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Hebrew Hits is an upbeat one-hour show that plays all Jewish Music, including the old and the new. This show is also made up of liners as well as mic breaks that play in between each song. Each mic break forward announces the upcoming song and back announces the song which was just played with the artist's name and a fact about the artist or the song. News and any interesting events going on in the Jewish community are also included with the mic breaks.


September 20, 2022 91 min

💙 I surprisingly met Avraham Ben Avraham at my house. My family made a bbq and my brothers invited their friends who invited their friends..

💙 When I first saw Abraham, I right away knew something looked a little bit different about him. When I started talking to him he tells me how he is from Columbia (not the university) and he only became a Jew 2 months ago!

💙 When I hear an interesting story I automaticall...

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Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11.

💙 Even though I was so young, I still remember exactly where I was and the papers that I saw flying through the air, but my story is for another time.

💙 I have opened up my platform to speak to a 9/11 survivor and I feel so honored and humbled to have the opportunity to interview him about his traumatic yet at the same time life changing story.

💙 Many of you know him ...

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September 3, 2022 20 min

💙 After posting an episode about the month of Iyar a few months ago, I realized the importance of talking about each month.

💙 Many of you reached out to me and shared that you loved the style of the episode and you would like me to do more of them. So, here I am, giving you an episode about the month of Elul

💙 In this episode you will find important lessons that you can take from this month and how those thin...

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August 13, 2022 29 min

💙 I flew out to LA with high expectations of having a great time not knowing what lay ahead. After my experience in Israel, I did not really want to travel, but I figured what could go wrong in LA, I am only going for 4 days? Oh was I wrong.

💙 I was not sure I wanted to share this, but after speaking to some people I realized how the lessons I learned can help many of you. So, here I am sharing my personal story. Tu...

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Being a single girl, I found it very interesting to speak with Boruch Menashe Adlin about parenting. He was the struggling dad. The father that was thrown into parenting without any guidance. He was the one who had to learn on the job.

After a few years of struggling he decided, "That is it! I am making it my life mission to help those new parents." People go to college to become doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc, but ther...

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After hearing Rabbi Shmuel Reichman speak at a business conference, I knew I had to interview him on my show. Later in the day, I approached him and he agreed!

His story is one that shows how Hashem gives you challenges in order to put you on the right path. Before Rabbi Reichman got sick, he was a normal kid who did not have such big dreams. Now he is changing peoples lives through the power of speech.

Rabbi Reichman is a bestselli...

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May 28, 2022 61 min

After this week's horrifying school shooting in Texas, I realized how many people like myself stand in solidarity with the victims' families. I wanted to do something so, I opened my platform for the unheard voices around the country and Canada to speak out and share how they feel about the tragedy.

After putting out a post on LinkedIn about what I wanted to do, I got an overwhelming response. I saw clearly how many people ...

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This past week we have been hearing the words, 'Ani Hashem Refaecha'. I decided that I wanted to take the time to learn more about what those words meant. By doing so, I also came to learn about the month of Iyar and I discovered what the power of this month is.

The reason I have created this episode is because while on my trip to Israel these past few weeks certain things have occurred. Only after learning about the month ...

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April 9, 2022 36 min

Throughout this whole mini series that I have put together, you have been listening to Nana's story. So many of you sent me responses to the episode. Since so many of you have done so, I decided why not turn that into a fun and different kind of episode?

So, in this episode I take your response and actually read them to Nana and on the spot Nana has a chance to respond to you! I am so happy to have put this together despite it ...

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March 26, 2022 32 min

Nana's series is special to me because I am fortunate to have the opportunity to interview my grandmother about her life story and about her escape from World War Two. Nana grew up in Burma and had to leave all of her possessions behind and flee to India during the war. How is Nana always happy? What blessing has Nana's mother given her before she left Burma? (the blessing came true).

Find out in this weeks episode of Hebr...

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March 12, 2022 22 min

Episode 4 of Nana's series gets straight back into Nana's story. Listen to hear who the surprise host is this week, you will be really excited once you hear who it is.

Nana shares how she lived as a teenager during World War Two and why she decided to stay in Calcutta for six extra months after World War Two was over.

Nana was alone in India. Her whole family had gone back to Burma; find out why she stayed?

Why did Nana allo...

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February 26, 2022 22 min

How does one have true faith during a war? Hear the continuation of Nana's story.

In this episode, Nana describes how her mother's faith in Hashem carried them through this scary time.

Nana and her family ran away to India on the spare of a moment and lost everything. When Nana's father returned to Burma he not only saw what he lost, but he had to pay the locals for his own belongings that they stole.

Nana says life is to...

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February 5, 2022 24 min

Learn how the Jews had to escape their homeland to run to Calcutta, India, across the Bay of Bengal.

Nana and her family were on the second to last ship out of Rangoon in 1942.

What happened on that ship will be remembered forever for those who witnessed it.

Share this relatively unknown piece of history with your friends and family.

Follow Hebrew Hits on our website: https://www.hebrewhitsradio.com

This episode is sponsored by Liv...

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January 22, 2022 22 min

My grandmother, which we call, Nana, grew up in Burma which boarders china. We all hear stories of holocaust survivors, although, many of us do not hear the stories of those who escaped other horrific times during the war. My grandmother is one of those who had to escape the Japanese machine guns, hide in a bunker, and leave her family home. This is her story. Tune in to hear part 1

Visit our website: https://www.hebrewhitsradio.com

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January 8, 2022 12 min

On my trip to Alaska, I had the privilege of interviewing Rabbi Greenberg, the chabad Rabbi in Anchorage.

Rabbi Greenberg was so welcoming and he really showed us what life is like for a Jew in Alaska!

Did you know that Alaska was once part of Russia?

Can you guess how many Jews live in The Last Frontier?

Thank You to our sponsors.

Purple Exhibits: https://www.purpleexhibits.com

Rentiel Media: https://rentielmedia.com

Check out our websi...

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December 11, 2021 33 min

Do you know how many lives Zev Brenner has saved through his radio career?

Zev Brenner has gone above and beyond to create a radio station for the Jewish People called Talkline Network. There are channels for all walks of life, but not for the Jews. That is where Zev Brenner steps in. He saw there was a need and he filled it.

Tune in to find out how Zev Brenner has turned a Neturei Karta leader from anti zionist into a zionist, I d...

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December 4, 2021 5 min

Do you know what the purpose of the shamash is?

What can we learn from the shamash?

Why is it important to light the shamash first before all the other candles?

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November 20, 2021 4 min

In this episode, Malya talks in detail about what really is the meaning behind Hebrew Hits and why she started the show!

How can you overcome the obstacles that you go through?

Should one fall victim to their challenges?

Mark as Played
November 6, 2021 8 min

All it took for me to restart the show was one text message I received. The text was from my brother which stated that someone he met told him that she loves Hebrew Hits and hopes that I put out more content.

Right then and there I went back into my studio, turned on my mic and spoke from the heart.

This is what I have to say..

Instagram and Facebook : @hebrew_hits

Linkedin: Malya Feivelson

Youtube: Hebrew Hits Radio

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In this episode, Jewish radio host, Malya, interviews David Meltzer on how he will be able to accomplish his mission of empowering 1 billion people to be happy. It is challenging enough to make just one person happy..

Hebrew Hits is a podcast that interviews those who have gone through big challenges and these people have not allowed themselves to fall victim to these struggles, yet they overcame them and are super successful.


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