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Honest AF Show

Join Daniella Clarke & Barbaranne Wylde, rock wives and beauty icons, for an Honest AF conversation on life, love and (not) aging gracefully.


July 8, 2024 69 mins
Barbaranne is back from across the pond, and the girls play the ultimate game of catch up! Daniella has been doing some real spring cleaning in the middle of summer, and these ladies have a couple of pack rats for husbands. Sit back and enjoy some amazing tips on cleaning house, and “storing the boring” while these ladies give you all their go-to hacks! Barbaranne also comes through for us with some amazing cutting edge health tips...
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Barbaranne has so much to tell us about her latest trip across the pond! With Zakk playing this year’s annual Download festival, Barbaranne and her man had a chance to have a fabulous vacation- without the kids! From the finest cuisine, state of the art immersive art exhibits, shopping, bookstores and more, it was an absolute dream getaway. And, we’re all ears! Plus, Daniella might have a thing or two to say about the new Taylor Sw...
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June 24, 2024 62 mins
Ladies, the harsh truth is that we all get a little older. This week, join Barbaranne and Daniella as they share all the trials and tribulations of menopause. Daniella will make you feel right at home sharing her personal experiences, and you already know you can trust Barbaranne to have plenty of tricks up her sleeve to help ease the process with all sorts of amazing remedies. There also might be a few juicy Bon Jovi stories to ta...
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Barbaranne and Daniella have a blast playing catch up this week! Daniella tells us all about her and Gilby’s wonderful weekend motorcycle getaway, the dust has settled at the Clarke residence (quite literally) and Daniella is ready for her bedroom back after her remodel, and the girls are excited to know if YOU would like to join them for a roller night at the very first Honest AF skate night! This and so much more on this week’s a...
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Daniella and Barbaranne welcome a very special guest- Scott Michael Nathan on this absolutely hilarious NSFW episode of Honest AF! Scott is not only an amazing photographer, your favorite Hollywood raconteur, but the author of number one best seller “The Big Book of Bad Decisions”. Join us while Scott shares his rise from a career in the music industry, to photographer of the stars, and his incredible life situations that eventuall...
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Barbaranne and Daniella celebrate a very special Mother’s Day at the absolutely gorgeous Rose Tea Garden! Taking in breathtaking views, and tasting some of the world’s finest tea with family and friends, it’s a special day to remember for life! Daniella heads from the gardens straight to this year's Cruel World festival to enjoy live performances from Adam Ant and Blondie, while Gilby premiers his absolutely amazing brand new docum...
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May 27, 2024 70 mins
Barbaranne and Daniella welcome special guest and close friend Priscilla Vento! Priscilla is a fantastic artist PR agent and has the absolute best skin care routine on the face of the planet! Priscilla shares with us her love life, upcoming wedding plans, love of skate and surf, her amazing career journey from the bottom to the top, and health/beauty advice for days. This and so much more on a brand new episode of Honest Af you def...
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May 20, 2024 47 mins
Aloha, everyone! Get ready to hear all about Daniella’s tropical getaway, as she tells Barbaranne about her amazing Hawaiian adventure. The girls have all the juicy details about this year’s annual 2024 Met Gala, from stand out dresses and designers, to who absolutely owned the red carpet. And, our friend Lisa even stops in to give Daniella a homemade surprise! This and so much more on this weeks tropical episode of Honest AF! Lear...
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May 13, 2024 107 mins
Barbaranne and Daniella welcome special guest author/journalist and senior editor for LA Magazine, Lina Lecaro! Get ready for a wild ride! Who’s interviewing who here? Lina digs deep into what drives Daniella and Barbaranne, their passions, and the mission of Honest AF. The girls give Lina quite the interview herself, diving into some juicy rock & roll memories. And, did you know Zakk still plays with action figures? Join us this w...
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May 6, 2024 55 mins
Daniella is really digging in to her home’s remodel, but there is a lifetime of memories in the house. Barbaranne is right along side her, taking a leap of faith and looking at oceanfront property to buy on the Oregon coast! Change is hard, yes, but it can be good too. The girls discuss some messages from callers, one of which saves a marriage, and Daniella might have finally gotten a little too buzzed! This and so much more on th...
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April 29, 2024 58 mins
Daniella is having hot flashes and Barbaranne has the answers! The girls discuss the rigors of aging, menopause, and a ton of ways you can fight back. Daniella and Gilby have a theft at the home, Barbaranne has a few tricks up her sleeve to spice up your sex life, and Daniella is forced to clean house in preparation for her big remodel! This and so much more on this week’s episode of Honest AF! Learn more about your ad choices. Vis...
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April 22, 2024 64 mins
Sometimes a nice change is all we need! Barbaranne and Daniella discuss what it means to take chances and make the leap for your dreams. Barb and Zakk have dreamt of having a vacation home in Europe or on the Oregon coast, while Daniella and Gilby plan to remodel and sell their family home. But where will they move? The city? The desert? So many options, but one thing we know for sure…shopping has to be within walking distance! Thi...
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April 15, 2024 56 mins
Daniella and Barbaranne welcome special guest and long time friend, Jeni Cook. Wife of legendary Sex Pistols drummer, Paul Cook, Jeni is on holiday from all the way across the pond and joins the ladies for an amazing visit. Sharing memories of fabled new wave and punk rock scenes, her time in Culture Club, meeting Paul, her passion for nutrition, art and music- Jeni tells all. Join Daniella, Barbaranne, and Jeni on this week’s very...
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April 8, 2024 56 mins
Are you ready for Easter? The girls sure are! Barbaranne and Daniella share all their yearly traditions, from dinner and a family stroll, to going out for pizza and pasta with Zack and the kids. And most importantly, being with family. Daniella takes us back in time with a hilarious game of “guess that tv show theme song” and both Barbaranne and Daniella discuss some cutting edge medical discoveries. This and so much more on this s...
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March 29, 2024 55 mins
With flu season in the air and effecting the girls, Barbaranne and Daniella have a lot of catching up to do! Take a trip down memory lane, as the girls remember some of our favorite TV shows and scariest movies in this absolute blast from the past. Daniella has a craving for sweets, Barbaranne tells us where she got her name, and Mr. Wylde might even stop in for a little peep show! This and so much more on this week’s jam packed ep...
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March 21, 2024 56 mins
The Girls catch up with special guest Allison Burns - a creative maverick of fashion, makeup and hair, and the very catalyst of Daniella and Barbaranne's friendship! Suffice it to say there wouldn't be an Honest AF without her- you don't want to miss this one! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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March 13, 2024 69 mins
It’s road trip time! Daniella and Barbaranne put the pedal to the metal in Barb’s Porsche, and speed over to Las Vegas to experience the one and only Madonna live! From a fully autonomous hotel stay, to shopping at some of the world’s finest retailers, the girls are about to take you on a ride of your own. Daniella has a few things to say about the hit tv show "Love Is Blind," Barb's got a few tricks up her sleeve per usual, and th...
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February 28, 2024 45 mins
The girl’s are back with the 200th episode of Honest AF! Is it just us, or is ‘waking up feeling refreshed’ a distant dream? That aside, it takes plenty of exciting adventures to tire the girls out, and they’re not stopping any time soon. Barbaranne is fresh back from her trip to New York where she watched Zakk and Pantera blow the roof off their headlining show at Madison Square Garden! The girls reminisce on navigating the wild 8...
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February 21, 2024 57 mins
What a week! After getting back from London, the girls have been busy busy busy! Barbaranne threw Daniella a fantastic birthday party at the gorgeous Rose Garden Tea Room, the girl’s debut on national television, Gilby gets home from a sold out South American tour, Barbaranne has a mouse in her house and the girls share some of the most insane babysitting nightmare stories of all time! This and so much more on this week’s absolutel...
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February 14, 2024 45 mins
It's time again for the biggest Honest AF National holiday. Daniella's Birthday! Oh yeah and it's also Valentine's Day so the girls have some great tips to keep the romance hot this year for you and your significant other. Don't miss it! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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