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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Hapless Heroes Podcast, where hilarity and adventure collide! In our actual play Dungeons & Dragons podcast, we feature a rotating cast of Dungeon Masters and players, exploring homebrewed settings and custom-crafted worlds. With a unique blend of improvised storytelling, engaging roleplaying, and uproarious banter both in and out of character, our hapless heroes will take you on unforgettable journeys. Hapless Heroes Podcast is perfect for D&D veterans and newcomers alike! So, gather your dice and friends, and embark on thrilling adventures through fantastic lands, battling fearsome adversaries, and sharing moments of laughter in settings that push the limits of imagination!


October 3, 2016 22 mins

Introducing our cast of characters as well as the setting for our custom campaign world.

  As stated in the episode, here is some linkage to the mentioned webpages as well as our credits in written form:   1.) Campaign map credit goes to Maxime Plasse. The map for Telduria was originally a commission for an Australian RPG club and he was kind enough to allow us to use this same map for our podcast. Thanks Max!!! Website: http:/...

Mark as Played

On this very first episode of Hapless Heroes: A Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, the party searches for work to make a name for themselves and to join the ranks of the famous Crucible Runners guild. They make their way to the city of Arylon and decide to take a job posting for a child in need of assistance...

Thank you all for listening! Write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop us an e-mail at haplessheroes@gmail.com. You can also...
Mark as Played
October 10, 2016 53 mins
On this week's episode of Hapless Heroes, our ragtag group of adventurers must lick their wounds and make way to Tobbi's family farm to meet with his mysterious friend while trying to convince Tobbi's father that they are simply hired hands to help with some work around the farm. Will they be able to successfully complete this work in time to meet Tobbi's friend in need? Let's find out! Thank you all for listening! Write us on ...
Mark as Played
October 17, 2016 49 mins
On this next installment of Hapless Heroes, our heroes have been tasked with procuring some reagents to assist Tobbi's curious friend in his quest to leave this realm before those who are searching for him arrive to undoubtedly destroy him and those who stand in their way. In the process, they meet and induct a new member into their ranks! Can the gang collect what they need in time? Or will they experience utter, crushing defeat? ...
Mark as Played
October 24, 2016 57 mins
In this week's installment of Hapless Heroes, the gang has managed to collect what was required for 31^2 to open a planar gate to flee from his pursuers and are ready to help him return home. They are instructed to travel to the dark and dangerous Bramblewood to find the exact structure that houses this hidden gate to another realm. Unable to rest and running out of time, our brave heroes must use their limited remaining resources ...
Mark as Played
October 31, 2016 78 mins
Happy Halloween everyone! On this special episode, the gang picks up where they left off trying to help 31^2  get away from the army of modrons trying to track him down. They are battered, bruised and exhausted. What will they discover on the 2nd level of the ziggurat? Will they be able to open the portal when the time comes and finally help 31^2 escape from his pursuers? Find out right now! We want to also take a moment to than...
Mark as Played
November 7, 2016 68 mins
On this episode of Hapless Heroes, Dave takes the reins as our host and DM while our party of adventurers works out how to inform Tobbi's parents of the events that transpired in the Bramblehills. They quickly realize they are in quite the pickle! Will our heroes be able to explain their way out of this? Or will the consequences of their situation prove to be too much to handle? Find out right now! Big thanks to Tim @ tabletopa...
Mark as Played
On this thrilling episode of Hapless Heroes, the gang must face the consequences of their past actions and find themselves thrust into the service of the City Guard of Arylon. Unable to wriggle free of their criminal charges, our heroes must comply with the wishes of the guard captain or else... Big thanks to Tim @ tabletopaudio.com and the folks at Battlebards for providing the SFX and ambience used in this episode! Thank...
Mark as Played
November 21, 2016 66 mins

On this episode of Hapless Heroes, the party continues their trek to rescue a man named Aerion Black from a mercenary by the name of Morden Kragar. Felix may have a plan to get them in to the ruin Morden and his mercenaries are staged in, but will it hold up until they can find their man?

Big thanks to Tim @ tabletopaudio.com and the folks at Battlebards for providing the SFX and ambiences used in this episode and every episode bey...

Mark as Played

On this extra special episode series of the Hapless Heroes podcast, we delve into what happened to Zero when he disappeared during the main party's bout of combat in the ruined Ziggurat. While Ezra (Joe) is away from our table dealing with IRL responsiblities (because, let's be honest, it happens to the best of us), we decided to use this time to explore one of our characters a bit deeper and introduce a brand new cast of rather un...

Mark as Played
December 5, 2016 61 mins

On this episode of Hapless Heroes, Ezra (Joe) returns to the table after a short break and we dive back into the party's quest to rescue Aerion Black from captivity at the behest of the Arylon city guard. On their way further into the facility, however, our heroes meet a rather mysterious individual who's aims may align with theirs, if only for the time being.


Big thanks to Tim @ tabletopaudio.com and the folks at Battlebards for...

Mark as Played
December 12, 2016 72 mins

On our 10th episode of Hapless Heroes, the party strikes a deal with their new mysterious ally to dispatch Morden Kragar in exchange for his assistance in passing himself off as the real and recently deceased Aerion Black. In doing so, our boys make quite the epic entrance but will their heroics be enough to down the Big Bad Evil Guy? Let's find out!

As always, thank you all for listening! Write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop...

Mark as Played
December 19, 2016 69 mins

On this episode of the Hapless Heroes, the gang figures out what to do with the information they came into possession of after raiding the late Mr. Kragar's office. Felix gets a 'bright idea' and the party figures out a better way to hold their team meetings.

Also, this week we decided to change up our intro format to offer a sillier disclaimer as well as a sound byte of the episode to come. Let us know if you like the switch!

As a...

Mark as Played

Continuing on our exploration of Zero's extraplanar adventure, our (anti)heroes press on their long journey to the scorched lands of the mountain range of Dun Boradin, the home of the Obsidian Forge. On their way, the party encounters some unwanted visitors during their night's rest...

As always, thank you all for listening! Write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop us an e-mail at haplessheroes@gmail.com. You can also leave us a ...

Mark as Played

In this next installment of the Hapless (Anti)Heroes, the party finds their way into the volcano where the Obsidian Forge is located. They meet a curious Duergar by the name of Dirk Cragborn and finally confront the terrible Ivan von Hammerstein.

As always, thank you all for listening! Write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop us an e-mail at haplessheroes@gmail.com. You can also leave us a rating or review on iTunes! We look forw...

Mark as Played

In our finale of Zero's trip through time and space to complete a favor owed to Razi, we find out the Spike's fate as well as see if our (anti)heroes are able to keep the forge from being destroyed. Also, Zero himself is presented with a conundrum that may explain his sudden change of disposition upon returning to the world of Telduria...


Thank you all so much for listening! This will conclude our first side arc as well as mark t...

Mark as Played
January 30, 2017 64 mins

We're back from our break! In this episode, Francesco resumes his DM duties for our main story and the party decides what to do about the Baron of Riverford. Our heroes travel to Riverford and try to figure out how to arrange a meeting with the Baron while simultaneously trying to subdue Hobblet's attempts to instigate a fight.

As always, thank you all for listening! Write us on Twitter @HaplessHeroes or drop us an e-mail at haple...

Mark as Played
February 6, 2017 76 mins

This week, the gang meets with Baron DiRavencaz of Riverford and are offered a counter-proposition to the bounty on his head. It's now up to them to find the Nighthawk and continue to untangle the web of players in this royal murder mystery extravaganza in order to come to a decision on what side they ultimately need to take. They will quickly find that the further they dig, the more complex this mystery becomes...


As always, t...

Mark as Played
February 13, 2017 174 mins

In our very first Full Play special, we decided to roll up new level 4 characters to set up some events happening elsewhere in Telduria while we were short a few cast members for this session. Our dear friend John joins us on an adventure filled with mystery, intrigue and a whole lot of messed up stuff.

Big thanks to Tim @ tabletopaudio.com and the folks at Battlebards for providing the SFX and ambiences used in this episode and ev...

Mark as Played
February 20, 2017 68 mins

Tonight, the gang faces the Nighthawk and decides on a side to take in the ever-complex power struggle occurring in the Kingdom of Vesh. Ezra sneaks away while Kwin and Perodill perform a reconnaisannce mission to find a way past the Baron's guards to confront him.

Big thanks to Tim @ tabletopaudio.com and the folks at Battlebards for providing the SFX and ambiences used in this episode and every episode beyond! Also, we would like...

Mark as Played

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