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Health Bite

Fed up with today's wellness culture? Tired of gimmicks, quick fixes and false promises? Tired of fear-based tactics filled with judgment and shame? Join Dr. Adrienne Youdim, a board-certified internist and physician nutrition specialist committed to empowering you with evidence-based yet compassionate 'health bites' to help you achieve greater physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Here you can expect expert no-nonsense guidance in nutrition, fitness, habit change, and mindset that she uses in her medical practice every day that will leave you feeling motivated, empowered, and inspired.


January 23, 2023 38 min

Do you ever feel like you are trapped in an endless cycle of using mechanisms to cope from certain things that are also caused by other coping mechanisms? Have you ever found yourself on the way out of it, only to be enticed to come back to your old ways?

Being sober from escape mechanisms is one thing that many of us surely look forward to this year. That is why in our previous episode, I talked to you about alcohol; its short-term...

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Are you that kind of person who loves to have a sip of that wine during or after finishing a stressful task? Or are you a beer person who treats himself with an ice-cold bottle of draft beer after a long day’s work?

We all have heard about the benefits of alcohol on our body. The antioxidants that it contains, its relaxing effects, and simply the overall feeling of ease that it gives us. It is hard to imagine a month – or even a wee...

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Have you ever had the phrase "to lose weight" in your list of new year's resolutions? What happened? Were you able to do it, or did you – for some reasons – terribly fail? 

Losing weight is still one of the most popular new year’s resolutions up to this date. Many people tend to do it by means of “diet”, though that culture is now slowly being canceled.

That is good, won't lie. Diet culture brings us more bad than goo...

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Just like that, the past year is over and we are now in 2023. I am sure many of you already have your new year’s resolutions set, be it going regularly in the gym this year, having more control of your diet, and many other typical goals for your physical and mental well-being.

But spoiler alert: many of such goals fail early into the year. That is because this approach is not kind, and it is really not practical, either. It pushes y...

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Have you ever found yourself binge-watching Netflix late at night, with a bag of snacks in your hand, and maybe even a bottle of alcohol or wine? Do you usually sacrifice sleep for that night, with the thought that you’re giving yourself time to relax your body and your mind?

 Dealing with our cravings is indeed a hard task. It affects us for almost the whole day, but it undeniably hits us harder at night. Even when it directly aff...

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Do you find yourself constantly craving for food this holiday season? Does the sight and smell of those hot chocolate chip cookies and cute little bite-sized chocolates make you feel hungry, even if you know you’re not?

The holiday season is when food pollution is literally everywhere. And it is not uncommon for you to crave for those deliciously looking sweets and decadent crackers no matter how hard you try not to.

You see, there i...

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Do you see self-care as rewarding yourself with that good draft beer to relax after a long week’s work? Does it mean eating your favorite comfort food because it makes you feel good, or more importantly, “going easy” on yourself in the things that you do?

In this episode, Dr. Adrienne enlightens us on how our wrong interpretation of self-care leads to self-neglect and self-harm as she explains why we should take the time and put in ...

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Do you want to change your lifestyle for the better by means of exercising and eating a nutritious diet, but somehow feel like you’d be punishing yourself in trying to do so?

It has become so common for us to associate the terms “exercise” and “wholesome, nutritious food” with negative connotations that without us knowing, we've already started to find these words as restrictive; punishing, and more so.

This mirrors what we have ...

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Obesity is an ever-growing problem among us because of our general preference for low-protein, processed foods. Again, as we have always talked about in this podcast, diet is a major factor in obesity. 

But then, a lot of things that we talk about when it comes to diet and obesity are things that we actually already know. That’s why in this episode, we will focus on the whys instead of the whats of diet which will give us a clearer ...

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It's Thanksgiving day again, and it's that time when most of us indulge in food and alcohol. It's that day when our Thanksgiving table seems to have an endless supply of food and beverages. Also, a time when overeating and weight issues arise.

This space is sometimes hard to navigate for someone conscious and watching over food and weight matters. And celebrations like this are never without food and beverages to feast o...

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Have you done something recently that you really wish you hadn't done? Did you get upset and hard on yourself over the thought that you could’ve done things differently? 

As humans, we are imperfect by nature. We are bound to make mistakes again and again. Setbacks are inevitable; insecurities are always around. But really, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your journey towards achieving your goal. 

Being hard on ourselves f...

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Anne Kennard, DO, is a Board Certified OBGYN, Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine, an herbalist, and a registered yoga instructor.  

She completed a 2-year fellowship in integrative medicine through the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine and has additional training in contemplative medicine, herbal medicine, and Ayurveda. 

She is passionate about women’s health in the body, mind, and spirit. She authored an Amazon bes...

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Why let ourselves get fooled by all the sensationalism out there when it comes to health and wellness when we can take simple steps towards our well-being’s betterment?

There’s been a lot of bias when it comes to obesity and obesity management, so much that it has already pushed people to shame themselves. Patients come in every now and then, saying they should be able to do things alone, just by themselves. 

But this isn’t supposed ...

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Have you been struggling to remain healthy while maintaining a good, well-balanced diet? Have you ever felt that no matter how you restrict yourself to only eating ‘healthy foods’, you still end up feeling tired, anxious, or even depressed?

Dr. Adrienne Youdim is a board-certified Internist and is the host of the podcast Health Bite. She specializes in medical weight loss and nutrition, and she is aiming to transform the weight loss...

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Why soothe your hunger with highly palatable foods that harm your mind and your body when you can turn that hunger into an opportunity to address your unmet needs?

Dr. Adrienne Youdim is a board-certified Internist and is the host of the podcast Health Bite. She specializes in medical weight loss and nutrition, and she is aiming to transform the weight loss narrative into one that is both empowering and compassionate – inspiring peo...

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We all have a food story of our own. Be that something our parents have dawned on us or something we have created for ourselves, our food story plays a huge role in how we see ourselves, especially in relation to weight.

 But how do we write the best possible story that can be written if we still see weight loss as taboo? How do we go after our goals towards a healthier mind, body, and soul if we don’t really listen to ourselves, or...

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How can we stop acting in a way that is oppressive to ourselves, and finally live the best life we’ve always dreamt to live?

There are studies that have shown that this kind of internalization of negative stigma and bias not only affects our emotional and mental health, for they also carry physical health consequences. What’s worse is we can even pass it down to our children and their soon-to-be kids!

This act of labeling not only ha...

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How can we make ourselves lean even more towards prevention, and not always on the treatment we need to get back to living in good health?

So many of our drugs nowadays that are geared toward diabetes are all about treatment and almost nothing on prevention. But as the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.

So as promised, Dr. Adrienne’s back to – again – offer you food and nutrition news as she gives you tips you can ta...

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How do you address wealth gain and/or obesity issues in your family without making everyone feel like they’re someone that needs to be fixed?

As we celebrate National Pediatric Obesity Awareness Month this September, it is of much relevance that we talk about the issue of obesity, especially as the numbers rise to their highest at present.

More often than not, we tend to unconsciously project our own wounds on our children, which usu...

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September is National Childhood Obesity month, and a perfect time to have this week's guest, Dr. Wendy Sofer. She's a pediatrician and a certified health and wellbeing coach. 

And she's the founder of Family and Focus, a program she created for parents who are worried about weight at home, their weight, and their kid's weight as well. She helps them shift the focus of the scale to create healthier relationships with ...

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