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Holistic Life Navigation

This podcast explores how to heal stress & trauma holistically. I am your host, Luis Mojica. My work, Holistic Life Navigation, was modeled after my own journey in healing myself of chronic illness & PTSD. I share this podcast with many other brilliant minds who, like me, healed themselves through unique, unusual, and unorthodox ways. For more information on me & my work, please visit: https://www.holisticlifenavigation.com. (Written, produced & recorded by Luis Mojica. Editing by Will Manning. Intro & outro song: "Witch Love" by Luis Mojica)


November 29, 2023 41 mins

On today's episode, Karen Hurd joins Luis to discuss the top three reasons (from a biochemistry perspective), why we get depressed, activated, and dysregulated during the holiday season.

They are:
1) chemical & natural fragrances
2) refined carbohydrates
3) sugars

They parse each apart, and dive deeply into the way that the body responds to these highly concentrated substances. Karen even shar...

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On today's episode, the HLN Team discusses victim identity through the lens of somatics, and riff off an Instagram post Luis posted earlier in the year on the topic.

They discuss:

· living from the expectation of threat
· the internal biology of oppression
· the constriction that can come from over-identifying
· overcouplings and how we carry the stories in our bodies
· parts work, and how it ...

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This is a bonus episode which features an interview with Luis and Jaguar Mary X. 

They had Luis on their program called Midday Medicine Journey. It's a live, public radio out of Kingston, NY. You can find the entire episode here.

For more information about Jaguar Mary X, visit:

Register for the Somatic Drop-In here:

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(Today's episode is a replay of a previously released episode.)

We welcome back friends of HLN, James-Olivia and Nisha Mody!

Nisha, James-Olivia, and Luis have a beautiful, existential conversation about a word that is all too easily thrown around -- manifesting.  

They first explore what it means to decolonize manifestation, i.e. to go from being in domination of to relationship with, and then explo...

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Inspired by his lost love of online message boards, Luis put out a call for Tori Amos fans to come together and discuss how her music has impacted their lives.

They agree that the magic of Tori comes from both her as a person and her music:

· the music that navigates both ends of the spectrum, from anger and angst to beauty and dreamlike reverie, all within one song

· the lyrics that are both emotional and rebellious , often comb...

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On today's episode, Luis welcomes back April Harter (@aprildawnharter) to talk about how shaming others into accountability, especially on social media, is a form of narcissism.
They discuss:

  • the somatics of shaming and of shame
  • secure vs. insecure attachment
  • the desire to be seen and heard, and attachment needs
  • sustainability and embodiment
  • searching for safety and trauma response

You can listen to previous ...

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On today's episode, Luis speaks with Amanda Palmer about her artistry, her life, and the art of being disliked. 

At the same time Amanda co-founded the Dresden Dolls, she began blogging about her life and her career, which was the start of her continued relationship with the internet and internet culture. As Amanda's online presence increased, she always faced the extremes of responses, being both adored and hated. 

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Today's episode is a replay of the "Staying Embodied Through Global Crisis" event that Luis co-hosted with Camille Leak and Daniel Maté.

They discuss:

  • hows somatic practices can help us navigate unpleasant and activating sensations that arise during global crisis
  • the difference between offering support, and the ability to control a situation
  • attuning to the present
  • the impacts of social media & technolog...
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On today's episode, Luis is joined by HLN co-teacher Camille Leak, and Rebecca Dollard and Janell Flores Bolte, graduates of the most recent Embodied Practitioner slow groups, to share their experiences in the container. 

They discuss:

  • what's been internalized by the idea of the "right" way to run a business
  • working with capacity vs. desire within a business
  • the wisdom of slowness
  • being held as a practi...
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On today's episode, Luis is joined by Zach and Steven, his co-facilitators, and graduates of the most recent Embodied Masculinity slow group, to share about their experiences around masculinity, sexuality, emotions, social conditioning and more.

They discuss:

  • talking about puberty with other men, through a somatic lens
  • the loneliness of puberty
  • regaining the ability to be with other men in an emotional way
  • unshaming, and moving...
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October 25, 2023 44 mins

On today's episode Luis talks about navigating gender dysphoria without an urgency model. He speaks directly from his experience of gender dysphoria as an intersex person.

Some of the topics he discusses are:

  • how gender dysphoria doesn’t always go away, but we can change our relationship with it
  • how gender dysphoria is a spiritual experience
  • tending to the rupture of how the mind sees and treats the body
  • some of the additional ...
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On today's episode, Luis speaks with Buck Angel: human rights activist, speaker, and innovator.

Buck shares his story of growing up biologically female, the ensuing internalized body dysmorphia, and the external transphobia and homophobia.  He talks about the wisdom of suffering, and how he was able to use pleasure as a doorway to healing.

Buck's unique life experience taught him how to build capacity to love the ...

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October 15, 2023 34 mins

On today's episode, Luis discusses the many forms body shame can take, and how prevalent it is. Luis shares about his own experience, as well as highlighting recurring themes of body shame that he witnessed while working in private practice.

Some of the topics include:

  • the noticing of differences between bodies vs judgement 
  • the relationship between your conscious mind and your spirit
  • how we internalize others judgem...
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On today's episode, Luis is joined by Kat Kruse, a somatic coach, writer, and practicer of Embodied Thinking.

Their conversation began when Luis had said that “our thoughts [are] the most impersonal and unoriginal things,” during a Holistic Life Navigation meeting, and Kat immediately disagreed.

Kat shares how conceptualizing the mind as an alienating, mean thinking machine is part of the problem, and what reinforces t...

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Today's podcast episode is a replay from the “Trauma Rewired” podcast. Hosts Jennifer and Elisabeth discuss the following topics with Luis:

  • Fawn response from a neurosomatic perspective
  • Shame as a protective mechanism and how to reframe it 
  • How to become self-aware of your fawning
  • Differentiating between sexual fawning and arousal
  • Finding compassion during healing

You can listen to more episodes of the Trauma Rewired p...

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On today’s episode, the HLN team talks privilege, and brings nuance to the complex topic.

The discuss:

  • privilege vs. privileges
  • the assumptions behind privilege and marginalization
  • bringing curiosity to the experience
  • orienting to ourselves first
  • how context impacts marginalization, and how it can be fluid
  • how shame and guilt are unhelpful to everyone
  • how performative allyship is a form of fawning

The process of making the unconsci...

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On today's episode, Luis is joined by musician, producer, and sound healing practitioner Evan Glenn Adams. They discuss Evan's solo music project Heavybird (@heavybirdmusic), and his newest album, "a lit candle in an empty room." The album was written during the pandemic as a way to understand and process his personal experience, with the hope of it connecting with other's experiences as well.

They discuss:

  • Mark as Played

    On today's episode, Luis and Karen discuss how perfume and other chemical fragrances effect our bodies. Since they can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin, many of us are constantly bathed in them: either in our home, our workplace, or out in the world.

    In this episode, we cover the ways that the body reacts. Perfumes and other synthetic fragrances:

    • Stimulate a physiological hormonal response
    • Can change the expr...
    Mark as Played

    On today's episode, Luis follows up with Camille about her experience with Khadija in the NICU and how her body was, and is, responding. Camille shows us firsthand what it looks like to use somatic embodiment practices to prevent serious overwhelm and potential traumatization.

    They discuss the following practices and topics:

    · choosing what to attune to vs. bypassing and toxic positivity 

    · orienting to the present, and...

    Mark as Played
    September 17, 2023 21 mins

    On today’s episode, Luis discusses an often-requested topic: navigating panic attacks. 

    Luis shares his personal experience with panic attacks, starting at the age of sixteen, that lead to multiple hospitalizations, and tests that yielded no clear results. By learning a somatic approach, Luis has been able to prevent them before they happen, through understanding that panic attacks are an electrical charge that overtakes t...

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