new content coming soon, I wanted to share a few of our “best of” episodes that are perfect for summer listening. Enjoy! We’ll be back soon with a whole new season. Happy Summer!

In one of the most raw, honest episodes of TGAWG yet, I talk with TV personality, interior designer and life stylist Lauren Makk.

I met Lauren back in 2015 when I was working on a daytime syndicated TV show called FABLife. Laure...

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August 29, 2023 49 mins

Let me ask you this. How involved in your local community are you? Do you attend events, maybe volunteer for a local nonprofit? Do you have regular ladies’ nights playing Bunco or Cards Against Humanity? Don’t judge. 

Jenny Ketchepaw and Jennifer Abbott-Aston met through a mutual friend who thought they’d hit it off – and they certainly did. They formed a friendship that’s supportive, empowering, and often vulnerable. Like many of u...

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August 22, 2023 48 mins

As we work on brand new content coming soon, I wanted to share a few of our “best of” episodes that are perfect for summer listening. Enjoy! We’ll be back soon with a whole new season. Happy Summer!

When you’re the world’s first full-figured supermodel chosen as People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, not once but twice, you have earned the right to be known by a single name — Emme.

I talk with the brand spokesperson, t...

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As we work on brand new content coming soon, I wanted to share a few of our “best of” episodes that are perfect for summer listening. Enjoy! We’ll be back soon with a whole new season. Happy Summer!

Lillian So is the new best friend you never knew you needed. Author of So Empowered - Discover the five layers of the body to take control of your life,  Lillian breaks down the five layers and shares how each and every one of ...

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August 9, 2023 45 mins

As we work on brand new content coming soon, I wanted to share a few of our “best of” episodes that are perfect for summer listening. Enjoy! We’ll be back soon with a whole new season. Happy Summer!

In an informal poll taken in The Grown-Ass Woman's Guide group, 85% of women rated the importance of friendship a four or five, on a scale 1-5.  If friendship is so important to us, why are so many women feeling disconnect...

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As we work on brand new content coming soon, I wanted to share a few of our “best of” episodes that are perfect for summer listening. Enjoy! We’ll be back soon with a whole new season. Happy Summer!

For many of us over 40, we didn’t grow up making mental health a priority, am I right? 

But those days are over. 

No one should have to white knuckle their way through life. We all deserve to feel healthy and free of the stigma a...

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