Hacking into Security - Career Talks

Hacking into Security - Career Talks

Your career-related cybersecurity show. Regularly we will be speaking with a variety of guests from industry leaders to new entrants into the space. Each sharing their journey to where they are today, views on the industry, and how others can find success navigating their career.


November 14, 2020 32 mins
In this episode, we catch up with Jacqui Loustau, the Founder of the AWSN (Australian Women in Security Network) and Principal Security Consultant for Cynch Security. Jacqui gained excellent experience working overseas in security was planning to come back to Australia and had more difficulty than she expected in landing a job. We walk through Jacqui's story of getting into security, her challenges in landing a job, what got h...
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In this episode, we catch up with John Jackson (@johnjhacking) an Application Security Engineer at Shutterstock. John never thought he would have a career sitting at a computer, let alone in cybersecurity. We walk through John's journey from being a Petroleum Engineer in the United States Marine Corps to eventually working in application security, penetration testing, security research and bug bounties. We also discuss t...
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In this episode, we catch up with Charl van der Walt (@charlvdwalt), Head Of Security Research at Orange Cyberdefense and one of the original founders of SensePost. We talk through the origins of how SensePost got started, what it was like to build a business over 20 plus years and eventually sell and become part of a much larger company. Charl also spoke about a personal topic he is driving around gettings organisations to ...
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In this episode, we catch up with Keith Hoodlet (@securingdev) Senior Manager, Application Experience at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Keith has a strong background in application security and is the former host for 55 episodes on the Application Security Weekly podcast. I saw a tweet by Keith and wanted to dig deeper in that. The tweet was responding to Dino Dai Zovi who said "Security" as a single dimension of expertise...
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In this episode, we catch up with Toni James (@_tonijames), Security Advisor and CHCon co-organiser. Toni was a snowboarder, managing a large team but wanted more. She decided to go back to university as a mature student and mum. Not easy to juggle! She went on to finish her Computer Science degree, an Google Anita Borg Scholar, then Software Engineer and started getting into the security community. Toni talks very openly a...
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In this episode, we catch up with @mubix (Rob Fuller), a is red teamer turned purple teamer. He started his career in the United States Marine Corps working with explosives and has gone on to have a highly successful career in the security industry working at companies like Rapid7, GE, Uber, Cruise Automation and now Balck Hills Information Security, as well as contributing back in many ways to the security community and speaki...

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In this episode, we catch up with Michael Skelton (@Codingo) Global Head of Security Operations and Researcher Enablement at Bugcrowd.

Codingo has a non-traditional career path and he shares his journey on how he got to where he is, including the challenges of breaking into the infosec industry. As someone who got to be a Top 20 bug hunter on Bugcrowd and now the Global Head of Security Operations and Researcher Enablement at Bu...

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In this episode, we catch up with Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy at Point3 Security.

Chloé is a humanitarian Advocate in the Cybersecurity space. She started her career in marketing but got the opportunity to move into infosec in 2017. Chloé shares some of the experiences that led her to nearly quit the industry but instead has gone on to become a voice in the community. As well as speaking many conferences, Chloé is the founder o...

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In this episode, we catch up with Baptiste Robert, who goes by the handle @fs0c131y.

Baptiste is a Security Researcher based in France with a big focus on android. We walk through his journey from graduating with a network and telecommunication to finding vulnerabilities and creating a large following.

We also cover how has a security researcher, Baptise finds his projects and his plans for the future around battling disinformat...

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In this episode, we catch up with Shubs (Shubham Shah, @infosec_au, @notnaffy), CTO of Assetnote.

A passion for hacking grew early in Shubs' life. He was demonstrating good skills in hacking but faced with a tough decision at an early age. Follow his parents wishes and attend university or his own path and get a job.

We talk through Shubs's incredible journey which saw him land his first job in the industry at 17 yea...

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In this episode, we catch up with Brendan Seerup, or sometimes better known as SparkleOps.

Brendan is currently a Senior Security Advisor at REA Group, but less than 5 years ago he was working as a Quality Assurance Manager. Brendan talks about how he always saw security as part of QA, hardware hacking and how he went from not presenting to speaking at six security cons in a year.

He gives practical advice for people with a similar b...

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In this episode, we catch up with Mike Monnik, CTO of DroneSec, offensive security professional and Co-organiser of SecTalks Melbourne.

Mike was advised early in his career to pick up a specialist area. That area turned out to be drones, and a passion was formed. Starting as a side hustle and whilst working as a penetration tester, Mike started building a (not-for-profit) drone security company. This eventually turned into a busin...

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In this episode, we catch up with Iain Dickson, ComfyCon AU Founder, Cyber Technical Lead for Leidos Australia.

Iain walks us through a presentation on the origins of Hackers and defines the different types of threat actors,

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In this episode, we catch up with Claire Pales.

Claire is the Director and Founder of 27 Lanterns, author of The Secure CIO book, host of The Secure CIO podcast and mum of four. We cover Claire's unique insight as she comes from a security leadership background and now advises organisations in hiring their first CISO.

We also discuss the challenges of coming back to Australia with overseas experience.

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In this episode, we catch up with Ofer Schreiber, Partner & Head of Israel Office at the American-Israeli venture capital firm, YL Ventures.

We talk about the cybersecurity from the lens of a venture capital firm. Ofer shares his unique background and experience having come through Unit 8200 and now looks at and manages investments on the behalf of YL Ventures.

Ofer talks about what his firm looks for when investing in entrepren...

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In this episode, we catch up with Steve Katz, the World's first CISO.

Steve became the CISO of Citigroup in 1995. We discuss Steve's journey leading up to the role, how it came about and with no blueprint to follow, what he did in the job.

We also discuss Steve's approach to how he dealt with boards and there is plenty of advice for current and future CISOs.

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In this episode, we catch up with Craig Templeton, CISO & GM Technology Platforms at REA Group.

Craig is very open about the role of a CISO and what his job looks like. He shares advice to people wanting to progress in their career and the experiences that helped him get to where he is today.

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In this episode, we catch up with one of the original co-founders and organisers of BSides.

Jack talks about the origins and growth of BSides, what makes a BSides conference so unique and what it takes to run a conference.

We also hear Jack's thoughts on the current state of conferences during a global pandemic and what the future looks like for BSides.

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Wendy Zenone quit her job as an aesthetician at 38, learnt to code and has progressed to working at her dream company, Netflix.

We have a fun chat discussing Wendy's journey from a very non IT role, learning to code, being a mom, landing her first job in security to where she is today.

Wendy shares her experience, tips for others wanting to move into the industry as well as advice on interviewing and the value of perseverance.

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In this episode, we catch up with Security Researcher, pentester, trainer and Principal Security Engineer Eldar Marcussen.

Eldar built the source code auditing tool graudit (grep rough audit). We discuss what it's like to build a tool and some of the unknowing benefits it's led to in his career.

Eldar also shares advice for any aspiring pentesters.

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