Hacking The Afterlife podcast

Hacking The Afterlife podcast

Richard Martini is a best selling author (Kindle in their genre) about books about the flipside. Jennifer Shaffer is a medium-intuitive who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases (JenniferShaffer.com). They’ve been meeting weekly for 8 years to record their interviews (Backstage Pass to the Flipside 1, 2 and 3, Tuning into the Afterlife) and have been podcasting for two years about conversations with people no longer on the planet.


November 30, 2023 29 mins

As all in all of our podcasts, Jennifer and I have no clue who we're going to speak to during our session.  Sometimes I ask or invite people to come forward, and sometimes Jennifer states up front "so and so is here."

In today's podcast, we asked Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside, to let us know if she wanted to bring someone forward or talk about process.

Jennifer said "she wants to speak to you about your next book."  I...

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Sometimes we have podcasts where Luana Anders wants to talk about process or connecting to those we love who are offstage.

In this anniversary edition - we can't tell if it's been 8 or 9 years of us getting together like this, we have a conversation about connecting with loved ones over the holidays.

Needless to say, they're available. They can be conversed with if one wants to. We've spoken about it in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO T...

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"If you believe, it's easier to receive." 

Our weekly conversation begins with a general discussion about talking to loved ones offstage, how it seems to be easier for people to do nowadays.  Jennifer mentions that she has a couple of days of openings on her calendar, so find out more info at JenniferShaffer.com

  We ask our moderator on the Flipside Jennifer Shaffer if she has anyone she wants to reference, she begins by discussin...

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There was a glitch at the end of the podcast so I'm uploading it again...

As usual - Jennifer and I have no idea what we're going to talk about, or who we're going to speak to.

We have our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders to thank for our guest list. 

Today's podcast is the 2023 DAY OF THE DEAD version.  We start off talking about Jennifer's latest events, (JenniferShaffer.com) - as we note in this podcast, by remembering ou...

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As usual - Jennifer and I have no idea what we're going to talk about, or who we're going to speak to.

We have our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders to thank for our guest list. 

Today's podcast is the 2023 DAY OF THE DEAD version.  We start off talking about Jennifer's latest events, (JenniferShaffer.com) - as we note in this podcast, by remembering our loved ones, we realize this is the DAY OF THE NOT DEAD.

Because what peo...

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Tonight's podcast begins with a reference to the documentary AFTER DEATH which I happened to go to their premiere.  It's about the data, research from near death experiences, and focuses on some of the NDE's that included visits with "heaven" or "god" or "Jesus."  Angel.com studios is a crowd funded distribution network, and their members vote which films they'd like to see.

In this case, something that's up my alley - I saw the fi...

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We don't plan our podcasts in advance, and let the folks on the flipside, our class organized by Luana Anders (my pal who passed in 1996 and who brought me and Jennifer together).  Luana is in charge of the topics discussed and the guest list.

Podcast begins with a discussion about the recent tragic events in Israel. Some of Jennifer's sessions are involved with people whose children serve in the military overseas or are scheduled ...

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As we like to point out, we have no clue who is on our guest list when we start the podcast.  Luana brought three people we've spoken with before, and they wanted to weigh in on the same topic that was talked about last week - that is, how to get out of a negative mindset, as well as how to treat the negative impacts of football or drug abuse on the brain.

In this case, Paul Allen, the cofounder of Microsoft who created the brain i...

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One of the most unusual podcast I can remember.

Jennifer and I decided to meet up today at the last minute, and had no idea or clue what might be the topic of discussion.

This one is about addiction in all of it's forms.  Jennifer first talked about her own experience with the use of drugs, or cigarettes or alcohol - and then a number of people came forward to talk about the subject.

Elvis came forward to talk about his own issues ...

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Another fun adventure with the flipside.

Jennifer Shaffer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases. For the past 8 years we meet up weekly to talk to people offstage.

I've been filming people talking to loved ones offstage for fifteen years. Examples are in the documentaries FLIPSIDE; MY JOURNEY INTO THE AFTERLIFE https://www.amazon.com/Flipside-Journey-Afterlife-Richard-Martini/dp/B0081U6K1Y TALKING T...

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Another mind bending episode.

Luana Anders is our pal on the flipside who generates the guest list. In this case it was someone who passed away recently, musician Gary Wright.

Gary was famous for his song "Dream Weaver." He worked with George Harrison and others in a long career. Jennifer did a private session with him in his home a few years ago, and he wanted to talk about his journey to the flipside.  He talked about who greeted...

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Another mind bending podcast.

As noted, Jennifer Shaffer and I have been doing these weekly meetings for 8 years.  It was not long after John McCain's passing that I was upstairs in my apt. and heard his voice say "I understand you're the guy to get a message to my family."

I was startled - I didn't know him, met his chief of staff while researching "Three for the Road" in DC, but had no connection to him. Yet I could tell it was h...

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Today's podcast is about managing energy and the myth of Er.

As noted, we don't speak prior to our podcast, not for any particular reason, just that's how it's worked out for the past 8 years.

So whatever comes up is either what pops into my head or what Jennifer sees, hears or gets in reply to my questions.

In this case, Jennifer mentions that she's had a hard week at work with her law enforcement cases and other issues; and so we...

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First there's a number of mistakes that I made in this podcast. (Note: Not that Jennifer makes, but that I make). One is that the film Dementia 13 was made in 1963, not 1967.

Then there's a discussion with Elvis about his granddaughter Riley, who has a daughter who is not an actress, at least yet; she's only 2. 

People sometimes complain that there are "too many celebrities on our podcast" - again, Jennifer is not in charge of the ...

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A new episode!

Jennifer was whisked off to the Caribbean, then to London, and finally back home to her office where I was able to steal a half hour of her time between clients.

Again, Jennifer is available via JenniferShaffer.com - She works with law enforcement agencies nationwide pro bono on missing person cases.  

We've been meeting up like this for 8 years. The past two on our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife." 

I reference the p...

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In light of the amazing, terrific, mind bending interview that Rob Lowe did with Bill Paxton on his podcast with Rebecca Rosen this week (see link below) I'm reposting one of our conversations with Bill from September 2011.

Listen to Rob Lowe's podcast, listen to the dream he had about his friend Bill, then listen to our podcast and see the similarities of what Bill is reporting from the flipside.

Not gone. Just not here.


These a...

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Jennifer is still on vacation, and I'm recovering from surgery. So today's podcast is a repeat from a year ago.  Fun to see how things that we heard a year ago still apply.

Another example of how we don't plan our podcasts - we could, we can, but in this case, we just let Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside dictate who was going to chat with us. First up was Jennifer's dad Jim, the Mormon bishop who passed five years ago, w...

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Jennifer is still on vacation, deep sea diving somewhere in the Atlantic.  In order to encourage people to go through some of our previous podcasts, here's one from two years ago when I had my hip replaced.

We talk about my trip to Mt. Kailash where I put my friend's titanium hip in a stupa, a stone sculpture made by thousands who'd walked around Mt. Kailash over the years.  Considered one of the most sacred spots on earth by Hindu...

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Podcast begins with a general discussion about the recent submarine disaster, Bill Paxton stops by to say hello. When Jennifer and I first met, it was doing a session with my old friend Bill, who introduced himself by putting her in the submarine he took to visit the Titanic. She didn't know who she was at first, nor why he was showing her the ship.

He talks generally about how things went awry, and cites his pal James Cameron.  Th...

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Crowded house today.

We talked about my recent appearance in COAST TO COAST with George Noory, then Luana Anders thanked us for our work together for 8 years.  Her friend Michael (Mick) Gough came to mind, the actor who was Batman's first butler (Tim Burton's version) who I knew and spent time with.  Then Gene Wilder, Bill Paxton, Gilda Radner, Charles Grodin weighed in on how actors, musicians, creative people help those on the pl...

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