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Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast

Hanging Out With Jesus Podcast, brings you interviews, book reviews, Christian news, reminders about who you are and Whose you are in Christ Jesus, and information on how to live a clutter-free life, so you can Go & Do what God's called you to. This podcast gives you a wake-up call to spending time with the Lord and how practicing spiritual disciplines helps you maintain a growing relationship in Christ Jesus. Join host, Lyvita, as she and her guest encourage you on this journey called life. Her contact and more support can be found on www.lyvitabrooks.com


February 22, 2024 35 mins

Have you ever considered how the twists and turns of your personal journey have led you to where you stand today? Sit down with Lyvita Brooks and her storytelling coach, Valeria Elliott, as they embark on a poignant exploration of the essence of our personal narratives and their profound impact on our lives. This episode isn't just a chat; it's a deep dive into the heart of our identities, spotlighting the significance of...

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Beginning 2024 with fasting and prayer can cause you to examine yourself bringing you closer to God. This is, Lyvita Brooks' journey, and she hopes it inspires you to seek God's face.

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January 25, 2024 18 mins

Have you ever felt the sting when a resounding 'yes' from God unexpectedly turns into a 'no'?  Sounds weird huh? What do you do?

Join me, your host Lyvita, on an unexpected journey through the life of Jarius and myself in understanding God's perfect timing. And also, the importance of asking the right question. 

Resources Mentioned on the Episode and suggested reading & social media ha...

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Have you ever felt the weight of mental clutter muffling God's voice in your life? I certainly have, and it's why I, Lyvita, am inviting you to clear the noise and join me on a spiritual expedition designed to renew our focus on what truly matters. My own battles with anxiety and its impact on my wellbeing revealed a need for silence, a space where God's whispers can break through the chaos. This episode is not just ...

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December 28, 2023 51 mins

Imagine finding hope in the most challenging moments of your life, and transforming that hope into a purpose that reaches beyond yourself. That's exactly what my double cousin, Natalie Smalley, did. In a time of intense personal struggle, Natalie discovered the profound difference faith and an in-depth study of the Bible can make. Together, we dive deep into the spiritual discipline of Bible study, focusing on the powerful mes...

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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed, needing stillness and clarity? Discover how a purposeful pause can align you with divine purpose, as I, your host Lyvita Brooks, share my personal journey on why I'm taking a sabbatical in this episode of Hanging Out with Jesus Podcast.

We engage in a reflective discourse on the importance of listening to God's voice, particularly in times of transition, and how this int...

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I'm Lyvita Brooks, your host, and in this episode, I will share a practical spiritual exercise to unburden your mind. We'll explore how to turn the simple prayer - 'God, help me to filter out what I don't need to worry about' - into a powerful tool for eliminating unnecessary stress and anxiety from our lives. Together, we'll hang out with Jesus drawing from scriptures that help us let go so we can mov...

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Did you know that you are created for good works in Christ Jesus?  HUH??  What does that mean? Well, when life throws a bunch of problems your way, you might have a tendency to forget who you are and who your God is. This episode is a reminder that you are more than the sum of your "issues".

Also, I want to highlight the tremendous positive impacts of subscribing and rating the podcast, and how it can reach more ...

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What if failure wasn't the terrifying dead-end it's often painted as, but rather a stepping stone to growth and new opportunities? The uncertainties and fears that accompany failure can be daunting, but as we'll uncover, they can also be transformed into dynamic opportunities for growth.

In a riveting narrative shared by the host, we journey alongside a courageous young man who discovers his strength through...

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Ever found yourself in a transition, and all of a sudden, you're not doing the things you love anymore? I've been there! Traveling, moving, rebranding my business, even venturing into a failed book club - these unexpected turns caught me off guard and tested my ability to guard my heart and protect my passions. As I navigated these transitions, I realized I had replaced my love for writing with journaling and scripting po...

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This episode is a profound exploration of strategic thinking, intentional living,  all centered around planning for your next month's goals. The host, Lyvita, shares her story of how spending a day with the Lord helped her see that she left her first passion.  Writing!

Steps are provided to show you how to do the same thing, when you lose your passion for doing what God's called you to do.  Listen in, you maybe s...

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Do you like being alone? Are you feeling lonely because you are alone?  Hi, I'm your host, Lyvita Brooks, and this episode of Hanging Out with Jesus Podcast is all about finding strength in solitude and nurturing an empowering relationship with yourself. We'll discuss how being alone can offer opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. We'll also talk about the difference between being alone and being lonely. <...

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Have you ever lost track of what you were doing or the passion or meaning for why you were doing something? We unravel what it means to live intentionally and daily to get back on track and regain your passion all because you spent time with the Lord. Now what does that look like. Tune in, be inspired, and enrich your journey of living intentionally and daily with Jesus. Why? Because Believers make every day count.


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Ever felt those nudges from God, guiding you to embrace the unfamiliar? They can be scarey, can't they? We kick off the conversation by highlighting the impact of censorship laws on our ministries and businesses. It's a crucial topic that emphasizes the importance of staying informed and aware of the legal landscape. We also delve into the metaphor of transitioning from the known to the unknown, sharing personal experienc...

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Do you struggle with internal insecurity and a constant feeling of being unloved? Join me, Lyvita Brooks, in a heartfelt conversation with Cecil Taylor, author of "Live Like You're Loved: Fully Accepting That You Are Loved, Forgiven, Sent and Eternal." Together, we dive into the importance of overcoming these insecurities and embracing our value and worth as God's beloved children. Learn how to move from head kn...

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Navigating life's crises can feel overwhelming, but what if there was a way to face these challenges with renewed faith and mental resilience? In our recent episode of Hanging Out with Jesus Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Cecil Taylor, author of The Next Thing and Live Like Your Loved, who shared his personal insights on maintaining mental health and relying on faith during tough times.

Cecil and I dove ...

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God’s given us temples, bodies to take care on. We are to keep them physically, mentally, and spiritually clean. Susan Neal gives us tips on how to jumpstart the process.

Susan Neal RN has a masters in health science and an MBA. She lives her life with a passion to help others improve their health. After suffering a health crisis, she became an author and health coach to provide others with the tools they needed to heal th...

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This episode talks about how the Israelites went "Baal-hog-wide" happy after Gideon passed and ways we can avoid going down that same road.  What we leave behind is vital and should be taken into consideration, especially for those believers following after us.

Take your mission for Christ seriously and journey knowing that others will follow.

Thanks for listening. I pray this episode was a blessing to you. Leave ...

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There is only one God, God Almighty, the Creator of All, the I AM That I AM. And yet, we don't obey His voice but cry to Him when things get to messy for us to handle. The point is that we are worshipping other gods (things, people, etc) which have no power.

Thanks for listening. I pray this episode was a blessing to you. Leave a comment or rate this episode . Then pass it on. Share this link: https://lyvitabrooks.com/

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Gidion’s father Joash stood up for him when the townsmen wanted him dead. As believers are we standing up for those who are being persecuted for righteousness sake? This episode is talking about standing up for the rights of those who are following Christ. 

This is episode 76. And as I mentioned on the last episode #75, this is a three part series which has changed to a four part series. Listen in to see why?


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