Happy Hour For The Spiritually Curious Podcast

Happy Hour For The Spiritually Curious Podcast

Join host, Dr. Sandra Marie, and friends, as they discuss the current state of spirituality. Guests share their "spiritual journeys", personal gifts, favorite spiritual tools, and how they each have infused spirituality into their personal and professional lives.


June 11, 2024 68 mins

Welcome to Wild Souls Gathering, your go-to channel for exploring the depths of consciousness and spirituality! 🌟 Enjoy this Happy Hour for the Spiritually Curious Podcast episode. I'm your host, Dr. Sandra Marie, and today, we have an extraordinary episode that you won't want to miss. We're diving deep into the realms of consciousness and spirituality with our special guest, Sara Wiseman, a renowned channeler and s...

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Episode 50

In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Dr. Elsbeth Muth and Freddie Zental-Weaver, a husband-wife team  who have dedicated their lives to helping couples and singles create lasting intimacy and fulfillment. They discuss the relevance of intimacy on consciousness and physicality, as well as their journey with intimacy. Elsbeth shares her personal story of healing and clearing past wounds, while Freddie...

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Episode 49

In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie and CJ Miller discuss the concept of creative intelligence and the importance of embracing our imagination. They explore the idea of being creator beings and how our imagination plays a role in creating a better world. They also touch on the significance of being present and listening, as well as the connection between spirituality and the body. CJ Miller emphasizes the imp...

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Episode 48

In this episode, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Benita Silver, a spiritual mentor, intuitive, and psychotherapist. They discuss the importance of balancing caring for others and self-care, the Internal Family Systems therapy, building a relationship with oneself, becoming a spiritual mentor, embracing spirituality and energetics in work, vulnerability and self-acceptance, exploring the frontier of self, saying no a...

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Episode 47

In this conversation, Dr. Don St. John and Dr. Sandra Marie discuss the loneliness epidemic and the role of ayahuasca in spiritual development. They highlight the impact of loneliness on physical and mental health, with statistics showing increased risks of strokes, dementia, and heart disease. They emphasize the importance of connection and heartfelt relationships for overall well-being. They also discuss the role of soc...

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Episode 46

Dr. Sandra Marie and Dr. Steve Koc discuss their profound experiences during a trip to Egypt and the spiritual connections they felt. They share their personal journeys and how they have been shaped by their spiritual experiences. The conversation explores the concept of downloads, where individuals receive a large amount of information quickly, and the role of intuition and cosmic memories. The discussion highl...

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Episode 45


In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Rebekah Beneteau, a sex relationship intimacy education coach, about the intersection of spirituality and sexuality. Rebekah shares her personal journey and how she became a sex educator and energy healer. She explains the concept of orgasm as life force energy and how spirituality can enhance our connection to our bodies and sexuality. The conversation al...

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Episode 44

In this conversation, Linda Elie discusses mindset, spirituality, manifestation, and following one's bliss. She emphasizes the importance of understanding one's spiritual purpose and the power of mindset in shaping our lives. Linda shares personal stories of receiving messages and experiencing synchronicities that have guided her on her path. She also highlights the need to shift our focus ...

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Episode 43

In this episode, Dr. Sandra Marie interviews Rick Hayes, a psychic medium, and Dr. Chris Van Huysse, a yoga teacher and Reiki healer. They discuss their collaboration on the I Am Mom project, which aims to provide support and healing for mothers who have experienced the loss of a child. They also explore the importance of supporting grief and loss, the role of spirituality in navigating personal pain and fear, and how to ...

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Episode 42
In this conversation, Heather Leigh Strom discusses her work as a galactic canine channeler and the healing power of canine spirit guides. She explains that dogs are not unique to Earth and that the intergalactic version of dogs are more spiritually advanced than humans. Heather Leigh introduces the four core canine spirit guides she works with, each with their own unique energy and healing abilities. She also ...

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Episode 41

In this conversation, Dr. Sandra Marie and Mark Robinson, author, sage, and medical intuitive, discuss the significance of the year 2024. They explore topics such as solar flares, awakening, the rise of feminine energy, and the shift in consciousness. They also touch on the importance of heart-centered meditation and the power of collective intention. The conversation emphasizes the need for individuals to make ...

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Episode 40

Spiritual Illuminator, Mary Armendarez, joins Dr. Sandra Marie to discuss events and trauma in our lives where we let go of our power and focuses on how we can regain our power. The two share how early programming in our lives snowballs and influences much of our unworthiness and low self-esteem. 

Mary shares her spiritual journey,  growing up Catholic, becoming pregnant at 18, and experiencing an abusi...

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Cynthia Ambriz joins Dr. Sandra Maria to discuss the many facets of her work. They cover a range of topics on spirituality including healing, spiritual B.E.S.T practice, Energy Codes, and science related to spirituality. 
Cynthia discusses the different dimension “spirituality” adds to coaching and therapy differing from traditional coaching and therapy. She also explains  quantum transference and the quantum flip using a...

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Episode 38

Kim Coots,  grief coach, evidential medium, astrologist, and energy healing practitioner joins Dr. Sandra Marie to discuss ways to manage "dark grief." She unexpectedly lost her only child to an unintentional fentanyl overdose and weeks later her mother which put her on a journey to support others dealing with overwhelming grief.

Their conversation weaves in Kim's spiritual journey that includes managing her...

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Episode 37

Dr. Sandra Marie brings Siris Rivas-Verdejo, Speech-Language Pathologist, Learning-Behavioral Specialist, and energy worker to show. This amazing conversation focuses on how Siris integrates energy work and traditional practices. She provides an insightful example of work with an autistic child resulting in positive outcomes.
 Dr. Sandra Marie is curious about Siris work with the "seen and the uns...

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Episode 36

Dr. Sandra Marie brings Kat Lee to the show. They have a fun and informative conversation about bringing spirituality and business together.

Kat s a trauma-informed Spiritual Business Mentor and host of The Empowered Curiosity Podcast. She uses the tools of somatic and emotional alchemy to guide soulful entrepreneurs to approach their business as a spiritual practice. This allows them to cultivate busin...

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Episode 35
MarciaGrace best known for her 40 plus years of work with A Course in Miracles joins Dr. Sandra Marie for a fun lively conversation focusing on her spiritual journey. Have you ever wondered what A Course in Miracles was all about? I have and the assumptions I had were definitely off base. MarciaGrace talks about the how the course came into being, how it has changed lives, and her experiences teaching the cours...

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Bonus Episode

Mark Robinson joins Dr. Sandra Marie to provide follow-up, and new insights based on questions and responses from the listeners regarding Episode 32: The Apocalypse Has Arrived: Welcome to NEW Earth!  a podcast Mark and Dr. Sandra recorded earlier.

This episode touches on the interweaving, interplay, and correlations between biblical, prophecy, science, astrology, and the spiritual community including those on the other...

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 Episode 34
 Marina Shakour Haber, spiritual author, speaker, and coach joins Dr. Sandra Marie for a lively conversation about the effects of negativity on us personally and as a society and how to move towards a state of JOY.
 "Encouraging people to envision a better more fulfilling life and the empower them to fine what really matters" is Marina's mission. Dr. Sandra Maria engages Marina in a co...

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Episode 33

Melissa Abell joins Dr. Sandra Marie to talk about her fascinating life as a spiritual being on a human journey. She discusses her childhood exposure to traditional religion as well as Edward Cayce, astrology, and the tarot. She goes into her spiritual “education” including teachers, attending Arthur Findley Spiritualist College in the UK, and attunements that provided her a foundation to be an influential spiritual teach...

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