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Consumerism, disruptive technologies, and AI are shaping healthcare for years to come. On the Hello Healthcare podcast, we dive deep on these issues with healthcare leaders who are driving change. We hope that these stories will inspire you to create and demand a better future in healthcare. Discussion topics include: healthcare innovation, healthcare strategy, healthcare AI, healthcare data, value-based care, healthcare tech, healthcare marketing, service-line growth, always-on marketing, healthcare CRM strategies. Visit hellohealthcare.com to learn more. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


February 28, 2024 27 mins

Healthcare Marketing Myth Busted: It's More Than Just Ads.

Tired of thinking digital marketing is just another ad platform? Join host Alan Tam as he dismantles that myth with Stephen Strong, Digital Marketing Director at Northwestern Medicine.

What you'll learn in this conversation:

  • The evolving role of digital marketing in healthcare.
  • How digital marketing goes beyond ads to encompass patient experience and user engagement.
  • Hear ...
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Imagine understanding your patients’ needs better than ever, crafting personalized experiences that resonate, and optimizing campaigns with laser precision. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the power of AI in healthcare marketing.

Join host Alan Tam and Sujal kumar Raju, Founder & President of Enqbator, as they delve into the game-changing impact of AI. Discover how AI can revolutionize your healthcare marketing. Gain a competi...

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Are you getting everything you need out of your data as a healthcare leader? Join host Alan Tam as he explores the changing landscape of patient experience with Christine Albert, Chief Experience Officer at LCMC Health. Christine takes us behind the scenes to dissect the secret weapon of healthcare – putting your data to work.


  • Why healthcare marketing is evolving – are you working for your insights, or are your insigh...
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Cristal Herrera, Director, Marketing, Communications & Customer Engagement, at Renown Health and host Alan Tam explore the dynamic interplay of data and technology in powering patient engagement and activation.

The duo dives into the need for healthcare to embrace evolving consumer expectations, mirroring advancements in other industries. The conversation also acknowledges challenges like interdepartmental technology integratio...

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Healthcare organizations across the country are committed to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion practices into their culture. How can marketing leaders today impact the brand's ability to connect with these diverse communities as well as help drive their own DEI initiatives within their organizations?

Join Deb Pappas, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Connecticut Children's, and host Alan Tam as they discuss t...

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As consumerism and technology trends continue to reshape the landscape for health systems, digital transformation is a baseline requirement. Seasoned healthcare leaders are already evolving their teams to be future-ready. From key roles and responsibilities, to job functions, to the evolution of skills required in MarTech and content, healthcare marketers must “do more with less".

Join Sue Omori, Executive Director, Marketing Accou...

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Join Dean Browell, Chief Behavioral Officer at Feedback, Danny Fell, Sr. Strategist at Optum, and podcast host Alan Tam as they discuss the concepts of quantitative and qualitative data for healthcare marketing. They dive into the importance of combining both data types for a more comprehensive understanding of the patient and driving them to care. The trio covers both pitfalls and strategies for success, highlighting key use cases...

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How has the role of data transformed health plan communications and interactions with today's consumers? With the dynamics and complexity of the healthcare landscape, health plans are increasingly seeking and leveraging first and third party data to drive member experiences that are relevant and meaningful.

Dr. Aaron Novotny, Director of Healthcare Economics at Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, discusses how the rise and adoption of...

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With the pandemic as a catalyst, consumerism has driven and accelerated digital transformation and experiences in a once highly stagnant industry. From brand awareness campaigns, to engagement, to interactive digital touchpoints, healthcare marketers have been racing to meet consumers where they are and how they want to engage.

Join Scott Orstad, Vice President Marketing at Catholic Health, and host Alan Tam as they discuss the imp...

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Retail health leaders like Walgreens, CVS Health, Walmart, Amazon, and Dollar General are remaking primary care with their ambitious plans to deliver at-scale health and wellness services. For traditional care delivery organizations, risks and opportunities are abound in this fast-changing landscape.

What is the future of healthcare as retail health and traditional health systems battle it out? Who's winning and what does this mean...

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Building and developing internal partnerships are critical to the success of any healthcare marketing organization. To achieve this, today's healthcare marketers must collaborate with their internal cohorts to build and drive marketing strategies that are aligned with strategic objectives of the entire system and organization. From brand building to powering patient volume growth, data-driven partnerships enable marketing teams to ...

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As value-based care transitions to the forefront of health systems, focusing on population health goals and measures are the keys to success, longevity, and meeting your patients' expectations. How can healthcare marketers partner with their pop health teams to drive growth and desired business outcomes?

Listen to Amy Comeau, Vice President, Marketing at Emory Healthcare, and host Alan Tam as they share case studies and discuss str...

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For today's healthcare consumer, there is no shortage of online medical content for education and self-diagnosis. With the amount of content that consumers can access, but perhaps not properly interpret, how are health systems helping their patients and communities better utilize and understand content to guide them to the care they need?

Listen to Ahava Leibtag, President of Aha Media Group, and host Host Alan Tam as they discuss ...

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Over the past few years, healthcare entities have significantly transformed patients' access to care. But are consumers adopting these latest innovations, and how are health systems continuing to drive these digital experiences forward? 

Join Brian Mullen, Head of Innovation and Product at The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, and host Alan Tam as they discuss the evolution from engagement to enablement with the right patients to win...

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The role of the healthcare marketer is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs and expectations of the audiences that they serve. And nowhere is that more apparent than in healthcare, where marketers are faced with multidimensional audiences both internally and externally, as digital transformation blazes across the healthcare landscape.

Larry Meade, System Marketing Director, Engagement Platform at Franciscan Health, explore...

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Alan Shoebridge, AVP, National Communication, Providence, shares his insights and experience with navigating the challenges and complexities of building and delivering a communication strategy during labor unrest.

Negotiations between hospitals and unions have always been complicated. Today, they are regularly becoming longer in duration, more contentious, and receiving a higher level of public scrutiny. How does a health system co...

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Healthcare consumers are driven by convenience, access, cost, relationships, and flexibility. Quite the demand and even greater in expectation. But are healthcare organizations ready and able to meet these expectations today? And what kind of technology is required to do just that?

Join Matt Gove, former Chief Marketing Officer at Summit Health and CityMD and host Alan Tam as they explore the intersection of what drives healthcare ...

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Consumers are constantly seeking reliable, engaging, and easily digestible sources of information to empower them in making informed decisions about their health and well-being. Enter the world of healthcare podcasts, an increasingly popular medium that offers just that - and more. But what exactly makes a healthcare podcast stand out from the crowd and truly resonate with your target audience?

Join Jordana Taylor, Marketing Manage...

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In today's consumer-driven world, the quest for the ultimate healthcare patient journey has never been more crucial. With an ever-evolving landscape of technology and medical advancements, patients are seeking an experience that is not only efficient but also personalized. The healthcare industry must rise to the challenge of delivering a seamless, holistic, and meaningful journey that addresses the diverse needs and expectations o...

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A groundbreaking transformation is taking place, revolutionizing the way health plans operate and cater to the needs of their members. This new era is driven by the AI paradigm shift, which has opened up new avenues for innovation, efficiency, and personalized care.

Join Michael Pacolay, Manager of CX Analytics and Outcomes from Highmark Health and host Alan Tam as they discuss the potential for AI to reduce costs, improve patient ...

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