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Health Bite

Fed up with today's wellness culture? Tired of gimmicks, quick fixes and false promises? Tired of fear-based tactics filled with judgment and shame? Join Dr. Adrienne Youdim, a board-certified internist and physician nutrition specialist committed to empowering you with evidence-based yet compassionate 'health bites' to help you achieve greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Here you can expect expert no-nonsense guidance in nutrition, fitness, habit change, and mindset that she uses in her medical practice every day that will leave you feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired.


June 5, 2023 17 mins

Processed foods have become a popular choice for consumers in search of convenience. However, it is important to understand that there are significant downsides to consuming processed food, such as decreased nutritional value and potential health risks.

What You'll Learn From this Episode:

  • Explores the implications of processed foods and shares tips for redefining our relationship with food in order to a...
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Indulging in delicious food while on vacation is a wonderful part of the experience, but it often comes with a side of guilt. 

Many people find it challenging to fully enjoy their meals without worrying about the consequences on their health and well-being. However, by adopting a positive mindset and making mindful choices, you can take the guilt out of vacation eating and truly savor every bite.

 In this episode,...

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In our society where everyone is so obsessed with dieting, we have already come to a point where we cannot think about eating without overthinking what it would do with our body weight. This is removing all the joy in eating, making us forget that food is something that is supposed to be holistically nourishing.

But the rather ironic part is that while we are doing this, thinking that we are doing it in service of our weig...

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Do you sometimes wish that there could be ways to shed some weight without having to go to the gym or doing heavy exercise?

One of the reasons you gain extra weight is stress; and it could happen anytime, whether we like it or not. If we could only find a way to handle our stress better, we could also reduce our chances of gaining weight. 

Gladly, there is a really basic and convenient way to avoid getting those unwanted pounds. 


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Ready to take control of your mental and physical health?

Tune in to this week's Health Bite with Dr. Adrienne Youdim! 

Discover why rest and relaxation are essential for your well-being and get practical tips on how to prioritize intentional breaks. Don't let external distractions and soothing like smoking, drinking, or overeating control your life. 

Instead, learn how to activate the default mode networ...

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Losing weight is a common goal, but what happens when we lose muscle in the process?

When losing weight, what we want to happen is that we lose weight from fats. However, at some point, we also go through some muscle loss in the process. That can be so frustrating, and even discouraging, more so with the tons of fad diets circulating online.

But here at Health Bite, we don't want you to fall into those traps....

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Are you tired of trying fad diets and miracle pills, only to end up disappointed and frustrated with little to no results? 

The truth is, successful weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, by arming yourself with knowledge and seeking guidance from health professionals, you can find a personalized weight loss plan that fits your unique needs and goals. 

Don't settle for quick fixes that rare...

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If you’ve successfully lost that excess weight that you’ve been working so hard on losing, congratulations! You’ve gone through that arduous process and you have survived to be your healthier self.

But after losing all that weight, now comes what? Maintaining that. 

But for people who have been exposed to this experience, we all know losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is another level of struggle!

It is just so hard; there are ...

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Do you find yourself constantly setting new weight loss goals and working towards them immediately that you forget to celebrate each win once they are achieved?

A moving goalpost is one of the most common saboteurs for successful weight loss, and I get it—as humans, we are insatiable in our desire for more; we want to do more, be more, achieve more. But what we fail to notice is that it’s robbing us of the joy of this journey and th...

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Are you an obese individual who has been wanting to seek help and take weight loss drugs but haven’t done that just yet due to the fear of being shame?

It's been nearly a year since the hullabaloo began over the ‘new’ class of weight loss drugs, and as someone who has been prescribed them for diabetes and weight loss, I thought it was time to weigh in.  Because as these drugs for weight loss emerged in our society, an abundance...

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How do we effectively take care of our heart and our health so we can reduce our risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, or worse—death?

As we end this month’s podcast lineup, we’re back with yet another series of Health Bite in the News. And in this week’s episode, we’re going to be talking about news that concerns our heart’s health.

Heart disease is so preventable, if and only if we’ll take better care of ourselves. So join me...

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Growing up, what kind of family or society did you have?

Did you feel safe and heard there? Were you able to express your heart in a healthy and non-toxic manner? Or maybe, it was a place of trauma and stress?

So for today’s podcast, I invited a good friend of mine to help us navigate through the science of trauma and hopefully find our way toward the healing path.

Dr. Noshene Ranjbar is an Associate Professor of P...

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Do you feel like you can’t change your life for the better if you’re going to do it alone?
 Do you feel like you don’t have within you all that’s needed for you to live a life that’s healthier, and happier?

On last week’s podcast, we talked about the determinants of emotional and mental wellbeing, including something called environmental mastery, where we discuss how we already have what we need in order to deal with l...

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This week, in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, the conversation started with a tribute to Dr. Seuss. The topic then shifted to the universal psychological needs of agency, autonomy and mastery, which are related to our relationship with food and our bodies. 

The conversation then referenced Dr. Seuss's book, Oh, The Places You'll Go and the quote “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you ...

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Do you find yourself an easy target for excess weight gain even when you’re already trying your very best to lose and stay away from those pounds?

Do you wonder why some people tend to gain weight more easily than others even when they’re keeping their activities under strict check while others do not?

As cases of obesity become more and more prevalent, it is important for us to understand why it is called a disease and why there are...

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Do you find yourself constantly craving instant gratification? Like finishing an entire Netflix series in one night, or feeling the satisfaction of clicking “Buy Now” at an online shop?

We all experience these moments of instant gratification and it can provide a great sense of accomplishment. However, if we don't take steps to manage our desire for quick and easy wins, it can have an impact on our health and well-bei...

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I'm going to share a personal anecdote with you this week and still weave in some of the science and arguments to help convince you to incorporate the things that will help you live well.

Tune in as I share the story behind my family’s recent draining traumatic experience and relate that to the healing power nature has on us, humans.

What you will learn from this episode:

---- Understand how spending time with nature helps r...

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Are you planning to go on a “healthy diet” but are somehow unsure of what exact diet pattern to take? Do you somehow feel stuck between different and often confusing popular diet plans?

Here in Health Bite, we always reiterate how misleading and mostly ineffective the popular diet culture is. Eating is a basic human survival instinct. Eating healthy foods should be easy and straightforward; it should never, ever be complic...

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Heart disease affects countless women across the globe and is often misunderstood and under-recognized. In honor of the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign, which is later this week, I am so excited to bring to you this interview  Dr. Odayme Quesada.

As the director of the Women's Heart Center at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, she is a preeminent authority in the field of cardiovascular diseas...

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Do you ever feel like you are trapped in an endless cycle of using mechanisms to cope from certain things that are also caused by other coping mechanisms? Have you ever found yourself on the way out of it, only to be enticed to come back to your old ways?

Being sober from escape mechanisms is one thing that many of us surely look forward to this year. That is why in our previous episode, I talked to you about alcohol; its short-term...

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