Heal Your Roots Podcast

Heal Your Roots Podcast

Heal Your Roots Podcast aims to help identify our roles of who we thought we were to grow new foundations of who we want to be now. Your roots impact your future. They help determine what path to take to achieve desired results, avoid repeating mistakes, and appreciate what makes you uniquely you. As we open up to share inspiring stories and expert approaches, we’ll uncover a deeper look at the world of therapy from new perspectives. You’ll meet the therapists of Heal Your Roots Wellness practice, the supportive community being built within the practice, and trusted colleagues tackling mental well-being. We'll cover cultural and commonly stigmatized themes with topics that include trauma, depression, self-love, body image, relationships, anxiety, addiction, marginalization, communication, gender identity, and more. Available on all major podcast streaming platforms.


June 19, 2024 46 mins

Join us for the season finale of Season 3 on Heal Your Roots Podcast, where Kira Yakubov Ploshansky, LMFT, and Dr. Katie Manganello, host Allen-Michael Lewis, LMFT - one of the newest team members at Heal Your Roots Wellness. Dive deep into the cultural narratives around food, body image, and relationships. Allen-Michael discusses the double standards and societal pressures faced by individuals regarding diet and body image. With a...

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Dive deep into the world of prenatal fitness and nutrition with special guest Amanda Matrisciano, a certified personal trainer with expertise in pre and postnatal training.

0:00 - Introduction to personal training, pregnancy, and nutrition with Amanda Matrisciano
2:09 - Amanda's journey into personal training and certification in pre and postnatal fitness
7:43 - Safe exercise during pregnancy: ...

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Navigating Maternal Mental Health: Insights on Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

Welcome to the latest episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast! In this episode, we dive deep into the complex world of maternal mental health, exploring crucial topics like postpartum anxiety and depression. Our discussion covers a range of vital issues, from the impact of social media on raising awareness to distinguishing between baby blues a...

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In this enlightening episode, Mari Kharroubi, a bilingual pediatric speech-language pathologist and dedicated pregnancy coach, shares her deeply personal journey from overcoming learning disabilities to pioneering holistic approaches in maternal health. Listen as she explains the transformative impact of functional medicine on pregnancy, nutrition, and emotional well-being.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overcoming Speech and Language Challenges...
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Join us on this enlightening episode of our podcast as Dr. Alyssa Hertz dives into the complexities of treating individuals with both Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and eating disorders. With her dual expertise, Dr. Hertz highlights the synergy between the treatment methodologies for these often co-existing conditions and provides clarity on the psychological underpinnings that they share. Listeners will gain valuable insights...

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In this compelling episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, we warmly welcome back Dr. Katie Manganello as we delve into the intricate experiences of postpartum and perinatal OCD. With a compassionate approach, this discussion unfolds the layers of what it means to battle OCD while stepping into the world of motherhood. Dr. Katie provides expert insights, coupled with practical advice, aiming to enlighten, support, and empower those...

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Welcome to a profound episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, Season 3, Episode 9, where we explore the intersections of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), religious trauma, and pathways to healing. Join us as we sit down with Dr. Katie Manganello, a clinical psychologist specializing in OCD, and Caitlin Harrison, a marriage and family therapist with expertise in trauma, to unravel these complex topics.

This episode dives deep int...

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 Tune into an enlightening conversation with Dr. Jessica Robb Mazzant about ADHD's nuances in assessment and treatment. With extensive experience and a passion ignited by her early career, Dr. Mazzant brings a wealth of knowledge to this episode.

In This Episode:
• The journey to specializing in ADHD and the role of mentorship.
• The impact of Bill Pelham's work on today's mental health practices....

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In this enlightening episode, Alex Mayrin delves into the profound impact of Ayahuasca healing on PTSD, trauma, and childhood wounds, illustrating the path from personal transformation to aiding others. He recounts his own growth through Ayahuasca ceremonies and his evolution into a yoga teacher and spiritual guide. The episode also covers the significance of integrating these experiences for sustained healing and the benefits of w...

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In this insightful episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, Kira Yakubov Ploshansky is joined by Gabrielle Larin, LMFT, to delve into the complex world of people-pleasing tendencies, their origins in childhood upbringing, and the cultural pressures that shape them. Gabrielle shares her expertise in working with clients who struggle with self-esteem issues and the compulsive need to p...

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This episode delves into the transformative power of mind-body approaches in therapy, emphasizing the significant role of meditation, mindfulness, and body awareness in healing and emotional management.

Starting with a focus on how couples can navigate grief together, returning guest, Lindsay Bauer, LMFT shares her expertise in integrating breath work, meditation, and mindfulness into therapy sessions. She explains the differences b...

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In this episode we explore the fascinating world of family dynamics and therapy with the insightful Allen Michael Lewis, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

🙌Navigate through the power of genograms to understand family dynamics, the importance of accountability in relationships, and the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship with family members while preserving oneself.

🍽️Discover cultural insight...

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🌟In this episode, delve into the world of therapy, personality tests, and couples work with Caitlin Harrison, a Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Explore the impact of religious trauma on mental health, the intricacies of EMDR therapy, and the application of therapy models like Internal Family Systems and the Gottman method. Gain insights into navigating childhood wounds, anxiety, and trauma.

❤️‍🩹Join us for candi...

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In this enlightening episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, we dive deep into the world of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with the esteemed Dr. Katie Manganello, a Licensed Psychologist renowned for her expertise in OCD treatment. With a blend of personal insights and professional acumen, Dr. Manganello and our host, Kira Yakubov Ploshansky, unravel the complexities of OCD, offering a beacon of understanding and hope for thos...

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🌟 The premiere episode of Season 3 of the "Heal Your Roots Podcast" 🎧 delves deep into the complex and often intertwined worlds of trauma, substance use disorder, and the transformative journey of recovery. Esteemed guest Laura Schneider, LSW brings a wealth of experience and personal insights that promise to enlighten and inspire. 💡

In this riveting episode, Laura, Clinical Supervisor at Valley Spring Recover...

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In this insightful and empowering episode of Heal Your Roots Podcast, we welcome back the esteemed mental health expert, Joslyn Justi. In our heartfelt discussion, we delve into the often misunderstood realms of anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Joslyn sheds light on the normalcy of experiencing anxiety, helping listeners differentiate it from anxiety disorders, and clarifying the common misconceptions between anxiet...

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In this insightful episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Gabrielle Larin, LMFT, a dynamic new addition to the Heal Your Roots Wellness team. Gabrielle shares her remarkable journey to becoming a therapist, beginning from her own experiences with therapy as a teenager.

We dive deep into the nuances of celebrating small successes, a philosophy that Gabrielle carries through her practice. As she takes...

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Explore the intricate world of Consensual Non-Monogamy (CNM) with Courtney Burkhardt, Marriage and Family Therapist, on this enlightening episode of the Heal Your Roots Podcast. Unravel the depths of this unconventional relationship framework, and dive into candid discussions about the complexities of sex therapy, communication, and trust.

Discover the story behind Courtney's journey into the realm of sex therapy, inspired by h...

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In this episode of the Heal Your Roots podcast, host Kira Yakubov, LMFT sits down with Dr. Michele Finneran to discuss the complex issue of domestic abuse. Dr. Finneran delves into the psychology behind this pervasive problem, discussing the different types of domestic abuse and the common theme of powerlessness that victims often feel. 

She also explores the connection between Stockholm Syndrome and domestic violence, and offers in...

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In this insightful episode of Heal Your Roots Podcast, host Kira Yakubov is joined by Dr. Karen Wilson -  a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director of West LA Neuropsychology, PC, the founder of ChildNEXUS.com. 

They delve into the complexities of children's mental health, discussing common learning disabilities, processing disorders, and the intricacies of diagnosing ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disorders in children. Dr....

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