Hacking The Afterlife podcast

Hacking The Afterlife podcast

Richard Martini‘s podcast where he interviews people who can access the flipside. Jennifer Shaffer is a medium-intuitive he works with often (JenniferShaffer.com) but podcasts may include other folks who can access the flipside. For more info MartiniZone or RichMartini (com)


November 17, 2022 35 min

Another one of those mind bending sessions. In this case, our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders - LuanaAnders.com showed up with her cat Mr. Bailey. I asked Mr. Bailey the same questions that I ask people that show up - who greeted him on the flipside, what his experience was or is.

We started off talking about process, how coincidence is made from those on the flipside, as Luana had shown up today in a article about Jack Nic...

Mark as Played

Jennifer's back!  Another mind bending podcast.

In this case last night I heard "the teacher" as I was waking up, as if someone was telling me, "remember the teacher" for today's podcast. So we invited "a teacher."

But a week ago, as I was nodding off, suddenly seeing and hearing Johnny Carson. As noted in the podcast, I didn't judge that - just asked him questions like I ask everyone. Who were y...

Mark as Played

This is one of the archives from the podcast - from 2020. In this session, we have a conversation with someone who self describes as a "Guardian of the Galaxy."  Some might call that a guardian angel, but in this case, we let them describe who they are and why they showed up in our podcast.

As always, Luana Anders is our moderator on the flipside who is in charge of our guest list. In this case, I thought it might be of int...

Mark as Played


Ian Stevenson was a scientist from UVA who passed away in 2007. He left behind a locked safe in his office, and said that he would share the "phrase" or "word" that would unlock the safe if someone was able to connect to him on the flipside.

In this talk, we begin with a discussion of Dr. Bruce Greyson's new book "After" - Bruce was at UVA ...

Mark as Played

Another mind bending episode of our podcast.

As note in the podcast, Jennifer and I haven't planned our podcasts in advance.  We just kind of "show up" to see who our moderator on the flipside has brought to class.

In this case, it just so happens to be someone that I've researched - the scientist Giordano Bruno.  When he showed up he said I had been writing about him recently - and referred to my latest book, which...

Mark as Played

So I got this email the other day: 

"Dear Richard.

I am a fan.  I listen to your podcasts with Jennifer.  I would like you to contact Emmet Till.  It would interesting to hear what he has to say.   

Thanks. Regards, Kathie"   I wrote to her that the podcast is controlled by our pal Luana Anders on the flipside, that she is in charge of the "guest list" as she's the one with the "clipboard."   Imagine...

Mark as Played

Another mind bending session with Jennifer Shaffer.  In today's episode, we deal a little bit with process, and then specific details.

We start off with a conversation about process - and Luana uses Elvis and Prince as an example - that when someone "shows up" in one's consciousness, it might not be because they're trying to reach out to us, but there's a reference to them that is in our awareness. Like "...

Mark as Played

Another mind bending session.  As we start every podcast, I had no agenda or idea of whom we might speak with. In this case, Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside, wanted to talk about a request I had made to her about helping someone.

Prior to the podcast, in a general conversation about how things are going, just prior to starting, I told Jennifer that a number of chaotic events were occurring, but did not mention anything ...

Mark as Played

Jennifer and I can't swing the podcast this week - both have kids off to college, so I've dug into the archives for two podcasts a year apart. It just so happen that two years ago, this very week, my old pal Bill Paxton showed up to chat with us.

and then a year later showed up again! Same week.

So in honor of Bill, in honor of the process, in honor of the podcast, I'm repeating two in a row.

One from September 16 2020,...

Mark as Played

This is another example of the unusual work that Jennifer and I have been doing for seven years.  In this podcast, I ask our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders what she wants to talk about or if she has someone who wants to come forward to speak.

She begins by showing Jennifer a "toddler" - literally shows her an image of holding up a child.  Jennifer has no idea what that means, nor do I. Is she asking us to talk abou...

Mark as Played

Jennifer and I improvise each week, asking who it is on the flipside wants to chat with us. Luana Anders is our moderator on the flipside, and whoever wants to come through is up to her.

Her mentioning this woman "Magda" in terms of a book I'm writing, an interview I did with a woman who was able to access this Magda, who claimed to be a Praetor's wife in the cabinet of Herod in the time of Jesus was pretty unusual....

Mark as Played

A short podcast today as Jennifer was juggling a number of things including her mom being in the hospital.  We all wish her mom a speedy recovery from hurting her hip!

Today's podcast deals a bit with grief, and the process of helping people recover from grief.  Jennifer's dad Jim passed some years ago, and he's always got an interesting perspective when it comes to helping people with grief.

He was the one who told us ...

Mark as Played

We're back after a two week hiatus.  In this podcast we chat with my dearly departed brother, for whom we had a memorial service this past week.  Jennifer was there, as well as some fans of the podcast.

In today's podcast, Jennifer announces that Olivia Newton John wants to chat with us.  For those who've never tuned in before (or their last time ever tuning in) we have a group of individuals on the flipside who have sp...

Mark as Played

Another one of those mind bending sessions.

We open with a discussion about an unusual recent event, where my old friend Melinda Germann came through to give a climate warning to my friend Patrice.  Patrice and Melinda were best pals and went to Santa Cruz together. I met Melinda at the Loyola Rome Center and she was the light of everyone's eye - funny, sweet and just a delight to be around. 

However she died in a plane crash a...

Mark as Played

Another example of how we don't plan our podcasts - we could, we can, but in this case, we just let Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside dictate who was going to chat with us.

First up was Jennifer's dad Jim, the Mormon bishop who passed five years ago, who had in the past showed us some amazing things on the flipside, including an Akashic library (I asked him to access a memory that Jennifer had no awareness of - an...

Mark as Played

Another unusual podcast. For those viewing it on MartiniZone.com - there was a fly in the ointment - a glitch in the file that occurred every few minutes - so a number of things were dropped.  However, when possible, I edited the piece together so it made sense.

For example, when Jennifer mentions Al Capone, she's trying to say "Marlon Brando in the Godfather." Later on in the conversation, I introduce the film that we ...

Mark as Played

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film CONTACT, I'm reposting our interview with Carl Sagan. FOR A FULL ARTICLE SEE RICHMARTINI.COM

We first interviewed him in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 3, along with other atheists, skeptical scientists. Thought it would be a fun exercise. I'm editing those interviews into a document which I will post on medium and richmartini.com - so people can see the full interviews ...

Mark as Played

This is one of those podcasts where after it's done, I think "that's it. We've finally shown beyond a shadow of doubt that people can talk to the flipside."  Then I format the show, listen to it - listen to myself make mistakes (often) and listen to Jennifer channel people no longer on the planet.

Let's start with the stuff that will stop people in their tracks. Bob was not 67 years old.  I am 67 years old. ...

Mark as Played

Did this fun podcast a few weeks ago with Mick and the Psychic. I'm rebroadcasting it with their permission on our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife." What makes it dovetail with the work Jennifer and I are doing is that at some point, two of the people that Jennifer and I interview showed up on this podcast. One is Luana Anders, who fans of our podcast know to be my pal on the flipside who moderates our forum. Imagine my ...

Mark as Played

This session is more about process - communicating with loved ones on the flipside.  We get some advice from Luana Anders about how to do it, as well as Jennifer's dad Jim about the general process.

A longer discussion about a dream that I had last night where I had the impression that I was having a conversation with someone in England - and he was just enjoying the conversation with me.  As well as talking about Jennifer'...

Mark as Played

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