Holistic Health Bites

Holistic Health Bites

Struggling with a chronic disorder or persistent health challenge? Totally confused and feel failed by the entire health industry? Tune in to these bite-sized episodes that will give you doable strategies, tips, and resources to help you feel amazing so you can live your adventure-filled life to the fullest! From fitness-hater and junk-food junkie, forensic scientist to holistic health consultant, I'll share what I've learned to help you achieve yoru ideal health and reset your metabolic health. Solve your health puzzle for GOOD by eating RIGHT and living a quality, adventure-filled life! Be sure to subscribe so you'll always know when new bite-sized episodes are released. Looking for some personalized guidance? Want to learn more about how you and I can work together on your health challenges? Request a complimentary Health Review Session here: https://www.healthylifewithandrea.com/consultation-request


October 3, 2022 15 min

Today we are going to talk about metabolism and metabolic health. This will kick off a new series on metabolic disorders...what they are, how they happen, what you can do about them, and even how to test for them.

Metabolic health is one of my primary focuses in my practice because studies have shown that nearly everyone has some level of metabolic dysfunction in America...in 2018 a study published by the University of North Carolin...

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It may seem like an impossible task and maybe one you’ve struggled with, but losing weight and keeping it off is possible - with the right strategies! 

Let’s start by discussing why diets fail and don’t really help the weight loss effort…

Hunger!  You can only restrict so much before your survival instincts will kick in.  Hunger will ALWAYS win.  This is not about you lacking willpower, but rather it’s a true survival instinct - even...

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September 19, 2022 13 min

There is so much conflicting information on salt!  The mainstream media and medicine will tell you salt is dangerous.  But what does the research actually show? 

This is a somewhat complex topic...definitely not as easy as "everyone should limit their salt intake" that we so often hear.  In fact, many studies show that there are increased risks in some populations by restricting their salt intake!  Some populations need mor...

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September 12, 2022 12 min

Today I’m sharing results from a research study looking at the differences and benefits between a well formulated ketogenic diet (very low carb at 12%-18% of intake) versus a moderate carb Mediterranean Plus diet (carb at roughly 36-37% of intake).  This information comes from a study published in May 2022 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Effect of a ketogenic diet versus Mediterranean diet on glycated hemoglobin in in...

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Body composition is imply the amount of fat + muscle + bone + water that make up your total weight. 

Muscle, bone, and water are generally combined to account for lean body mass. Lean body mass versus fat mass determine how healthy your body composition is.  

Body composition is NOT the same as your BMI or your total body weight. 

BMI is a calculation based on your height and weight.  Taking your weight in kg divided by yo...

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In today's bonus episode, I'm joined by Heather Gray - aka the Lyme Boss.  She's breaking down her Lyme and mold story. She also provides a ton of great information on symptoms and illnesses related to Lyme, how easily Lyme can be missed, the various ways to get exposed to Lyme (it's not just ticks!), and so much more!

Check out the full show notes with Heather's contact info here

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August 29, 2022 12 min

Answering your questions about stress!

How to lower cortisol levels?
Is intermittent fasting helpful for lowering cortisol?
How does cortisol relate to weight and overall health?
Can cortisol be too low?  What would that feel like?
How does caffeine affect cortisol?

For full show notes, click here

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Stress is a part of life, but it’s dangerous and toxic at the levels we are experiencing today.  That's why it's important to learn stress management techniques. These techniques can help you deal with stressful situations in a healthy way. They can help you calm down and relax, and they can also help you manage your emotions.

There are tons of different stress management techniques, and the best one for you depends on your ...

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August 15, 2022 8 min

Most of us would say that we're not addicted to stress, but a lot of us actually are. Stress has become a normal part of our lives at a much higher level than it ever was before. We go from one thing to the next, always feeling like we're running out of time with never ending to-do lists. And even when we're not busy, we find ways to stress ourselves out or we worry about things that might happen.  We create problems in...

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August 8, 2022 7 min

When most of us think about relaxation and rest, we think about vegging out on the couch, lazily watching TV, a movie or mindlessly scrolling social media.  This isn't actually as rejuvenating as you might think. 

Sure it's not physical or extraordinarily mentally taxing...but you are still being bombarded with stress, you're on alert, and being stimulated, still getting dopamine hits, and cortisol spikes. 

Remember stres...

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August 1, 2022 12 min

Most of us know that we’re stressed…especially after the last few years.  But most of people are only considering a few sources of stress (and often the ones they have the least control over)! Stress isn’t all bad, but it might just be the reason you’re not getting the results you’re so desperately working toward! 

In this episode we’re talking about sources of stress you may not ever have heard about and why this is such important ...

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July 25, 2022 11 min

Struggling with energy dips in the afternoon?  Maybe you wake up tired, even after a night of sleep.  Regardless of when your energy dips, these 5 tips can help you have more lasting energy quickly.  

Here are a few things that deplete our energy: 

  • poor eating habits or eating the wrong foods
  • lack of exercise, movement, and activity
  • blood sugar imbalances
  • digestive issues and poor gut health
  • lacking adequate quality and quantity sleep
  • chr...
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    Gut health isn't just about constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas! Nearly every disease or symptom has a gut health connection. 

    Your gut is responsible for immune function, hormone production and clearance, and even producing nutrients and neurotransmitters!  If you're dealing with ANY health challenge or undesired symptoms, gut health needs to be part of your healing journey. 

    Book your complimentary Health Review Sessi...

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    88% of US adults are not metabolically healthy and blood sugar imbalances are a big part of it!  
    You may have blood sugar issues and not know it.  

    This episode addresses conditions associated with blood sugar imbalances, what you can do about it, and how to know if you have it! 

    This is NOT just for people with Diabetes.  Blood sugar affects us ALL.  

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    Fruit is "natural", but is it healthy?  Should we all be consuming unlimited quantities of fruit in pursuit of health and ideal weight?

    A brand new study was just published about the effect of fruit on people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  Before you discount this study because it only examined those with existing NAFLD - understand that ⅓ of the population has this disease (and many more don't know it!).   Thi...

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    July 22, 2022 7 min

    Weight loss is by far the number 1 reason why people decide to get started on a healthy journey.  Sadly, many don't find success or only find temporary weight loss (and end up gaining it all back plus more).  

    In this episode, I'm breaking down 5 common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight thanks to the failed messages of the mainstream health industry.  

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    In this episode, I'm sharing a client success story.  This client had lost significant weight, regained the weight, and was now struggling to lose it again.  She had also recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and really wanted to avoid medications.  

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    July 22, 2022 14 min

    Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with type 2 pre-diabetes or diabetes?  Maybe you're afraid to get tested or ask your doctor about it, because it sounds so scary.  Maybe you have signs and symptoms of diabetes or have a family history of diabetes.  What do you do?  

    The great news is this is NOT a life (or death) sentence!  I lot can be done - if you make the right changes.  I'm here to help!  Let's start with...

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    July 22, 2022 5 min

    Gut health has been all the buzz in functional and integrative health over the last several years.  And for good reason - because it's foundational to optimal health - hormones, immune function, nutrient status, and mental health!  It's NOT just about digestive symptoms.  

    Blood sugar is a topic generally only talked about in the context of diabetes, but this is a topic we should ALL care about because it is also foundationa...

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    There are a lot of things to know when you're newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. That's why we've put together this list of the 10 most important things you need to know. From understanding medications and food choices to getting support from your loved ones, this episode covers everything you need to know so you can start reversing your diabetes progression naturally. 

    Book your complimentary Health R...

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