Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Mid-Life Mamas 1% Shifts Empowering YOU to THRIVE

Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Mid-Life Mamas 1% Shifts Empowering YOU to THRIVE

Your Go to Podcast for Mid-Life Mamas who are ready to create a Healthy balanced Lifestyle. Empowering Mamas to discover 1% shifts to reclaim their health through a holistic approach. Join host Robin as she guides you through a journey of self-discovery, exploring nutrition, movement, creativity, spirituality, joy, home cooking, space, and relationships. We will unpack all the overwhelming information and noise by learning how to tune in and listen to what our bodies need. We are here to cultivate wellness (mind, body and soul) in every aspect of your life.


June 12, 2024 63 mins

In this episode we chat about the importance of incorporating local, seasonal food into your diet and lifestyle for a healthier and happier life. Caitlyn shared her daily routine, emphasizing the joy she finds in gardening and being in contact with nature. Start  small, intentional shifts towards healthier habits, such as trying new, seasonal foods, visiting your farmers market, and asking questions about their ingredients. We can ...

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Kelly Ryerson works at the intersection of agriculture and health. She regularly collaborates with regenerative farmers, scientists, policymakers and media to address agrochemical damage to our soil and bodies. She also started the news site Glyphosate Facts, which explains the link between chemical agriculture and the explosion in chronic disease. Kelly has contributed to numerous podcasts, publications, and documentaries includin...

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In this podcast episode, I have a heartfelt chat with Jenny about personal growth, self-discovery, and the unexpected benefits of embracing new opportunities to navigate life after the field. Jenny shares her journey of overcoming past traumas and how the pandemic prompted her to work with a life coach, leading to significant personal development. We talk about the importance of intentional breathwork, daily routines, and balancing...

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Ydaiber Orozco is a multifaceted creative soul. As an actor, she crafts compelling stories on screen, delving deep into the intricacies of human emotions. Beyond the spotlight, Ydaiber steps into the role of a soul purpose coach, guiding individuals on their transformative journeys. With a keen understanding of human design, she illuminates paths tailored to individuals' authentic selves. Furthermore, as an emotion code practit...

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The episode emphasizes the significance of adopting a holistic approach to health, recognizing the interconnectedness of issues like hormonal imbalances, mold toxicity, and gut health. We chat about the importance of self-advocacy in health, especially when traditional medical approaches aren't working. Seek out functional medicine practitioners and comprehensive testing. It is necessary to find root causes rather than just sym...

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Happy Mother's Day!

In this Mother’s Day special episode, we explore the evolving role of mothers as we enter the empty nest phase of life. We chat about motherhood, both past and present, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of mothers. As we celebrate this occasion, we emphasize the importance of self-compassion, encouraging mothers to prioritize their well-being during this transition.


  • Motherhood h...
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As we dive into the empowering conversation with Jorge Gonzalez, he shares valuable insights on finding your passion and embracing your multifaceted nature! 🌈 He is a speaker, an inventor and an author of Answer the Call. Grab this book for a summer read!

Question: Share a challenge you encountered while pursuing your passion and how you tackled it. Your story might inspire someone facing a similar obstacle! 🌟 #ShareYourStory #Em...

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In this episode of 1% Shift, we explored the benefits of eating seasonally for both our health and the environment. By aligning our diets with nature's rhythms and embracing locally grown, seasonal produce, we not only support our own well-being with a diverse range of nutrients but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support local farmers, and promote agricultural diversity.


  1. Nutritional Diversity: Eating sea...
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Paula Schuster is a leader, a teacher, a mom, a wife, and a business owner. She is a seasoned coach and mentor with 25 years of experience, specializing in empowering individuals to achieve personal transformation and self-discovery. Through a combination of life coaching, Reiki, and sound healing, she helps clients cultivate self-love, uncover their life purpose, embrace their authentic selves, and shed the conditioning that tell...
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Self-love is a vital aspect of personal well-being, yet it's often neglected in the busyness of life. Practicing self-love involves treating oneself with kindness, engaging in self-care rituals, and setting healthy boundaries. By cultivating self-love, individuals can enhance their resilience, boost their self-esteem, and experience greater overall satisfaction in life.

Key Takeaways:

Self-love involves treating oneself with ki...

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Tanisha is a counselor, coach, and speaker guided by her passion to help people heal. Tanisha advocates and educates about trauma, healing, and mental health. As she fosters community through her work, Tanisha uses her voice to create meaningful understanding around the issues that affect us all.

Trauma can manifest differently in individuals, and it's not limited to major life-altering events. Even seemingly minor experiences...

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April 22, 2024 7 mins

On this Episode we dive into Boundaries, specifically Time, Social, and Digital Boundaries.

Time boundaries refer to setting aside specific time for self-care practices and movement to improve wellness and prevent burnout.

Social boundaries involve establishing limits with friends, family, and colleagues to maintain healthy relationships and reduce stress.

Lastly, digital boundaries are an essential aspect of creating time for on...

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Our guest, Joscelyn, a mindfulness practitioner and yoga instructor, shares her journey and practical tips to help you break free. Discover how mindfulness and setting boundaries can lead to empowered self-care and lasting change.

Listen now!

#mindfulness #boundaries #selfcare #selfempowerment

3 key takeaways that combine mindfulness, setting boundaries, self-care, and self-empowerment:

  1. Empowered Mindfulness for Healthy Re...

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Click to download the ⁠Circle of Life Activity ⁠ In this 1% shift episode, we draw parallels between respecting your health and caring for your home. Just as maintaining a clean, organized living space promotes harmony and well-being, nurturing your health through healthy habits and self-care practices fosters vitality and balance. We explore how a health coach serves as a guide, helping you declutter your health habits, streamlin...
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April 10, 2024 62 mins

Today we dive into Nervous System Regulation with Deborah Cobb.

Deborah Cobb has been practicing bodywork for over 20 years, and she has always had a passion for health and wellness and recently became an Integrative Health Practitioner. Her passion and focus is on Nervous System Regulation and helping her clients feel safe in their body again.

A well-regulated nervous system allows you to respond calmly to stress and return to a...

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April 8, 2024 8 mins
Let’s explore the concept of bio individuality. What does it mean to each of us? So, what exactly is bio-individuality? Simply put, it’s the understanding that each person has specific needs when it comes to achieving optimal health. It takes into account factors such as genetics, epigenetics, environment, and lifestyle. What works for one person may not work for another. That’s why it’s essential to embrace your individuality and ...
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Come listen in on this empowering conversation with Lisa! So many great take aways and she is just an amazing caring human. So glad we crossed paths on this life journey.

Take aways:

1. Read your ingredients so you know what you are eating so you can heal.

2. Becoming aware is your first step on your healing journey.

3. Listen to your body so you can heal.

4. Experiment with Fasting to give your intestines time to rest so you...

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In this episode, Jade reflects on her personal wellness journey, highlighting the importance of listening to her body and finding what truly works for her well-being. She discusses the challenges of navigating societal norms and external pressures, emphasizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in achieving holistic wellness. Through vulnerability and self-reflection, she shares insights gained from her experiences, i...
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March 25, 2024 7 mins
In this episode, we explore the importance of creating routines to improve our health holistically – mind, body, and soul. We discussed how routines provide structure and clarity for the mind, promote physical well-being through consistency, and nourish the soul by fostering moments of introspection and connection with what truly matters.  Three Takeaways: 1. Routines are beneficial for the mind, reducing decision fatigue and stres...
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Becky Aste is a trauma-informed marriage coach and the host of “Your Breakthrough Blueprint”, a top 10% globally ranked podcast. She is the CEO and creator of “I Do Breakthrough”, a company dedicated to equipping highly ambitious wives to repair thriving connection in their marriage by moving trauma out of the body.

4 Take Aways:

  1. Somatic Practice and Emotional Healing: Becky highlighted the significance of somatic practice i...

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