Healthy Parenting Handbook with Katie Kimball

Healthy Parenting Handbook with Katie Kimball

Truth: Kids don’t come with a handbook! But what if there was a parenting handbook that aligned with your healthy living values? In each episode of the Healthy Parenting Handbook Podcast, mom of 4 Katie Kimball interviews experts in fields like nutrition, medicine, psychology, parenting, technology, entrepreneurship, and more to give parents tools to raise healthy, independent kids. Intentional parents, here comes clarity about what you can DO to keep your kids physically and mentally healthy!


July 16, 2024 29 mins

Did you start to question the products you put on your kids’ skin once you were a mom? Meet Tatyana Cerullo, attorney, and formulator of Kōkua Suncare, who came to that realization as she saw the legal system behind the marketing.

We get so much conflicting information these days about whether the sun is something to hide from or embrace, what’s safe to apply on our skin, and how to manage it all. Now as a mom of 2, Tatyana brings a...

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Grabbing a piece of whole fruit or a popsicle are both fast, easy, and refreshing in the summer.

But will they give your kids fuel for summer play?

We know we’ll be asked about snacks approximately 5,287 times … in June. 😉 Nobody wants that!

Here are some ideas to keep snacking running smoothly and prevent hungry tummy issues:

  1. Make a System
  2. Watch for Sugar
  3. Teach your kids “Satisfying”
  4. Protein and Fat Make it Stick
  5. Try New Recipes


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What life skills are kids and teens going to need in this fast-paced digital world???

We can’t really predict what specific skills our kids will need in 20 years, BUT we know they’ll need to know how to learn and other “soft skills.”

Enjoy meeting a handful of our #LifeSkillsNow summer camp leaders as we explore what our youth need most and how parents can serve. Whether it’s about owning ones health, planning ahead, or responding we...

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I actually HUGGED my to-do lists, all of them, during this interview!

My guest Megan Sumrell warned me that she was going to tell me task lists are no good. I added that to my list. ;)

If you’ve ever felt like you have too much to do, too many demands on your time, or like you’re bound to that to-do list, this episode is for you!

We discuss:

  • Why traditional time management systems often fail to address the emotional and mental load
  • ...
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Grocery budget hurting?

Erin Chase of $5 Dinners has been making inexpensive meals to save her family’s grocery budget since the real estate crisis of 2008. She says the current inflation problem is similar in how it’s making people feel about money and savings, and it’s TIME to pay attention to your food budget, no matter who you are.

In this episode, prepare to learn:

  • How to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the ever-changing...
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You’ve heard people say it …You may have said something similar yourself …

It’s a negative judgment on teens, especially parenting teens.

“Oh, just look out for when they’re teenagers!”

Teens are just moody…just confrontational…just tough to parent.”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I’ve said it too, and I feel regret!

Turns out, most of the time, I puffy-heart-love parenting teens. They’re spectacular! They’re inquisitive! They’re deep thinkers!

And they...

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I interview a LOT of different people in a myriad of professions, but I’ve never come close to having a woodworker on the show before!

“What would we talk about - how to build things? That won’t go well on a podcast in someone’s ear…” I thought.

Do not worry my friends, because Anika and I are both moms, so we dig into woodworking as an analogy for parenting and life skills, and I know you’ll be inspired to make time for a creative p...

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What happens when you’re already living your dream…but it’s a dream interrupted?

Dr. Robin Dickinson was a family practitioner who loved her job and her patients, and she was GOOD at what she did. But when the pandemic sent her kids home from school, they needed her more.

What happened next is nothing short of extraordinary.

In today’s interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why teaching kids in-depth medical science helps them understand and car...
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Confession: My house is VERY cluttered.

I have never been good at letting go of things. “I might need that someday!” “What about the grandkids? They’ll want to read that book!”

I’m always a little anxious and yet inspired when I talk to organizers and decluttering experts, and this conversation with Katy Wells will not disappoint!!

Her story was a huge surprise to me and made her all the more believable. Katy is super passionate about...

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When is the last time your kids were learning something in school and you got totally pulled in?

That happened to today’s podcast guest, Kathy Gibbens, when her daughter was learning logic and critical thinking in middle school, and Kathy became a mom on a mission.

She realized critical thinking is, well, critical to our society thriving and started teaching others things like logical fallacies and how to spot propaganda an...

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For real, let's talk about Kid POOP. Because it doesn't get enough press! Dr. Song talks about kids' poop with every patient at every visit. You're going to love this interview!

Dr. Elisa Song, MD, holistic pediatrician, is back today with some very important instruction for parents and kids about WHY we need to be aware of our kid's poop each day, what to look for in a healthy poop, and what "text mess...

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In today's Healthy Parenting Handbook, I'm going to take 5 different arguments against kids doing chores and learning life skills and counter them with facts, stories, research, and a big ol' dose of common sense.

These are real arguments I hear from both well-meaning parents AND keyboard warriors on social media, plus one from a well-established expert I heard on a podcast that I simply do not agree with!

If you'...

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Oh, parents. Parents in the tech age...there REALLY is no handbook for this! We've never seen our parents struggle through having the Internet in our kids' pockets, and honestly? I don't like the feeling of making it up as I go along.

That's why I've been following Andrea and Tyler at Better Screen Time for a few years in my personal email, and I don't know why I didn't ask her to do an interview s...

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Power. Control. Parenting.

Which of these three doesn’t belong?

My guest today is Wendy Snyder, a positive parenting educator who reminds us, “Control is not the goal of parenting.”

Obviously, there is a balance of power in a parent-child relationship, but taking the power or fighting over who has power isn’t the right game to play.

Wendy will teach you:

  • Why yelling is sometimes what parents d...
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I used Tosha's tips the very DAY we recorded this interview, and I have to tell you -- they work. So well.

Once you hear about her strategy for reducing frustration and nipping "negative spirals" in the bud, you'll know why when my husband spent a ton of time hanging with our then-5-year-old, Gabe, over Christmas break, he said:

"You know, Gabe has had a really good break. He hasn't been having...

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I’ve been telling everyone about this book!

Ever since I read  The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey, it has truly changed my parenting. My mindset about the mistakes my kids make and little accidents they have is totally more peaceful, and the whole time I was absorbing the information, I was thinking, “How can I interview this author so I can share her amazing wisdom with my audience???”

Turns out all I had to do was post ...

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I'm so happy to have my stress mastery mentor here today!

Heidi Hanna, PhD, is one of the most intellectual, intuitive and compassionate people I know, and I'm honored to host her wisdom today. We recorded this interview in March 2020, when we were all in a tailspin and figuring out managing our stress was more important than ever!

Fill your brain with Dr. Hanna's research and her personal experience today:

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We talked last week about STRESS and its impact on our health and our relationship with our families. I challenged you to be more aware of your breath and take the “Moment to Breathe” challenge, and a few of you chimed in after trying it that it’s really working!!

Personally I found being aware of my breath and its ability to control my bodily reaction to stress to be life changing and revolutionary! Why? Because I can control my br...

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Raise your thumb if you feel STRESS on a normal day!

We busy moms (and dads) tend to experience stress and feel it right down to our breathing and heart rate, and it affects the way we parent, our productivity, and our own mental AND physical health.

Today I’m so excited to use my stress mastery training to teach you about how our brains respond to stress, how it affects our bodies, and best of all, how WE CAN be ...

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Ryan Pink is a survivor. Like many of us, he’s faced some hard things, and has come out the other side swinging.

In this episode, we dive pretty deeply into trauma - what it is and isn’t, and how we can protect our kids from trauma digging too deeply into them.

Ryan walks through his own healing journey, including how expensive it was (I hope you’re sitting down!).

That experience led him to ask a lot of questions ...

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