Herbal Womb Wisdom

Herbal Womb Wisdom

Curious about herbal and holistic approaches to womb wellness (i.e. periods, infections, libido, pleasure, pain, PMS, hormones, body confidence, fertility, PCOS, cycle irregularity, etc)? No matter what phase of life you are in, or what you've been told is - or isn't - possible, if it's related to your wombspace, it's covered here. Clinical herbalist and integrative health educator Kay'aleya Hunnybee will guide you through a range of topics by combining traditional wisdom, embodied practice, and modern science. With her years of experience as an herbalist and history as a student midwife, doula and massage therapist, she brings a broadly integrative perspective. Expect inspiration, stories, research, some interviews, plenty of plant talk, occasional humor, a whole lot of being real, and a compassionate heart. You'll leave every episode with actionable steps to enhance your menstrual, sexual and hormonal health and enrich your life.


September 19, 2023 62 mins

What happens when the goal is not just to reduce pain or remedy a pelvic health "disorder", but actually to prioritize pleasure?

What if it was possible to actually feel safe in your body, to listen to yourself, to gently ease into what authentically feels good for you... one step at a time.

It's tremendously easy to feel shame around any kind of health challenge, but somehow even easier to feel sha...

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Oh, Ashwagandha.  An herb that almost every single one of us have heard of - at least by name, if not because we've used it at some point along the way.

A real celebrity of the plant world. And a true favorite among herbalists, too. 

Before I share more, just take a moment to think about what you already know about this plant. 
My guess is you probably think of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) as an...

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Have you explored acupressure at all?

I think most of us know that acupuncture has a lot of potential benefit, and perhaps you've heard of how supportive it is for enhancing fertility and/or as an adjunct to fertility treatments like IVF or IUI. 

But something less well known is that acupressure is a modality unto itself, which at times can be as effective if not more effective than acupuncture, and can be an...

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Have you ever wondered what herbs may be supportive for the transition from hormonal birth control to natural cycles again?

It's actually not something that's talked about much. 

But herbs can be wonderful allies to help cultivate an optimal foundation for our sex hormones to begin circulating naturally again, both for overall system support and symptomatic relief.

And they can also help further...

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How does herbalism relate to astrology?  I mean, what can the stars possibly have to do with the plants? Aren't they totally different disciplines?

These are such good questions. And honestly, I didn't even hear about the ancient practice of astro-herbalism until about ten years ago when I took a course on it.

Turns out western herbalism was actually deeply rooted in astrological practice hundreds of ye...

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Late summer has arrived, and with it a sense of fall coming soon. In the earth, in our bodies. 

As folks with wombs, we're intimately connected with the seasons outside of us. 

And it's in this late summer season we can start to feel an urgency or desire to both relish in the abundance and joy of summer in all its glory, and also store and preserve our foods and medicines for the coming winter. 

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So many of us spend days, weeks, months researching and taking classes, preparing ourselves for the event of childbirth.

Because it feels mysterious and miraculous and like something we need to train for. 

And that makes sense. It's a huge milestone unlike any other in our lives. 

But what about the tremendous transformation that occurs the moment you become a parent (for the first or second or third...

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What is receptivity? And how does it relate to our wombspace?

In the world of gynecologic health, the concept of a receptive womb is all but left to the scientific research articles talking about encouraging an optimal uterine lining so potential implantation can occur. 

And while that is absolutely important (of course having a robust and nutrient-rich uterine lining is a sign of not just uterine health but also ...

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"Communicating with plants" can feel mysterious, especially if you're new to it. 

And really, what does it mean to connect with them? How do you cultivate a relationship beyond knowing their name and potential ways to work with them?

What happens when we start to weave ourselves back into the story of the landscape, and recognize that plants are actually always sensing and communicating with us and ...

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Have you ever paid attention to how your energy, desires, symptoms, even feeling of mental capacity or self-confidence changes throughout your menstrual cycle?

Well, this IS a thing and it's not just you. 

The hormonal fluctuations throughout the waves of our menstrual cycle have four fairly distinct phases - menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal. 

And each of those phases can be characterized ...

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Have you heard of fascia?

It's become a bit of a trending topic, but in case it's new to you, just know that it's a form of connective tissue that connects everything to everything in your body. 

I'm actually not exaggerating. It's basically the matrix that covers every organ, bone, muscle, and tissue and connects them to each other. 

And in living bodies, it's actually ever-...

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What are they? How do they work? Are they helpful or harmful? 

Honestly, these questions are more complicated to answer than they seem, even though researchers have been diving into this topic for decades. 

In the end, the basics are that phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds that act similarly to estrogens in our bodies. 

But they're milder acting than our natural es...

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How can such a simple, unassuming practice that happens automatically every few seconds be such a powerful ally in changing our body, our mind, our emotions, and more?

I'm sure you've experienced it. You've noticed how your breath quickens and seems to be bursting out of your chest when you're in a panic moment. Or you've noticed that deep belly sigh that can happen when you final...

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It's summa summa summa-time!

Summer solstice is upon us and the heat is kicking in. Have you ever noticed how your body responds to the summer heat? 

For those of us with more fire physically and mentally, the heat can aggravate some of our symptoms or create new ones altogether. For others, the summer heat can be very balanced and welcome. 

But either way, the heat can sometimes be too much. 

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Have you explored the world of cycle synching at all?

It's a concept that's been developed and popularized really over the past decade or so by some menstrual health influencers, but the truth is they were just tuning in to what our bodies already tell us. 

The basics are that each phase of our cycles (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal) are characterized by different hormonal fluctuations and t...

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Have you explored the herbal lineages of your ancestral lines?

Most of us come to plant medicine learning either the plants around us (which is a wonderful way to begin!) or studying a particular tradition (western, Chinese, Ayurveda, or a specific regional medicinal practice). 

But at this point in history, most of us have become pretty disconnected from our ancestral homelands, especially if we live in industria...

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Have you ever noticed that you feel turned on by certain scents? Or even just noticed a relaxation response from lavender, or a stimulating energy from rosemary?

Aromatherapy is both a simple practice accessible to all of us and a more advanced therapeutic modality that can take a lifetime to study. 

But the basic concept is that the volatile oils of plants (also called essential oils) can be captured through the ...

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Can we just talk about how wholly unprepared most of us are for this massive transitional time in our lives?

It's one of those things we often don't talk about until it starts happening. 

And even while it's happening you might feel shame about having symptoms like insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes, changes in libido, skin, metabolism or your cycles. 

You're expected to just keep work...

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At this point, the concept of the seasons of our menstrual cycles has become familiar to many of us. In other words, considering our inner winter as menstruation, inner spring as follicular, inner summer as ovulatory, and inner fall as luteal.

And if you haven't yet heard that description, there's a quick introduction to it. 

But there's a difference between speaking these words, or seeing them writ...

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Could it be possible for the humble oat plant to have a transformational impact on your sexual, sensual and hormonal health?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Between the oats you eat for breakfast, the oatstraw you drink in nourishing infusions, and the milky oats extract from the unripe seed heads that contain a luscious nourishing "milky sap" that is a true nervous system tonic, the unassuming oat plant...

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