Healing for Healers

Healing for Healers

Are you a healer? You could be a healer and not even know it! If you're still reading this, you probably are! Grab a cuppa, sit back and relax and join Abby Wynne and guests as they chat about how to look after yourself while keeping your energy-body in mind. Through sharing personal stories about growth and spirituality, Abby and her guests are always forthcoming in sharing tools and techniques to help you heal yourself in mostly every podcast episode - see, I knew you were a healer! You don't have to heal someone else to be one. This podcast offers laughter and fun and a realistic look at what healing actually means. Whether you're a professional healer in private practice, somebody's parent or caregiver, or simply someone that everybody confides in, I am sure that you'll find something in this podcast that will help you feel better. You can contact the show via the show email: healingforhealerspodcast@gmail.com 💫 About Abby: Abby Wynne is the bestselling author of the “One Day at a Time Diary”, “How to Be Well” and “Energy Healing made Easy.” She helps people release what is in the way of living an empowered, wholehearted life. She lives in Ireland with her husband, 4 children, and their dog and cat. The Inner Compass Trilogy is her first major work of fiction. Join Abby for pre-recorded sessions, self-paced healing programmes and live group healing sessions via https://www.abby-wynne.com, or join her on social media via Telegram - te.me/abbywynneauthor | Instagram @abbynrghealing | Facebook - Abby's Energy Healing Page |


February 22, 2024 64 mins

I'm back in conversation with the beautiful Catherine Maguire, and we talk about some very serious topics. I originally asked if we could speak about life purpose, reinventing yourself and how to get your bearings in times of uncertainty. What we ended up talking about I'm sure many of you can relate to. We are in a liminal in-between time, and many people feel lost. I hope this conversation gives you hope, inspiration an...

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Wow is all I can say - we could have talked for another 2 hours but we needed whiskey and cigars a lá Joe Rogan style!! I'm bowled over to share this conversation I had with Mary Helen as she shares her experiences working as a Metaphysical Chiropractor in Athlone. Mary Helen is the author of many books, she had a near death experience (NDE) when she was in her 20's and has a unique way of seeing the world. She also has h...

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Here is the video link if you want to hop over to YouTube - https://youtu.be/7NqVJp3nmFQ

You may also have already seen my video about how the Orynoco has impacted my life (here's the link: https://youtu.be/6d3J6_ffDmc) and as I say in the intro, it's very rarely that I rave on about a product, let alone a healing product! Orynoco is more than a product, however, it's a bridge to access a frequency of consci...

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Zuriel is part of The Bridging Higher Consciousness team and I wanted you all to get to know her better. She really is quite an extraordinary woman, a true magical child - she has amazing perspectives on our current spiritual growth and a really playful way to navigate our spiritual growth. And, when we get together, somehow, I become more psychic! It's so fun!

You can find Z on her website here: https://www.the-zcoll...

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We are graduating! We have gone through one tunnel, and are out the end of it, taking a breath before the next one. Or, as Honey Golden says, we have just begun the middle book of our trilogy. Ascension is full on GO GO GO and 2024 is going to be a fast year for growth. Take some time out with Honey, Z and me, to tune into what we are reading in the current energies. See if it resonates with you, perhaps our conversation will stimu...

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There is so much going on, Honey, Anina and I needed to get together and compare  notes! The most important thing we can do right now is slow down, breathe, and take care of ourselves. We all hope you enjoy this episode.

Honey C. Golden loves all things energy, delves into the subconscious mind, and listens to her Higher Self. She goes into each healing session with all of these aspects to help the body and mind heal them...

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We are in extraordinary times! Timelines are changing, the way we hold memories is different, and doing our inner work is speeding up. Join Honey C Golden and Abby for a candid, hopeful and joy-filled chat about why it's so important to release our bodies from the bindings that conditioning has put upon us so that we can release our gifts, and become the best that we can be.

Honey C. Golden loves all things energy, de...

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This exercise is something you can do in real time, for as long as you like. I talk you through it, and teach you how to do it - it is short! But if you want it for longer, set a timer on your phone, pause the audio file, and hold onto the frequency for as long as you need to. I hope you enjoy.

You can find this exercise and more in my new audiobook - Heal your Inner Wounds, which will be available on Audible soon.

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Join me and Anina for a chat about where we are with the current energies. I offer a few energy exercises and Anina offers her wisdom and a very grounding outlook for the future. I love talking to her, I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Anina & VIVIDEARTH's links:
VIVIDEARTH YouTube:  @vividearth_5d
VIVIDEARTH Telegram for daily uncensored news
New TikTok channel (previous two banned)
Join Anina ...

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September 10, 2023 14 mins

Healing your Inner Wounds is a book I wrote back in 2018. I think it's more pertinent now, I'm really glad I decided to record it as an audiobook, which I am currently doing. This section is from Chapter 1 - Healing your Inner Child. The archetypal caregiver child cannot have fun when someone else is unhappy, and as an adult, many empaths still hold this pattern ingrained. Fun without guilt is something that is not natura...

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Did you know that you are riddled with bacteria, fungi and parasites, and that they may even be ganging up and working against you? I didn't know it, but my body did. I needed to get some help with my digestion, and Sherrie was able to help me clear the issue very quickly.
I've been seeing Sherrie for over a year now and I feel so much lighter, clearer in my energy, and more connected to my inner knowing. No more yeas...

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Anna's been on a big adventure and she's still here to tell the tale. After receiving a cancer diagnosis she decided to heal her body (mind and soul) in a natural way, rather than go down the clinical route. She wrote a journal to document everything she has done, and she’s published it into a book called “A Wild Adventure on the Big C: My Journey of Natural Healing for Cancer”

Anna joins me to talk about her hea...

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My best manifesting technique for love. Short and sweet! Enjoy xxAbby

Find more about me here: https://www.abby-wynne.com 

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Find out more about Abby on her website https://www.abby-wynne.com
Join her on her telegram channel: https://t.me/abbywynneauthor

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This is my first time talking with Joshua Cameron, and we were supposed to talk about chronic pain and how I've managed with it but we ended up taking a deep dive into many other subjects too! This audio is from Joshua's summit called Cancel Chronic Pain which ran May/June 2023.

You can find Joshua's YouTube channel here: @joshuacameron86 and his website is here: https://www.towardgoodnesscoaching.com/

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June 29, 2023 11 mins

I just wanted to speak a little bit about what being creative means to me, some of the myths around it, and perhaps change your mind on it because you are creative, too. Let's let go of the blocks and make this world a better place - fill it with our wonderful creations. Lots of love xxAbby

Find me on my website here: https://www.abby-wynne.com
Come by my telegram group and let me know what you think of the podca...

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Join me and Marie Byrne for a candid discussion about fear. You might remember Marie from her first appearance with me in Episode 45 - Vulnerability, Self-Acceptance and Forgiveness. I've wanted to have Marie back as she is so expressive, so wise, and so human. We go deep in this one, leaving no stone unturned. Take a breath and dive in. So much love to you all xoxAbby

About Marie: Marie is a qualified Humanistic &...

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I'm reading Transformation aloud this week and I came across this section which had been highlighted by several readers. I wondered why, and then realised that the section is a therapy session with Marissa, the main character of the book, and Cedric, a man who is experiencing grief on the death of his mother.
Bereavement is a difficult subject and I am glad my take on it has helped people. There are lots of nuggets like th...

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About Julian: Julian Polzin works as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. While earlier on his journey he emphasized the importance of the scientific method, he later came through profound mystical experiences to the insight that the current paradigm is largely insufficient to approach any super-physical phenomena. The occurrence of visions, past life memories, telepathic communications and the discovery of ancient knowled...

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I love the way Ang looks at the world, he has some very interesting ways of framing the current great awakening. You will own nothing and be happy? He thinks we could do it, but not in the way that the elite think, however. I hope you enjoy the chat, if you would rather watch the video version you can find it on YouTube here.

About Ang - Ang Stoic is a seasoned astrologer, writer, and teacher with over 30 years of exp...

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April 24, 2023 3 mins

Springtime is in full swing - it's time for a declutter and a freshen up! I've got an announcement to make about the podcast - don't worry, it's not going away, just having a fresh boost of energy injected into it! I've added some new music too, it's fun, I hope you like it as much as I do. Stay tuned for the next episode of Healing for Healers, coming soon xxAbby

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