Growth Mixtape Podcast with Bob Mathers

Growth Mixtape Podcast with Bob Mathers

Listen to my conversations with the most interesting people you may not have come across yet. These conversations might not seem to have a lot in common at first. But just like songs on a mixtape, they create something memorable and emotional. So, let's press play and see what we learn about ourselves. I'm Bob Mathers, host of the Growth Mixtape podcast. I love chasing my curiosity; the further from my comfort zone, the better. I find the most powerful ideas, the ones that compel us to do bold things, happen by accident. It is these unexpected collisions that I’m excited to explore in this new podcast. These conversations always give me new insights I never would have gotten from other experts in my field. Please join me for stories from leaders in business, the sciences, academia and the arts. My goal in every episode is to provide you with a surprising insight that you can apply right now to get unstuck and start building the business and the life you've always wanted.


July 2, 2024 44 mins

Today, we talk to Jesse Finkelstein.  Jesse is a book publishing insider and co-founder of Page Two Books, where she works with authors to bring their big ideas to the page.

Have you ever said to yourself, ‘I think I might write a book? ' I have dozens of times. And if you’re wondering, no, I still haven’t written one. So I really loved Jessie's demystification of the process for me and her advice for first-time ...

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Today we talk to Greg Bennick.  He’s a punk rocker, activist, documentary filmmaker, philanthropist, keynote speaker, juggler and expert coin collector.  He’s also written a new book, Reclaim the Moment: Seven Strategies to Build a Better Now.

I could have talked to Greg for an hour about any one of these parts of his life - he’s got a way of making everything that interesting.  We talk about Seattle’s teen dance ordinance...

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Today, we talk to Peter Laughter.  Peter is an expert in crafting stories and coaching people to find purpose in their lives and in their work.  

Peter talks about how growing up with dyslexia and ADHD drew him to storytelling as a way to cope with the world around him.  He also shares practical tips on building your storytelling muscle to connect emotionally with people in a way they’ll never forget.

Then we talk...

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Today we talk to Kelsey Ramsden.  Kelsey is an entrepreneur, author and speaker but if you ask her, she’d say she’s a creator.  By 26, Kelsey was running her own construction company and was ranked the top female entrepreneur of the year by Profit magazine -  2 years in a row.  Yet despite the financial success and industry accolades, she had never felt so depressed and alone.

Kelsey is vulnerable and honest as she shares...

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Today, we talk to Sylvia Baffour.  Sylvia is a keynote speaker on emotional intelligence and has worked with leaders in 460 major corporations to help them better connect with their teams and customers.  She was voted one of the top 15 female inspirational speakers alongside Mel Robbins and Oprah. 

Sylvia’s early journey was already unique and inspiring but it was a chance meeting with writer and activist Dr. Maja Anjelou...

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Today, we talk with Kerry O’Brien.  Kerry is an expert in how people learn.  He’s also a podcaster and public speaker devoted to helping people build new skills and strong teams.   You’re going to leave this conversation with new ideas on how to ignite engagement in your customers, your teams and the people around you.

We talk about the misconceptions about Gen-X, Gen-Z and millennials; and that the one thing that never ch...

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Todd McTavish is a songwriter and it’s all he’s ever wanted to do.  At 23, he left his small town home in Ontario and moved to LA.    And at 53, he just signed his first record deal.

Todd’s an old school, rock and roll troubadour.  The stories come fast and hard.  He recorded a Christmas song with Billy Bob Thornton, had one of his songs played at the Superbowl and he owned a half bear, half wolf named Jazz who was an excellent...

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Nicole Ferry is a 26-year veteran of law enforcement who’s on a mission to help others build resilience by sharing her heart-breaking stories of PTSD, trauma and suicide.  Nicole is best known for her talk “What the Hell? The 3 Things I learned in the worst year of my life.”  

Nicole has spent her life in law enforcement.  She holds a degree in Criminal Justice, she’s been an executive police leader for a railroad, she did...

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Sensi Graves is a professional kiteboarder, entrepreneur and speaker who’s on a mission to help people build self-confidence and share their amazing uniqueness with the world.  

Sensi shares how she used her time chasing summer around the world in kiteboarding competitions as inspiration to launch her swimwear company.  And yet, as she looked back on everything she had achieved, she realized she was so busy trying to prove...

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Jessica Stone is a Washington-based news correspondent and author of Crossing the Divide:  20 Lessons to Help You Thrive in Cross-Cultural Environments.  Jessica has reported for USA Today, the Washington Times, Fox News, CBS News and the South China Morning Post.  

In this episode, Jessica shares stories from 20 years covering the intersection of business and politics - from her time in Afghanistan to covering Western iss...

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Tricia Mumby is a storyteller, entrepreneur and mentor to early-stage startups.  Tricia is honest and vulnerable as she shares tough lessons from co-founding Mabel’s Labels with three best friends in a basement to selling it to the largest label company in the world.  

Tricia shares her take on celebrating failure, keeping your innovative spirit alive as your business grows, being shameless, and how she’s worked to overcom...

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Kasey Jones coaches business leaders on the transformative process of building a personal brand.  If you’re not sure what a personal brand is or why you need one, you’re not alone.  Kasey makes the case that by embracing your quirkiness, you’ll stand out and be known for the rockstar that you are.

Kasey is a story-teller at heart.  She shares practical tips on being vulnerable without over-sharing and overcoming the fear o...

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Rob Carli is a multi-award-winning musician, producer and composer for film and television.  Rob has had a storied career in music, from his early days touring the country in an Econoline van to most recently co-founding the Awesome Music Project, a not-for-profit dedicated to delivering practical solutions to mental health through the transformative power of music.  

In this episode, Rob shares how people can find their creativity ...

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January 23, 2024 1 min

Hi, I'm Bob Mathers and welcome to the Growth Mixtape, a podcast where I talk to the most interesting people you may not have come across yet. I find that these conversations give me new insights and perspectives about topics I didn’t know existed.

Please join me for stories from engaging leaders in business, the sciences, academia and the arts. It is these unexpected collisions that I’m excited to explore in this new...

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